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Unit 1 Critical Thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Unit 1 Critical thought - Essay ExampleAccording to Rawson (2007), death is not the end of all issues and troubles. He explains that if a soldiery had died with a headache or anger, this will continue on even after death until he is able to recognise and learn the truth about the issue (Rawson F. L., 2007).Being unsatisfied with everything that we have is unrivaled of the major traits of almost every human being. It is only when when everything is taken away from us that we realise and ar grateful for what God has given over us. Personally we display traits where no matter what we have in liveness we regret not having other things. This makes us not value manner and all the blessing some us preferably we crave to gain more and more setting the important things in breeding aside. This is very similar to a purloin, where the mouse moves around everywhere with aim of getting more food, without realising the dangers convoluted in its life. If a mouse were to stay content wit h the food it has, and look only when needed instead of to try and stock up the chances of it being attacked by a cat is relatively lower. However for the mouse to understand this, it would take, for it to be attacked by a cat. Hence the saying the mouse does not know life until it has been into the mouth of the cat.Irrespective of which culture, caste or creed one belongs, the life that God has given is the same for all. Each of us requires understanding and cherishing every moment of life rather than cribbing and crying in spite of all the blessings we have in life. God has created all of for a reason and has sent us down to Earth to fulfil our responsibilities. It is important that we understand this without having to reach the extreme stage of loss (Katz, 1996). identical the proverb states, the mouse only understands the worth of life when in the cats mouth, similarly we only understand the importance of life when we are about to die. Thats the

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Improving Organisational Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 2

Improving Organisational mathematical process - Essay ExampleObjective Setting7Reviewing What and How8Overall act Rating and Rewarding basis on the appraisal8Challenges and shun effects of Performance wariness System9Balanced Proposals10Implications for Line Managers11 goal12References14Appendix16Introduction Performance management is a systematic gain ground that improves the performance of an organization by the improvement of individuals skills and effectiveness (Deb, 2009, p.36). Moreover, it increases the efficiency of squad and helps to achieve the business and organisational objectives. Performance is explained appargonntly, which is the achievement of qualified objectives. The proper implementation and practices helps the employee of the organization to achieve the personal as puff up as organizational goal. The other important aspect of performance management of organizations is it helps to maintain the goal importantly (Caldwell, 2002, p.19). Performance management i s one of the important elements of organization control system and Human Resource Management (Pravin, 2007, P.583). Performance management helps to provoke organizational and employee break upment by its methods. It alike covers the strategic development by several modifications through its methods. Moreover, it facilitates indirect control of employees be setting up a shit conduct (Bhatia, 2003, p. 39). In order to achieve the objective of the study, Tesco and Sainsbury the two leading retail organizations of UK has been selected. They study allow for critically evaluate the Performance management in Tesco and Sainsbury. Moreover, the study will explore the challenges that have been encountered by the practice session of performance management in these two leading retail chains in UK. The study will develop a balanced proposal in order to overcome the challenges. The implications for line managers are also have examined by this study. Finally the study ends with a conclusion. Evaluation of High Performance Work and Performance Management System in Tesco Tesco organization structure is kind of a bureaucratic structure as authority and power flows from the top level to bottom level in the organization. This equilibrium has the similarity in the performance management system and retort structure. In Tesco, the top management employees earn more reward comparing to the employees who exists in low level of the organization. However, the overall reward and performance management system and the Performance Steering Wheel is the key reason of the organization success story of Tesco (Jolly, 2009, p. 397). Customer, Community, Employees, Operations and Finance are the major elements of the Tescos performance steering wheel (Figure 1). From this steering wheel the employees aspect has been discussed in this study in order to evaluate the performance management framework of Tesco (Barrow, 2011, p. 93). Performance Management example Sir Terry Leahy is the chief e xecutive of Tesco, who is supremely responsible for the growth of organization. He had developed a clear map, direction and a compass in order to attain a strategic growth. The management team of Tesco has decided to develop and structure a performance management framework in order to develop a strategic goal of the organization. The performance management framework has created several key performance indicators in Tesco. The major purpose of this approach is to steer Tesco towards success. Performance steering wheel was developed by Tesco in the year 2009 in order to fulfil the organization as well as individual objectives (Taylor and Nichols, 2010, p.11). It has created the groth opportunities for the employees. The adoption of this framework has made the jobs interesting for the

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Military Corporate Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Military Corporate Culture - Essay ExampleGroups play a significant office in a spend motivational aspect. In these groups, the members will attempt to invent ways that will ensure the success of the group. For instance, it is necessary to invent new strategies that ar capable of ensuring victory. These groups act as family to the soldier and will instigate corrective measures whenever necessary. These bonds created in the groups are sufficient to motivate the group. As a leader, it is spanking to encourage the creation of these groups and join them. As evidenced before, most acts of heroism done by soldiers are attributed to the functioning and cohesion of these groups. In a group, one is confident that colleagues watch over you while you do the same to them.Rewarding individuals after successive completion of an assigned duty is considered as a motivating means in encouraging continuous undertaking of assignments. Rewards have been continuously been utilized to continuously en courage validating behavior and mentality. There are several ways that can be used to reward happy soldiers. Certification, bonuses, rank promotions and awards are useful. However, punishment for unwarranted behavior should never be ignored. Military code of morals guides the behavior and conduct of the military. These code of ethics are specifically spelled out in the Department of exoneration Regulations 5500,7-R. Chapter 2 of these regulations specifically dwells on the standards of ethical conducts and is directed at all the security departments and personnel.

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Logistics and Operations Management - The World Trade Organization Assignment

Logistics and Operations Management - The World Trade Organization - Assignment recitationThese negotiations were held under GATT or General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. In the present times, there atomic number 18 new(a) negotiations that the WTO is involved into under the Doha Development Agenda instigated in the year 2001 (Understanding the WTO - Who we are, 2012).Countries, in general, encounter some(prenominal) challenges and problems while performing activities of trade across different countries. Thus negotiations and effective rules are required that are maintained by the WTO. Also, trade barriers are maintained by the rules that are set by the WTO, portion to protect consumers of such trade activities (Understanding the WTO - Who we are, 2012). The present charter focuses on the work of the WTO and to analyze the impact that it has on world trade. Thus the study would analyze the outcomes of the various summits that have taken place since the end of the act World W ar and consider the impact they have had on world trade.For this particular study, interpretivism research school of thought has been found to be applicable for this particular research study as it combines diverse approaches together and tries to get word the world as it is experienced (Collins, 2010, pp.38-39). The study has been based on qualitative research technique that involves the exposition of the types and qualities of people or events without expressing them in the form of numerical figures (Thomas, 2003, pp.1-2). The collection of data for the study has been dependent on secondary sources, thus involving sources that present studies and findings of earlier researchers and information that are already available concerning the topic of study (Malhotra, 2008, p.106). Thus books and authenticated internet articles, the website of WTO have been included in this study to learn about the whole kit and caboodle of the WTO, and their effects on world trade. While including su ch study materials, ethical factors have also been unbroken significantly under focus and the credibility of the sources have also been checked.

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LAW FOR BUSINESS Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

LAW FOR BUSINESS Assignment - Essay vitrineIn general, compensation for economic loss resulting from damage to property can be recovered. As such, it is serious to clearly distinguish between pure and consequential economic loss. This was demonstrated in Spartum Steel and Alloys Ltd v Martin &Co, wherein, the defendant had by inadvertence caused damage to an electronic cable in the plaintiffs factory. The burden of this act was a reduction in profits, and a general delay in the functioning of the factory. The judgeship while awarding change for the pure economic loss caused, rejected the vociferation for general damages (Speaight, 2009, p. 23). The compensation was with regard to the economic loss that was the direct outcome of the damage to property. The floodgates public debate has several(prenominal) features. ace of these contends that allowing recovery for pure economic loss in some instances would result in a embarrassment of lawsuits, which would effectively diminish the functioning of the courts. Furthermore, the imposition of widespread liability would unfairly and disproportionately burden a defendant. In addition, the defendant would be hard pressed to assess his potential liability on create damage to the effects of a primary victim (von Bar, Drobnig, & Alpat, 2004, p. 124). The number of secondary loss sufferers becomes indeterminate and depends on all those who have an economic interest in the primary victims property. ... 19). On several occasions, the floodgates argument has been employed, in order to restrict liability. Thus, the House of Lords admitted this argument in Majrowski v Guys and St. Thomass NHS Trust. In this chance, it was held that an employer could be deemed to be vicariously liable for an employees breach of the Protection from Harassment represent 1997. Moreover, in Conn v City Council of the City of Sunderland, the Appellate Court ruled that classifying an act as harassment would depend upon the place and context in which it had taken place. Consequently, it dismissed the plaintiffs claim of injury as the language employed by the supervisor had been what was commonplace in that industry. In the case of Weller v Foot and Mouth Disease Research Institute, the inadvertent release of a virus from the defendants institute, resulted in a near epidemic of foot and mouth disease among the cattle of that area. As a result, the farmers in that area had to slaughter their cattle, and auctions could not be conducted. The auctioneers made a claim for damages. In its ruling, the court held that the auctioneers had merely undergone an indirect financial loss, and were therefore not eligible to claim damages (Harpwood, 2008, p. 87). Thus, the floodgates argument has been successfully contained by the judiciary. This is evident from the ruling in the above cited cases. Question Two Extent of controls Liability to Non Clients An accountants liability, with regard to clients and non-clients was determined thr ough the judgement of the courts in the sideline cases. A negligent misrepresentation, despite being honest, can result in a claim for damages. This holds good, make up if there had been no contract

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Integrating Business Model Canvas in Feasibility Assessment of Share Essay - 136

Integrating dividing line personate sheet of paper in Feasibility Assessment of Sh be Economy Businesses - Essay ExampleThe Business Canvas Models Inspiration is an artist who does his work on canvas painting. The chassis of the modelling takes into shape the consumer, the product offered, the infrastructure and the monies of a calling model. The Canvas Model is a visualization of a business model that seeks to explain how a firm creates, delivers and captures value. There are nine building blocks within the Business Canvas Model. Its popularity is mainly with entrepreneurs for business innovation. An alignment of a feasibility subscribe with a business model is a strategic business-planning tool. Being a share economy business, most of AirBnBs customer segments are interdependent usually consisting of ad hominem and business travelers (PPTPOP 2014). Identifying the different markets such as the mass market, niche market, segmented, diversified, or a multi-side platform is a crucial stage in the process (Osterwalder and Pigneur 2013, p.164). The company caters to a multi-sided market. It offers shared out rooms private rooms or a guest could just rent out the correct place. Feasibility analysis is necessary to find out the gap in the current market (Hass2 008, p.48). The personal travelers were the initial target for Airbnb as they were the most alive to pricing and more amenable to where they stayed. Airbnbs offering is oddly popular with business travelers who want to stay in a place for more than a week and want to feel more homely than in a hotel. The main channels for customer eruditeness for AirBnB are its website and application, social media, public relation, and word-of-mouth. A share economy business encourages collaborative consumption in the economy (Botsman and Rogers2010, p. 132).Identifying how the value proposition of the company is a fundamental stage in the feasibility study (Johnson 2010, p.158).

What Factors Contribute to Cost Increases in Higher Education Research Paper

What Factors add up to Cost Increases in Higher Education - Research Paper ExampleUnlike older days, the world(prenominal) niche has become more and more competitive. It is a race survival of the fittest. The more skilled and educationally equipped the more chance you have to fight and survive. Catching up with the technology is one panache high education enhance economic development as graduates are better equipped to engage new technologies. It is a complete cycle as higher education provides better job opportunities which in turns run the economic engine providing more capital which can be collected back as taxes and used to further improve the framework of higher education. (Bloom et al 2006). Concept that higher education plays an of the essence(p) role in the economic development and institutions can stimulate productivity was first introduced by Theodore W. Schultz. He introduced the idea of Human capital and its link to modernizing economy which flourished into complete Human Capital Research curriculum influencing many researchers and policy makers. (Teixeira 2006).The nations have long realized the significance of higher education and much has been make to build a solid infrastructure that can extract and polish the skills of an individual. and the capital unavoidable to obtain such qualifications is on the rise making it difficult for a middle class family to afford. accord to the US statistics shown by Institutional Characteristics Survey tuition fee charges remained relatively stagnant in the 1970s. But there was a considerable increase in fee charges between 1980 and 1990. This increase not yet had a great effect on the student and parents but also on education policymakers. In the same survey it was noted that rate of increase was greater at public institutions as compared to individual(a) institutions. Despite increase in tuition charges, number of students continuing on to higher education aft(prenominal) finishing their high scho ol has raised from 49% in 1980 to nearly 62% in 1993. During 1992-93 lavish time students attending a public school received financial aid on an comely of 29%. The aid was greater for families with poor income about 80% and less for high income families about 10%. (Livingston 1995). Some enthusiast believes that higher education should be free. Many would agree that this statement is misconstructed. Even though sometimes consumer may not have to pay for a product but someone else in the background is bearing the cost. Going through a lot of literature I realized that it has been debated extensively but the header is becalm the same who should pay? (Johnstone et al 2010). Before we can answer this question we need to understand different policies which provide the revenue that fuel the education system. The most common and unequivocal model is General Tax system. In this policy, the funds are collected via general taxes imposed on every individual of the country. This model has served well over the decades but in general violated the donee pays principle. Although university graduates mostly contribute in this revenue collection, a large proportion never attended the university and still has to pay. However, this policy is in line with cost opportunities for equal abilities principle. Second plan that provide funds to higher educational system is implementation of tuition fees and scholarship combination model. Institutions take a considerable sum total of tuition fee to compensate for the operating cost. This is line with the beneficiary pays principle but defies the principle of equal access. This model favors the

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Breaking cultural boundaries with art works Dissertation

disruption cultural boundaries with art works - Dissertation ExampleThe intention of this study is the concept of identity operator as one which continues to transform concord to the definitions placed on artists, society and individual experiences which many have. When spirit at identity, there is a question of the divisions which atomic number 18 do as well as how this associates with others that ar looking at the identity which one carries. The identity is one which begins with labels and divisions that are associated with an individual and is inclusive of everything from cultural ideals to feel systems and expectations which occur. The result is boundaries which are created and conflicts that are associated with the identity in which many believe in. The result is the pushing of boundaries betwixt the other, or marginalized identity, as opposed to the popular identity which one lives in. Understanding the cultural differences, divisions which are do and how this affects the concept of identity is one of the ideologies which continues to evolve, dependent on the beliefs which one holds. The concept of cultural differences and identity which occurs is not only based on the several associations with identity, such as society, culture and belief systems. There is alike an exploration of how this affects the statements and beliefs of many in society, specifically with the association in culture, politics and overall belief systems. The divisions which are made are not only associated with the boundaries that are created between identities. There are reflections of this which are say in artistic works. ... Specifically, the newsprint will create an understanding of how the current boundaries within society are questioned in artistic works and how this stirs to the changing of identity such as through language, culture, politics, language, expression or experience in Alys, Minh Ta and Piper. There will be an examination of artistic works in relation to the current development of cultural differences and boundaries which are created. The overall understanding will then relate to the belief of division by culture and identity while showing how these statements continue to change according to the identity which one holds and which creates a boundary between the popular and marginalized identity which one has. The objectives of this research paper are as follows Examine the overall concepts of identity and how this relates to society and politics Examine the changes being made according to cultural differences Develop an understanding of cultural identity and how this relates to art Examine the cultural identity and how this pushes or creates boundaries in contemporary culture Define the concepts of expression and artistic works according to incompatible artists and how this relates to the idea of cultural identity The overall examination of artistic works will relate specifically to the understanding of cultural differences and i dentity as well as how this defines the boundaries that are created. There will be a further examination that shows artistic works that question the ideas of identity and how this relates to the effects of those within society. literary Theory The concept of cultural differences and identity is one which is associated with a variety of theories and concepts. The current theories and beliefs will be examined to

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Globalization's impact on the spread of infectious diseases Annotated Bibliography

Globalizations intrusion on the spread of infectious diseases - Annotated Bibliography Exampleue of racism in Toronto as the people from East Asia where the computer virus had initiated from started being isolated and discriminated against as a result of the virus and them being different. The Asians were single out from the Canadians and the increase in racialization spread even more and the effects are still being felt to date.The conclusion from this name is that world(prenominal)ization has increased the spread of infectious diseases thousands of miles away from the area of origination and this is leading to other angry and unwanted effects such as racism. The race that the infectious disease originates from is discriminated against and segregated as healthy as blamed for the spread of the disease or infection just like the Chinese were segregated by the Canadians in Toronto even though the disease spread as a result of fundamental interaction and connectedness but leads to inequality.Brown, T. (2011). Vulnerability is universal Considering the place of security and vulnerability within contemporary global health discourse. Social Sciences & Medicine, 72 319-326.The global health standards have been and continue to be affected by the increase in the multiple threats of the infectious diseases all over the world. With global connectedness and interactions increasing, there traditionalistic border defenses and securities are weakening and therefrom allowing people the movement all over the world hence continuing to spread the infectious diseases everywhere. What this does is to increase the vulnerability of the people and exposing them to more diseases, spreads the panic over the diseases and at long last becoming an epidemiological threat to the health of the people.Fighting of these diseases has become even harder for the world because of the increase in environmental degradation, intensive farming practices, rapid urbanization as well as misusing of antimicrobials. All these offer to the humanity becoming more vulnerable to the diseases and dying in

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Action plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Action plan - sample ExampleAccording to the text, the relative advantage of this type of technology solution is that attention-getting displays, immediate feedback, and fundamental interaction combine to create motivating practice (Roblyer, 2005, pg. 54).For variant 1 of the checklist, the aim is to determine relative advantage. In addition to what was noted above regarding the relative advantage, the teacher has noted that she has difficulty teaching these basic math skills to her students as they become bored and their minds drift elsewhere. This is certainly a good area for technology-based software to suspensor out. The relative advantage of this software choice justifies any effort and expense that may be twisty in acquiring basic drill-and-practice mathematics software (Roblyer, 2005).For Phase 2 of the checklist, the goal is to decide on objectives and assessments. The teacher expects for her students to quickly be able to make basic multiplication and division calculati ons in their full stop quickly after the new technology has been implemented. The best way to assess student learning would be through two angles the feedback that is provided instantly by the technology and through traditional paper tests that contain the resembling kinds of problems. No additional testing instruments leave need to be developed in this case (Roblyer, 2005).For Phase 3 of the checklist, the goal is to design integration strategies. The instruction in this case will be single-subject. Students will work individually with the software, and activities should be directed. In order to encourage females and minority children to participate, they will be shown the benefits and kindle features of the game. The games should alternate between multiplication and division drills. Students will have plenty of time to learn the actual via this method before it is graded, but the school will need to

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Revision of Responding to Pop Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Revision of Responding to knock off Culture - Essay ExamplePerhaps this twist in Chuck made the TV serial a standout from the other series of similar genre because it reached Season 5 which is quite unusual for a make out genre. There is nothing heavy in its dialogue which an average Joe will not reckon which explains why the Chuck undulate became a hit with the general audience. Agent Walker, Chucks bed interest also kept the audience glued to their screen as their romance unfolds in the skinny world of espionage.Just do not delve too much on how logical the destiny of the Chuck series are because you will secure be disappointed. The main entertainment factor of this flick is not the soundness of its logic just like CSI series. Chuck only intends to amuse its audience so it did put much emphasis on the logical sequencing of the contain. Given this, do not wonder how could confine it been possible to build a CIA headquarter beneath Nerd Herd without being notice because it is one of the givens that the film does not intend to explain. This disconnect however does not seem to be an issue with the audience unvarnished with its high ratings and subsequent episodes.The flick only intends to entertain by bringing down the spy nuance to the understanding of the masses. It appeals to our subliminal desires of living an action packed and adventurous life such that of a spy by removing the idea that this job is unattainable given the requirements imposed by other spy genre. In Chucks world, as long as you are in the right place and in the right time, you could be the Intersect who is the most valuable asset in the espionage world with a tribute of having girl that is way out of your league.If this TV series will be translated into a game just like other spy films, Chuck will prove to be interesting as those secrets imbedded in his brain can provide a wide assortment of possibilities of what the character can do in a lot of

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Staffing Plan for a restaurant Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Staffing Plan for a restaurant - screen ExampleAll service industries accord priority to their procedure of recruitment because the right person in the right place can erase the element of failure. Recruitment helps to place the right people at the right job, it may be internal or external. Recruitment and extract process starts after the acknowledgement of the vacancies to be filled up. Recruitment is the process of searching for the prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization. and so the first step is identification of sources of manpower in the proposed restaurant. They consider selection as an effort in the total process of acquiring and developing Marketing Executives. The Company believes that the selection process should be logical with other procedures for the total process to be effective. Therefore, the Company adopts a systematic and integrated approach to the selection process for selecting the best possible candidates.We are prop osed to establish a tie-up with an HR consultancy firm for our future(a) nation wide establishments. The consultancy can provide extremely qualified and experienced candidates from various institutions. The Company volition continue a long term interaction with the consultancy for maintaining and ensuring the industry demanded personnels.Recruitment and selection process is highly depends on the variety of laws and regulations of a legal system it is specify the various provisions regarding the relation place between employer and employee temporary employee relationship as well as any indipended contractors working for the company. This Recruitment policy also follows guidelines suggested by the relevant Codes of Practice from the Equal Opportunities Commission, Commission for Racial Equality and the Advisory, Conciliation and arbitrament Service (ACAS). (Recruitment. Legal Recruitments. (2006)).This companies recruitment and selection

Psychoanalys Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Psychoanalys - Essay ExampleHypocrisy is the chimerical claim to virtue. It unceasingly refers to consciously intended deception by a person in a position of trust. Making use of literary examples, the investigation starts with the delineation of three readily apparent preconditions for travel prey to hypocrisy. Idealization of the hypocrite is seen as a defense against a dread of doubtfulness on the part of the person who succumbs to hypocrisy. The addition of a third precondition, the force of powerful desire, completes the introduction.A selective refreshen of historical and philosophical studies of hypocrisy over the past twenty-five hundred years situates the problem of the power to hypocrisy. Must idealization lead to credulity I do not think so. Belief, even gruelling belief, need not be credulous, and idealization, though it always involves some substitution of wish for judgment, is not always used as a defense. But when idealization and belief are fueled by anxiety, fencesitter judgment, fragile under the best of circumstances, may fail. So idealization as defense against the dread of uncertainty may be expected to create the credulity that is one precondition for successful hypocrisy. But exacting credulity may come about also from great desire, especially in those inclined to charming thinking and other immaturitiesof consideration by playwrights and philosophers, a

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Why the Enlargement of EU is Beneficial for the Economy of the Member Essay

Why the Enlargement of EU is Beneficial for the Economy of the Member States and EU as a whole - Essay ExampleThis essay highlights the last dickens members to join were Bulgaria and Romania. These two are the shortsightedest members of EU. They comprise less than 1% off its GDP while contributing 6% of the EUs population. But these economies are growing fast, at about 5-7% per year. (BBC News) Croatia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia realize received candidate status as a precursor of membership. Turkey also started membership negotiation in October, 2005. Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia are also expected to start discussions for membership. But these countries will have to face change magnitude opposition to enlargement of EU from some member states. The major opposition comes from five member states Austrian, France, Germany, capital of Luxembourg and United Kingdom. As the report declares there was serious opposition when the idea of a European c entre was first broached. The main arguments offered against enlargement were it would lead to mass immigration from poorer countries to the richer nations, with the result that poor countries would take external jobs from the richer ones and companies also would relocate to countries which offer lower labour costs and lower social protection the poor countries would require huge subsidies from the richer member states. The main economic argument in favour of enlargement is that irritate to more countries would stimulate and boost long term dynamic economic growth in the comparatively poor economies.

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Executive Compensation - How much is too Much Research Paper

Executive Compensation - How much is as well Much - Research Paper ExampleThe vie about high executive compensation has been in the spotlight in United States since industrial revolution. However, it was during the great depression that this news and discussion made the headlines. Since then, this debate has always received widespread during all economic recessions. Following the pattern, as the financial crunch and economic recession hit the United States in 2006-07, this debate again reached its peak because the masses started questioning the comprehend wide gap between the salaries of an average employee and the executives. Critics of high compensation believe that this is one of prime reasons of change magnitude inefficiencies, recession, and increasing income inequality in United States. On the different hand, proponents of high compensation believe that these conciliate back levels are a result of market and competitive forces and external forces such as the government, watchdogs and others should declare no right to interfere in how much the boards of pass oning to pay their executives. The thesis statement around which this account that revolve is that executives pay is sky rocketing and there is no rational and logical thought to allow these pay levels to increase further if we want a way out of this recession and prevent future recessions (Mishra, McConaughy & Gobeli, 2000). ... They analyze the pay of CEOs with investment bankers, hedge fund managers, equity investors, lawyers, and others. Since 1990s, there has been steady increase in the salaries of preceding(prenominal) professionals alone the pays of CEOs and other executives has not risen with the same percentage. Furthermore, out of the poll 0.1 percent people in the United States arranged according to the gross income, only 3 percent of them were CEOs and executives of companies. Furthermore, in the year 2007, top 20 hedge fund manager bagged more than three times the pay earned by the salaries of all S&P 500 combined (Hayes & Schaefer, 2009). Proponents of this school of thought strongly believe that companies will have to take bold steps in prescribe to retain their executives because many smart CEOs have already started shifting to Wall Street to take positions at private equity firms (Hayes & Schaefer, 2009). In order to defend the position of CEOs being overpaid, other experts have gone on to accept that executives and specifically, CEOs are overpaid but it is not because of the work that they do but because their job is to inspire people. The reason behind providing CEOs with the fattest checks is to ensure that it keeps other people in the company motivated (Kay & Putten, 2007). Everyone dreams to become a CEO or an executive almost day and people dream about the same because they know the compensation levels. People look at executives, their cars, houses, clubs, salaries, benefits, lifestyles and that is what keeps them motivated to stay with a co mpany and put in their best effort into their jobs hoping that within a decade or so, they would also be able to reach that dream position. Economists call this, as

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Ethical Dilemma paper-second moral language Essay

Ethical quandary paper-second chaste language - Essay Exampleodel of the Second Moral Language, in which he has described the honourable dilemma and moral conflict arising in mans mind as an outcome of his moral values and ethical principles. I as well had to undergo the same situation during my studies at university.I also had to undergo such a precarious situation last year at university, which could be tell as the ethical dilemma, where there was serious conflict in respect of taking a absolute decision on the basis of moral duties. I was the student of English Literature, and loved Miltons paradise Lost and the moral lessons it conveyed. Besides, I had studied theology including Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and the noble characters of the holy personalities i.e. Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Zachariah, John, Christ, Muhammad, Ali, Hassan and Hussein (peace and blessings of Almighty beau ideal be upon them completely). In the same way, I got acquaintance with ancient and modern western philosophers including Seven Sages, Thales, Socrates, Descartes, Machiavelli, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Karl Marx, Rousseau, Voltaire, Hobbes and others, all of which always preached morality, impartiality, forgiveness, charity and goodness of heart and mind. Hence, truth, justice, fair play and politeness were the principles that developed my personality, which I tried to apply in my everyday life at university. But it was not the case in objective practical life. On the other hand, fairness and morality used to be taken as equivalent to foolishness and perhaps ignorance too in this world of bitter realities.Due to my politeness, intelligence and impartiality, my class-mates elected me as their class-representative and spokesman during the first year at university. It was really a token of regard as well as the gesture of goodwill and their unflinching trust in my person. I decided to run the affairs of the firm class as wel l as the department and staff, with complete consensus and co-operation without

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No definition of a miracle is adequate Essay Example for Free

No exposition of a miracle is adequate EssayMany philosophers have move to define what exactly constitutes a miracle in a itemise of ways outlining descriptions which contain the criteria for what phenomena can be counted as tremendous. Whether a commentary is adequate seems highly subjective but will likely be one that is call forable by non-Christians as well as Christians who in all prob strength will want a definition that accepts many a(prenominal) of the miracle in the Bible to indeed be miraculous.Mackies definition of miracles describing them as yields that occur when the world is not left alone and is intruded by something that is not part of the inherent order necessitates that miracles are caused by a super instinctive entity which whitethorn be considered to be beau ideal. This appears to suggest that his definition would indeed be adequate for some Christians abandoned that it sets apart miracles from coincidences turning them into occurrences which coul d provide evidence for their faith. notwithstanding it allows a more specific image of what constitutes a miracles disallowing events with an entirely nativeistic explanation maintaining them as uncomparable events.However, Hick likely would criticise Mackies arguments for not be adequate given the ambiguity of what the natural order and the laws that govern it are. Hick suggested that laws were generalisations that are formed after events have happened, suggesting that that the natural order couldnt be intruded upon. Also it may be that what is perceived to be an intrusion by something outside of the natural order is actually just a lack of understanding of the natural order on our part.This mover that though an event such as the Moon Landing would have been defined as poor centuries ago, today it would not. This counteracts the sufficiency of the definition given that what it encompasses will change with time. A further issue with the adequacy of Mackies definition is that it could be argued to not be sufficiently specific given that it makes no drive to define what exactly constitutes something distinct from the natural order, and it may in fact not be God.This would undermine its adequacy for Christians who believe that God is responsible for causing miracles and may not accept they are caused by other existences. Swinburnes definition of a miracle appears to resolve this issue defining miracles as a entrancement of a law of record by a god (a very powerful rational being who is not a material object). That said, the requirement for God to intervene in the world poses a number of challenges to Swinburnes definition especially given that Gods need to intervene in his creation contradicts the idea that he is an all powerful being if the world requires changes.Additionally philosophers like Wiles would argue that if God has the ability to intervene in the world in order to perform miracles in certain instances then his reverse to prevent evil and suffering in the world undermines his characteristic of omni-benevolence. For this reason a definition that requires Gods intervention to cause miracles may be inadequate given the contradictions that would occur if such an event happened.On the other hand, many Christians do accept that God intervenes in the world and if so this definition of miracles may indeed be adequate as well as determining whether God is responsible for an event may be impossible as it may just be due to limited understanding of events. Additionally, Swinburnes definition is undermined by Hicks challenge arguably even more so than Mackies given his explicit use of the term natural laws and also would likely be subject to change as understanding changes.Hollands definition of miracles appears to avoid the contractions associated with Swinburne and Mackies explanations not requiring the physical intervention of God suggesting from the scratch that it may be more adequate. This is because Holland only requir es miracles to be an extraordinary coincidence of a beneficial nature interpreted religiously. The emphasis on interpretation also removes the difficulties associated with determining the cause of the miracle while still include Biblical miracles.However it would likely be criticised for being too subjective given that different wad would differ on whether the same event is miraculous. Additionally the Catholic church which usually requires a individual to have performed at least two miracles in order to be Canonized as a saint would likely not accept miracles as defined by Holland as they only accept events without naturalistic explanation suggesting the definition is inadequate for how the term miracle is used by some Christian denominations.In conclusion, it seems probable that no definition of miracles is adequate given that although Swinburne and Mackies definition of miracles may encompass many of the instances of how miracles are used, they are undermined by the difficulty in determining natural laws and also whether God physically intervened. Likewise while Holland goes some way to avoiding these contradictions in his definition it remains highly subjective and also doesnt reflect how miracles are used in Christianity.Additionally it will likely also forego to significant differences between what people consider miracles. Moreover, the existence of so many contrasting definitions of miracles suggests that there isnt a single definition that is adequate given that there is no consensus on what makes an event miraculous so any definition will be subject to significant disagreement. For this reason the statement that no definition of miracle is adequate can be considered to be true.

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Mix Racial and Cultural Groups Are Growing in the United States Essay Example for Free

shamble Racial and ethnic Groups Are Growing in the linked States EssayMixed Racial and Cultural Groups is increased by a marginal number in the United States. The growth of these multiracial groups started to jump through and through migration of polar ethnics and raised most of their families in the United States even through marriage. These atomic number 18 some(prenominal) of the issues that crap been raised by individual people of having an entity separation of mixed race and cultural or to considered them as Ameri chiffoniers without a hyphen. Thinking about this issue myself, and thinking of my two children who married to a different ethnic rather than Samoans. These questions come to mind about this issue How, Why, and what the three words that needs a big explanation about this progeny. According to multiracial Americans, Americans whose identity as two or to a greater extent races identifies with just one group culturally and socially. From statistics that I go t from online, stated that about 2. 9% of the population in the year 2010 are self-identified as multiracial. The identity or the classification of the peoples identification is broadly according to the cultivation they were raised in.Social segregation in many areas of the country is forming interracial unions or cultural group. The diversity of social conditions through migrations brought new groups of people to the United States. Through these migrations, mixed races started to heave when interracial marriage were born and started to increase in the United States. The movement of multiracial identity by more than one ethnicity has taken place and strong. Statistics from the year 2010 census in the United States shows that the largest multiracial groups were duster and black which is 1. 8 million. The other 1.7 millions are white and some other race, white and Asian is 1. 6, white and American Indian and Alaskan Native is 1. 4 million. I have learned that the largest maturati on group in multiracial is white and black which is about 134%. That is more than 1 million people. pleat racial AND CULTURAL GROUP According to Susan Saulny of the New York Times, title Race Remixed, said that sea of potpourri is how we think about race, ethnicity and its place in society. I believe that a challenge to kink towards multiracial from a sociological perspective is a leap that we should take.The understanding of racial and ethnic categories of their boundaries can be a problem to other multiracial groups. I think that ancestry is the biggest influence in identities through a number of generations through migrations. I also believe that each(prenominal) multi mix or racial group should be treated the same regardless of their identity. If they are legally citizens of the United States, they have the right to be treated equally. I believe that they have contributed to the wellbeing and welfare of the United States through their services in employment inside the govern ment, military or private companies.Regardless of the race and ethnicity, they should be treated and considered Americans. President Obama is good example of what I mean about treating them the same no matter what color of their skin or where they are from. I know that some of these mix race entities are trying to separate themselves with-in the United States but when they travel to other countries of the world, they considered be call Americans. As a citizen of New Zea vote down, I am proud to call myself to be an American and I respect the land that my children were born.What can the United States or these multiracial groups gain from wanting to be separated from their identity. Through my essay online, I came across Mrs. Karissa Sullivas draft and she said that ancestry influences identities. She said that socialization is the crucible of racial and ethnic identity formation. Farley in 2002, construct racial and ethnic classifications which was adopted by the government for each race or reconsidered themselves to either refuse to identify their own race and ethnic category. MIX RACIAL AND CULTURAL GROUP.I believe that mix racial and cultural groups are increasing daily by the number throughout the United States. However, research shows that children with an original multiracial identity grow up to be happier than those of single-race identity. Some of the statistics shows that another addition to the growth of mix race is through adoption of children from countries outside of the United States. According to Facts for Families 2010, parents are coping with these pressures in having open communications with the families about their culture and race.Encouragement and support in every multicultural group for families to be familiar with their language, traditions and customs within their families. They have to support and try to establish a good relationship by creating a mesh for their children, parents, family member, relatives and the community. In conclus ion, the separation and classifications between mix racial and multicultural groups is not an easy task or thing to do. Two of my children are married to different ethnic. My oldest daughter is married to an African American and my male child is married to a girl who is beautiful and white but has about four or quin mix blood in her.I believe in democracy and the United States is nowhere in having a separation of any mix race and cultural group who are living in the United States. God Bless America, God bless the people of the United States. References Perez, Anthony Daniel, Hirschman, Charles. The Changing Racial and Ethnic. http//www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pmc/articles/PMC2882688/ The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (March-2011). Facts for Families, no. 71 Multiracial Children. http//www. aacap. org/galleries/FactsForFamilies/71_multiracial_children. pdf Dr. Nicole Martinez and Mrs. Karissa Sullivan. May 6, 2013 .docx.

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Firestick Farming Essay Example for Free

antiaircraft set Farming studyWhat is Fire stick farming? Fire stick farming is the traditional way Aboriginal muckle looked after the convey and created fire breaks to ensure large destructive summer fires were not a threat. converse Fire was a form of communication. When water supplies were running low one of the men would travel to where they knew the conterminous source of water would be. On his way there he would take a fire stick and burn small patches of grass as he went. If the waterhole had sufficient water, he would build up a stockpile grass, wood, a few green leaves and branches. When he lit it the thick smoke would signal the family that it was condemnation to shift camp to this new location. They could easily follow the freshly burnt out pathway to the waterhole. hunt club Fire was an important with hunting but was rarely used to actually kill animals directly. Instead, areas were set on fire in such a way as to direct animals to where they could be easily kil led.Fire was also be used to smoke animals out of caves and tree trunks.After the fire would attract animals mainstay to the area, once again providing easy hunting. In different parts of Australia different fire regimes were used and capable to local needsLand Management Aboriginal pack burn the land in the modify months when there are dark clouds. Fire was, and in some placed still is, used to clean house up the country. The men organized burnt patches giving the landscape an arrangement pattern of different older grasses.Patch burning created good habitat for small game mammals such as Bilbies and Mala. They sheltered in the old grasses and fed of the new grasses.Fire stick farming is the traditional way Aboriginal people looked after the land and created fire breaks to ensure large destructive summer fires were not a threat.With the land burnt, new growth was promoted and soon became plenty, food could be gathered for several months after a fire.

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Patch Adamas Essay Example for Free

man Adamas EssayHunter Adams got his nickname Patch when he tendinged a patient in the mental institution. I admired how he tried to behave like the patients do so that he can pursue to their needs and to reach out to them. This is close to similar to what Jesus did, he became human in gear up for us to understand Him and for us to be saved. From then on, he named that he wanted to help people. He became enlightened that his purpose is to serve other people and that is what he wanted to do. After sometime, he enrolled himself into a medical school wherein he believed that the doctors role is not to prevent oddment precisely to improve the timberland of life.His way of improving the quality of life of the patients is by addressing to their needs and fashioning them happy. I was deeply moved when he acted out as a clown in the pediatric medicine ward where mostly children diagnosed with cancer belongs. As I have observed, when Patch entered the ward, the children were sa d and unenergetic but when Patch did his hilarious moves that would surely make the children laugh out loud, the room was filled with joy and laughter. The bodily fluid became light and happy. Some of the children even jump up and down their beds with glee.It came to the point where Patch wanted to attain a hospital that uses humor to heal pain and suffering, where joy is a way of life, learning is the highest labour and love is the ultimate goal. At first it goes well but then things got complicated when Carin died. Patch almost lose hope and abandon the hospital but as he reflected on it, he got buttocks on his foot again and continue on what Carin would have wanted him to do, and that is to serve other people. I like the way he defines what a doctor is. A doctor is someone who helps someone else. on that point are times when I think of myself as a doctor and one of the questions that always pops into my nous is that What if my patient dies? He made me realize that we should not be afraid of death. He made me realize that a doctors mission is not to prevent death but to improve the quality of life. We can learn many things even on the most ordinary random stuff. In his case, he learned a lot not only through his professors but also to the people just about him, the nurses and especially the patients. We should not just quest for our grades instead we must really keep the things that we learn in our minds and most importantly in our hearts.

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Yuh Ji-Yeon Essay Example for Free

Yuh Ji-Yeon EssayLooking at the States from a broader multicultural perspective is much true-to-life(prenominal). Truly, the States is a melting pot of a lot of different cultures. America does not belong only to the fair-skinned caucasians. Reality is that yellow, brown, red, and black Americans go through on the same plains as the whites. Yuh Ji-Yeon puts it this way, America is a multicultural nation, composed of many people with varying histories and varying traditions who have little in common except their humanity, a belief in democracy and a desire for freedom (518). This is the ethical truth. Looking at our country from this perspective, which is an honest one, helps us deal with our issues in a more realistic and honest way. We can at that placefore address these issues more easily and we can formulate better solutions entirely because we started on an honest premise. This is the benefit which we get from assimilating this point of perspection. Once we realize tha t America does not belong only to the whites but also to a multitudes of other cultures, we start to see things differently.We learn to live life in harmony with them and accept them as brothers. Yuh Ji-Yeon submits, downplaying ethnicity will not bolster national haleness (519). When we were taught that America is predominantly white, in our subconscious we were developing the root word that what is not white is not American. This is where our racial prejudice starts. Viewing America as a multicultural country at the outset, nips our discriminatory tendencies at the bud. Once we get rid of our prejudices, life here in this country will be more ataraxisful. This is the second benefit.Once we learn to live in this country as one people disregardless of ethnic origin, we will have peace and harmony as far as racial variety is concerned since we can learn to work hand in hand with each other. We will be foregoing our biases when we look at others. We will be seeing people not col orize. We will be judging them by their individual personalities and not by their skin color. This will level the playing celestial orbit of opportunities for every citizen. And it is only then that we can say that America is a country which holds equality for alone.And there is nothing better than a heart that is at peace. When it is easy to live with each other, we have peace of minds and hearts. And once we have done this, we could show the world that a peace and unity which transcends skin color and ethnic origin can exist in this world. That then, we could be its example. The first thing to do in order to understand the subcultures in this country better is to erase traces of prejudice in the mind. Simply, adopt the idea that America is not white. Accept that all citizens are Americans even if all are not white.If this is hard, that remember that the first people who settled in this country were not white. As succinctly verbalize by the essay, recognize that America was sha ped and continues to be shaped by people of diverse backgrounds (518). Second, as Yuh Ji-Yeon did, read history by yourself. Read on those parts which are not being taught indoors the classrooms. Read those written by black and brown Americans so that you will see history from all perspectives. From there you can see how history really happened. Just remember that historians, when they wrote history, had biases and these may be reflected in their works.So seek other perspectives of how history happened and decide for yourself which version you will adopt. As Yuh Ji-Yeon puts it, there is more than one way of viewing the world (518). And lastly, adopt what is suggested by the report One Nation, Many Peoples A Declaration of Cultural Interdependence. The report calls for students to be taught that history is an ongoing process of discovery and interlingual rendition of the past (518). In short, we must recognize that whatever we do today, we are making history. We should act with t his legal opinion in mind.

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Bullying and the effects on the individuals Essay Example for Free

Bullying and the effects on the individuals EssayAbstractThe purpose of this composing is to explain what is intimidation and the consequences of swashing. Bullying is where the bullier intentially causes physical harm or emotional stress to the victim. Bullies be outraged and aggressive and dominate their victims and choose their targets by weakness and vulnerability and the victim is non dominant and unremarkably does not fight back. there are severe warning signs that this is not a normal behavior and usually starts as a child and go off still be a behavior make in adulthood. There are four different types of hooliganing and several descriptive behaviors.Bullying can speck to severe self-esteem issues.Aggressive behavior, dominant individual who abuses power by brating little dominant individual. fashion is repeated or has potential to become repetitive over time. Bullying includes making threats spreading rumors, struggle someone or seclusion. This can be in p erson or anonymously by macrocosm a cyber-bully. This is important because bullying or being bullied appear to indicate that something is wrong and children who experience bullying either as aggressor or a victim need help. Bullying start as a child and without help it can grow into a big issue to deal with as an adult.TypesThere are three most common types of bullying and numerous tactics used when targeting their victims. Bullies recollect to harm their victims with power imbalance. Power imbalance is crucial for the bully because their victimcannot defend themselves. Power contrariety can be age, size, or strength. The victim as a result can feel weak, small, vulnerable, frightened and dumb. There is typically more than one time that the bully will attack there same victim. Weather it is the same act or different behaviors on the victim. The third aspect on bully behaviors is the intentions to cause harm an early(a) person. The bully harasses people on purpose. Their behavio r is not a pasquinade or accident. The victim feels embarrassed, ashamed, angry, or scared.There are different forms of bullying physical, verbal, cyber and relational aggression. Physical involves hitting, kicking, pushing, tripping, steal or breaking property. Verbal abuse hurts the victim emotionally with words. Name calling, threating, yelling, intimidation and laughing. Relational uses other people to hurt their victims. This is more hurtful to some people because their friends are talking behind their back. The bully spreads rumors and gossip around. The last form is cyberbullying which is done with improved technology. This can be over the internet, email, text or social media. The bully can interact relational and verbal forms. Name calling, insults and lies or threats can hint to physical harm to the victim. This can happen 24/7 and anonymously. So it is harder to find out who is the bully.There are many an(prenominal) influences that the bully has and that is the reaso n why the bully has certain behaviors. Gender, orientation, environment, family problems, race or developmental problems. The bully usually has anger issues and experiences some type of abuse. The person takes out their feelings on someone who can or will not fight back. The bully may be physically and verbally ill-use by parents or older siblings. So when they are around someone who is not a threat they tend to do the same abuse to the victim to feel superior and worthy. The parents may have center abuse, emotional issues, low self-esteem, single parent household and many other reasons. The family is not connected and severe communication. Lack of rules may also play a role.The victims have low self-esteem because they feel powerless. They bear in mind and believe what is said to them and about them. They may feel helpless,hopeless hurt non worthy and have electronegative outcomes, anxiety and depression. These can lead to substance abuse, drinking and lack of motivation, eatin g disorders and increase risk of suicide. These are main of bullying.ConclusionIn conclusion bullying is a nationwide problem and it has major problems that print another human being. This usually starts as a child and never ends without proper treatment. There is a behavior problem that is not normal to intentially cause harm to another person. there are many factors that influence the bully behavior. The victim as a result has low self-esteem. Depression and anxiety. The dominant and less dominant parties need and is recommended to get counseling to reduce long term constiquences. The improved bullying is done with updated technology and can remain unknown.ReferencesKimble, D. and Colman, M (1995) Biological aspects of behavior, Longman Publishers, available at http//www.le.ac.uk/psychology/amc/ Kuykendrat, S. (2012) Ph D.Bullying Santa Barbra ABC-clio. Zastrow, C. H. Kirst-ashmand K.K. (2010) thought human behavior and the social environment. (8th ed ) Belmonth, CA brooks/cole http//www.stopbullying.gov/what-is-bullying/rel

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Portrayed in film Essay Example for Free

Portrayed in film leavenThe sociological issue, to be researched is, the representation of the physically challenged in the mass media, concentrating on popular films. Ive decided to hold four main stereotypes, which atomic number 18 most common in the media. After reading into Media and Mental affection by The Glasgow Media Group, I became intrigued and started to reflect on the images portrayed. As I shake a physical disability, I thought that I would prolong a better understanding of my research, and a good empathy for people who argon being portrayed badly. After researching on the Internet, based on the research I developed my theory There impart be no physically challenged people portrayed in normal roles, kinda they will fit into one of the four stereotypes. Contexts and concepts The Broadcasting complaints Commission study showed that in television programmes 7% of persons were disabled. They showed that disabled people were mostly in broadcast films, drama and so ap operas. Lang more (1987) Studied on the polar forms of representations of disabled persons, and how the audience reacts to seeing a disabled person on the television as a pose to an able bodied person.The results show that people generally feel a lot more sympathetic, pitiful and patronizing towards disabled people. Sheridan in A physical challenge for the media The effects of portrayals of wheel moderate users. He says that whilst there are many images of wheelchair users, they are not always accurate or utile to the disabled community. To portray a wheel chair user in a film is so that they can be used as a dramatic and provocative tool. He states that it is possible to categorise portrayals into four main stereotypes, the pitiful handicapped, the bitter cripple, the inspirational hero and the set dresser.These are the four stereotypes that I have decided look into. This introduces the concept of stereotypes. A stereotype is a one sided, exaggerated and usually prejudicial view of a group. One myth about physically challenged people is that people with disabilities have a poor standard of life, this is not the case. The stereotypes may have some factual basis, but in most cases are incongruent with reality. Sheridan raises the question that because these portrayals are prevalent, are they an accurate account of what goes on in real life situations.He answered, as there is much diversity as there is common in the wheelchair community. There is no consensus as to what is accurate. He offers no solution but says that there are advances in advertising, as people in wheelchairs are not seen as disabled but as consumers. He thinks advertisers will continue to add positively to the way society perceives wheelchair users, and that maybe one mean solar day we will change our perception from archaic stereotypes to more realistic portrayals.This brings me onto the concept of identity. To acquire a consciousness of self identity and an image of your self is t hrough socialization. If some body is labelled a limited type of person, it can be said that a social identity has been added to your self. Your social identity will then be seen as a label to show what kind of person you are. Resulting from the label you have now been given, you might start to think you are that type of person.

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Network Security Analysis Essay Example for Free

profits guarantor Analysis EssayThis word is concerned ab aside mesh protective c everywhere. It mentions about the present situation of engagement bail and an analysis of the reason that lead to unsafe mesh topology environment. Then the article introduces two a great deal functiond protocols in interlocking security HTTP (Hypertext Transport Protocol) and HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over underwrite Socket Layer), indeed comp are them and give a brief conclusion. On the early(a) side, the article introduces how firewall encourages net profit security in hardware aspects.Keywords Network aegis Analysis Countermeasures1. Introduction As technology develops, meshwork is getting more than and more mature. It is kn proclaim to all that security is the second step after that a successful internet has been deployed.1.1 Situation of Computer Network SecurityWith the rapid development of the Internet and the widespread application, the number of computer v ir lend oneselfs, Trojan horses is explosive growth. According to Jinshan drug gangsters cloud security center monitoring deviceing statistics show that in 2008, Jinshan drug gangsters were intercepted more and more smart viruses, Trojans, which grew up 40% compared with 2007. The center statistics also show that 90% of the virus septic users, this attachment net pages that humans are enjoying the network instruction with the great wealthiness and convenient at the same time, also be the severe beset by paradoxs of network entropy security.The lure of wealth that hackers attack is no longer a kind of personal interest, but more and more become an organized, interest driven career crime. Its main manner has online professor viruses, Trojan horses fruit technology and various network attack technology Online throw, trafficking and rental viruses, Trojan horses, zombie network Online customized viruses, Trojan horses Internet theft behavior (account Numbers game, bank accou nts, QQ number, etc.), sell the trumpets Internet fraud and extortion by means of the network business platform money laundering profit, etc. Attackers requisite good level gradually decrease, means more flexible, joint attacks increase rapidly. Trojan viruses, Trojan virus writers, professional hack personnel, gross sales channels, professional p socio- frugal classs have been formed complete gray industrial chain.1.2 Threats to Computer Network SecurityThe nemesis to computer network security includes attacks by hackers and computer virus. It mostly presents in the following aspects.Firstly, send evade E-mails to users. It is a common way to cheat the account and word of honor by posing as sure websites. Secondly, price ca apply by viruses is also a common phenomenon. For e.g. when virus gets into computer, it will cover our hard turn with useless data. Thirdly, its about unauthorized inleting. This mainly refers to the normal use or oversteps their authority to use the network equipment and discipline resources. Fourthly, damage the integrity of the database. Fifthly, interfere with the normal running of the systems. Finally, chat lines are tapped and raft are not familiar about safety of network security. The first situation doesnt go in common. However, awareness of maintain computer network security is really important.In the article, it mainly analyzes some(prenominal) common situations and introduces what the threat is and how it works.1.3 Countermeasures of Network SecurityAs network security has a circumstances of loopholes, large number create a lot of methods to protect network. On the side of hardware, people begin to use firewall to protect network. On the side of bundle, a lot of tools and technologies have been used in this area, such as router filtering. The article introduces how firewall works and two similar protocols HTTP and HTTPS. By comparing these two protocols, we will find the development of technology.1.4 vast ness of the Study of Network SecurityIts important for securing ones computer, keeping important data and profile info protected. Careful web surfing habits may keep you from being a victim of virus attacks and malware, merely this is an intensely risky activity and very often people may end up with an infected computer. Some good anti-virus programs will help to keep your computer protected and safe, but users must mean to keep this updated regularly for better protection over new viruses.2. Related Work2.1 Network SecurityNetwork security consists of the provisions and policies adopted by a network administrator to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources. Network security involves the authorization of access to data in a network, which is controlled by the network administrator. Users choose or are assigned an ID and password or other authenticating randomness that allows them access to st udy and programs within their authority. Network security covers a modification of computer networks, both universal and private, that are used in everyday jobs conducting transactions and colloquys among businesses, political relation agencies and individuals. Networks potbelly be private, such as within a company, and others which might be open to public access. Network security is involved in organizations, enterprises, and other types of institutions. It does as its title explains It secures the network, as well as protecting and overseeing operations being done. The most common and simple way of protecting a network resource is by assigning it a unique name and a corresponding password.2.2 ISO/OSI modelThe internationalist Standards Organization (ISO) Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Reference Model defines seven layers of communications types, and the interfaces among them. (See Figure 1.) Each layer depends on the services provided by the layer below it, all the way down to the physical network hardware, such as the computers network interface card, and the wires that connect the cards together.People develop a lot of protocols to each layer. Such as PPTP/L2TP to linked layer, IPSEC to network layer, TLS/SSL to transfer layer. Each protocol includes security information that helps network transfer safer and safer.2.3 IPV4 protocolThe protocol contains a couple aspects which caused problems with its use. These problems do not all tie in to security. They are mentioned to gain a comprehensive understanding of the internet protocol and its shortcomings. The causes of problems with the protocol are1. manage Space 2. Routing 3. Configuration 4. Security 5. Quality of ServiceThe lack of embedded security within the IPv4 protocol has led to the many attacks seen today. Mechanisms to secure IPv4 do exist, but in that location are no requirements for their use. IPsec is a special(prenominal) mechanism used to secure the protocol. IPsec secures the packe t payloads by means of cryptography. IPsec provides the services of confidentiality, integrity, and authentication. This form of protection does not account for the skilled hacker who may be competent to break the encryption method and develop the key.2.4 Types and Sources of Network ThreatsDenial-of-Service, unauthorized access, executing commands illicitly, confidentiality breaches and destructive behavior are common type of threats to network security.The sources of network threats include 3 aspects. Firstly, the invasion of bad information and pollution. Network is open, even borderless space information network of people in the rich cultural life, but also to the illegal dissemination of information or indecent information provided soil British Middlebury Seck Griffith University, Professor Di Mulai study found that in non-academic information on the Internet, 47% of pornography on These content without restriction for people feel free to browse, not totally seriously jeopa rdize the health of young people, and poison the social atmosphere and hinder the building of a harmonious society in China.In addition, the networks openness and freedom are often some criminals use, or dissemination of endangering national security, to subvert the government, disrupting social order and security of information, or information network organizing rallies and other anti-social activities. Secondly, Internet hackers and computer crime. Hacker wanton rampage information networks, technology and the consequences of its invasion of escalating their use of technical means, or attacks on government sites or military organizations Web site and endanger national security interests, undermine government image or steal business, financial institutions, business information to profit illegally, endangering the economic order or steal personal confidential information, violation of privacy or stolen cash.These acts seriously pile the normal operation of information networks. In addition to outside hackers the use of the Internet, the rampant crime and tort. The use of computer information network system to implement theft, fraud or corruption, embezzlement and other crimes than the traditionalistic criminal methods and tools more subtle complexity, and violation of trade secrets with the network, electronic communications freedoms, civil Privacy and damage the reputation of others and other events are also frequent. Online pyramid schemes, online fraud, etc. These crimes have been on the network constitute a serious threat to network security. Thirdly, the existence of their own network security vulnerabilities and risks.Freedom to theatrical role and open spirit of the Internet, but also the charm of the Internet The Internet is based on transmission control protocol / IP protocol, network devices, operating systems with networking capabilities and openness about the existence inherent vulnerability In addition, the software in the radiation pattern, it is inevitable there are some defects or flaws, which has become a prime luff for hackers, while software programmers deliberately left the back door has become a major network security risks network These weaknesses of their own existence, to bring the work of anti-hacker considerable difficulty on the one muckle difficult for scientists to develop a common and effective network security for the protection of technical means on the other hand the lack of implementation of these measures sufficient to protect the social environment.3. Methods 3.1 Analysis of Network SecuritySystem and network technology is a key technology for a wide word form of applications. Security is crucial to networks and applications. Although, network security is a critical requirement in emerging networks, there is a signifi fuckt lack of security methods that can be easy implemented.There exists a communication gap between the developers of security technology and developers of networks. Network de sign is a well-developed process that is based on the Open Systems Interface (OSI) model. The OSI model has several advantages when designing networks. It offers modularity, flexibility, ease-of-use, and standardization of protocols. The protocols of different layers can be easily combined to create stacks which allow modular development. The implementation of individual layers can be changed posterior without making other adjustments, allowing flexibility in development. In contrast to network design, secure network design is not a well-developed process. There isnt a methodology to manage the complexity of security requirements. Secure network design does not contain the same advantages as network design.When considering network security, it must be emphasized that the whole network is secure. Network security does not only concern the security in the computers at each end of the communication chain. When transmitting data the communication channel should not be vulnerable to att ack. A possible hacker could target the communication channel, obtain the data, decrypt it and re-insert a sham message. Securing the network is just as important as securing the computers and encrypting the message.When developing a secure network, the following need to be considered1. Access authorized users are provided the means to communicate to and from aparticular network.2. Confidentiality Information in the network remains private.3. Authentication procure the users of the network are who they say they are4. Integrity Ensure the message has not been modified in transit5. Non-repudiation Ensure the user does not refute that he used the network present we mainly discuss fake websites.Fake websites means phishing. Phishing is attempting to acquire information (and sometimes, indirectly, money) such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Communications purporting to be from popular social w eb sites, auction sites, online retribution processors or IT administrators are commonly used to lure the unsuspecting public. Phishing is typically carried out by e-mail spoofing or gross messaging, and it often directs users to enter details at a fake website whose carriage and feel are some identical to the legitimate one. Phishing is an example of social engineering techniques used to deceive users, and exploits the poor usability of current web security technologies. Attempts to deal with the growing number of reported phishing incidents include legislation, user training, public awareness, and technical security measures.Once a victim visits the phishing website, the deception is not over. Some phishing scams use JavaScript commands in order to substitute the address bar. This is done either by placing a picture of a legitimate URL over the address bar, or by closing the original address bar and opening a new one with the legitimate URL.An attacker can even use flaws in a trusted websites own scripts against the victim. These types of attacks (known as cross-site scripting) are particularly problematic, because they direct the user to sign in at their bank or services own web page, where everything from the web address to the security certificates appears correct. In reality, the link to the website is crafted to carry out the attack, making it very difficult to spot without specialist knowledge. Just such a flaw was used in 2006 against PayPal.A Universal Man-in-the-middle (MITM) Phishing Kit, discovered in 2007, provides a simple-to-use interface that allows a phisher to convincingly spue websites and capture log-in details entered at the fake site.To avoid anti-phishing techniques that scan websites for phishing-related text, phishers have begun to use Flash-based websites. These look much like the real website, but hide the text in a multimedia object.3.2 Firewalls ProtectionA firewall can either be software-based or hardware-based and is used to help keep a network secure. Its primary objective is to control the incoming and outgoing network traffic by analyzing the data packets and determining whether it should be allowed through or not, based on a predetermined rule set. A networks firewall builds a brigade between an internal network that is assumed to be secure and trusted, and another network, normally an external (inter)network, such as the Internet, that is not assumed to be secure and trusted.In general, some functions that can be done by the firewall are 1. Doing a packet filter firewall can make the decision whether to accept or reject the incoming data packets. 2. Hiding Network Address (NAT) IP addresses can be used on the internet is a public IP. So to create a lymph gland that uses private IP can be translated into public IP. These functions are performed by a firewall, known as NAT. 3. Monitoring and Logging to improve network security and logging on the terms monitoring by a firewall.3.3 Protocols of Ne twork SecurityNetwork security protocols are used to protect computer data and communication in transit. The primary tool used to protect information as it travels across a network is cryptography. Cryptography uses algorithms to encrypt data so that it is not readable by unauthorized users. Generally, cryptography works with a set of procedures or protocols that manage the exchange of data between devices and networks. Together, these cryptographic protocols upraise secure data transfer.Without cryptographic network security protocols, Internet functions such as e-commerce would not be possible. Secure communication is necessary because attackers try to eavesdrop on communications, modify messages in transit, and hijack exchanges between systems. Some of the tasks networks security protocols are commonly used to protect are file transfers, Web communication, and realistic Private Networks (VPN).The most common method of transferring files is using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). A problem with FTP is that the files are sent in clear text, meaning that they are sent unencrypted and therefore able to be compromised. For example, many webmasters update their sites using FTP an attacker using a packet sniffer and the websites IP address can intercept all communications between the webmaster and the sites server.Here we mainly discuss two similar protocols HTTP and HTTPS.The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems. HTTP is the foundation of data communication for the conception Wide Web.Hypertext is a multi-linear set of objects, building a network by using logical links (the so called hyperlinks) between the nodes (e.g. text or words). HTTP is the protocol to exchange or transfer hypertext.The standards development of HTTP was coordinated by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), culminating in the publication of a series of Requests for Comments (RFCs), most notably RFC 2616 (June 1999), which defines HTTP/1.1, the interpretation of HTTP in common use.Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) with the SSL/TLS protocol. It provides encrypted communication to prevent eavesdropping and to securely identify the web server with which you are actually communicating. Historically, HTTPS connections were primarily used for payment transactions on the World Wide Web, e-mail and for sensitive transactions in corporate information systems. In the late 2000s and early 2010s, HTTPS began to see widespread use for protecting page authenticity on all types of websites, securing accounts and keeping user communications, identity and browsing history private.

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A Positive View on Social Media and Facebook Essay Example for Free

A Positive View on well-disposed Media and Facebook EssayOver angiotensin converting enzyme billion people worldwide use or stimulate a profile on any(prenominal) sort of social media. Facebook is one form of social media that leads the charge. Facebook is a general free social networking website that whollyows users to locate and reunite with honest-to-goodness friends, join radicals of members that share your same interests, do research, and socialise themselves through the use of a variety of applications embedded within the website.Every so often we recover the urge to locate old friends that we have not been in touch with in a vast age. We just type in their name and see what comes up. One day my wife looked up an old friend of mine, Paul Z. and found a man about the right age. She thought at basic it was someone else because with age we all look different. Looking fanny at her was an older man with gray-haired hair and a beard, something that neither Paul no r I had the last snip we had seen for each one other. So she started to go through pictures and started seeing familiar faces, pictures from the past that was our past too. She immediately requested that they become friends on Facebook intentional that this was our friend from years ago. The request was accepted and our friendship was reunited again. After Facebook and my wife reunited two old friends I started to look at Facebook for other ideas on who to try and communicate with. Old classmates came to mind and it just so happens that Facebook provides a tool for reuniting classmates on the website.After about ten minutes or so of respond a few simple questions about where I went to school and when, I logged off and went about my business. to the highest degree two or three days later I started getting responses. At first I didnt recognize anybody, but then after a little research, yearbooks mostly, I started to recognize some of the names and memories followed. I have since been in touch with a couple of classmates from as far back as second and third grade, an amazing feat since second and third grade was in 1966 and 1967. I now get invitations to class reunions and other events that I never had before. Although I havent accompanied one yet, maybe someday I will. Another part of Facebook that I thoroughly enjoy, are all the groups that are available to join and hang out with. The Navy is just one of the many groups that I belong to.There I get to chat and share the many memories I have from my time in the service. Some are really great, like the time I got to ride a camel in front of the main Pyramid in Egypt, except when it spit on me, that wasnt fun. Or the time I rode a Gondola in Venice down the water slipway. And some not so great, like 1991 in the Persian Gulf or rescuing refugees off the coast of Haiti. But all are memories I honor to share with old shipmates and Facebook makes it possible. Genealogy is a subject that has interested me for ye ars. One of the greatest challenges I have found, is how to quickly and accurately research the information I need on members of my family. I even offer to an online genealogy website. Where, for $30.00 per month, I could do all the research I wanted.This soon became more than I could sufficient into my budget, so I started to look for another way. I saw an advertisement on Facebook for a immature application called Family Tree, an online web app that allows family members to input their own family information and merge it into an existing family tree. It also allows each family member to visit and up consider their own part of the tree as often as they like. I signed up and started to enter information about my own immediate family and forwarded requests for other members of my family to join. The response was amazing. To date my family has spotlightd 1,288 entries into the family tree and it continues to grow every day.Although groups, family history research, locating long lo st friends takes up a lot of time, I still try to find ways to amuse myself on the computer. Facebook can do that too. There are literally hundreds of games that you can play either by yourself or with family and friends. CityVille 2 is the one that I am currently involved in socially. I havent started any idiosyncratic games yet, but I will eventually. Games are not the only forms of entertainment provided by Facebook. The posts that all of my friends place on the site can be hilarious.I am constantly looking at all of the photos and videos that have been posted and at times they can be pretty entertaining as well. every(prenominal) things considered, there are many ways to communicate with family, friends and classmates. Newer forms of social media, like Facebook give us a significantly more effective and in most cases, less expensive way to stay in touch with the people that mean the most to us. It can also provide tools for exploring new and exciting ways to entertain ourselve s, research your family history by starting a family tree, or join a group that shares your interests. The opportunities are endless.

English Constitution Essay Example for Free

English Constitution EssayThe role of the courts and judicature in judicial redirect examination is to undertake that Public authorities knead policefully all such authorities be subject to the rein of law and are non permitted to process ultra vires (beyond their world-beaters). The power that government has comes from powers granted to that authority by statute or delegated legislation. The Human Rights Act 1988 (HRA) created an additional ground s6(1) making it unlawful for existence bodies to act in way that is incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights. (ECHR)Since the seventeenth century, in the trip of Monopolies 1602 77 ER 1260 the courts have claimed the authority to inquire into the extent and limits of the Crowns common law prerogative powers. Since 1700, the role of the courts in reviewing administrative and judicial decisivenesss has been explained on the basis of the rule of law whereby each Act or closing was invalid because it was in breach of or unauthorised by the law, or was beyond the scope of the power given to the decision maker by the law (Sunstein, 2001).Limitations of Judicial surveil Judicial review is limited to the examination of executive decision and decision make by government authorities it is constitutional function of the High solicit to ensure that public bodies and government do not act unlawfully. It acts not in order to give effect to any tete-a-tete rights of the individual who made the application but in order to fulfil the role. It is the examination of legal decision by public body and it is not an appeal whereby decision maybe substituted but review of that decision only.Judicial review is only concerned with the lawfulness and not with the merits of decision. Attorney General v Fulham mass, ex relatione Yapp 1921 whereby the High Court granted declaration that the council had acted unlawfully and Cooper v Wandsworth Board of Works (1863) 14 CB NS 180 that the council had a cted unfairly and had failed to exercise their statutory power lawfully. The Primary Purpose of Judicial Review The primary purpose of judicial review was summarised by Lord Lindley MR in Roberts v Gwyrfai District Council 1899 2 CH 608, 614 I know of no duty of the Court which is more important to observe, and no power of the Court which is more important to enforce, than its power of keeping public bodies within their rights. The instant public and government bodies go beyond their constitutional rights they act so to damage and domination of private persons, and those individuals are allowed to be protected from harm arising from such operations of public bodies (Sunstein, 2001 p47)In the case of Council of Civil Service Unions v Minister for the Civil Service 1985 AC 374 (GCHQ Case), Lord Diplock observed that The theme of every judicial review is judgment made by more or less person or government body whom I shall name the decision mker or else refusl by him to mke decision In latest years judicial review has extended to private bodies which can be said to exercise public function, R v City Panel of putsch and Mergers, ex parte Datafin Ltd 1987 2 QB 815Lord Diplock stated in the GCHQ case, that three actions that give grounds for Judicial review are illegality, irrationality and procedural impropriety (Merrill, 2001).Illegality, for example government body misinterpreting legislation Anismimic Ltd V Foreign allowance 1969 2 AC 147, or acting ultra vires (acting beyond its prescribed power) AG v Fulham corporation case, or making judicial error of fact R v Secretary of State for station Department, ex parte Khawaja 1984 AC 74, or unlawfully delegating power or fettering kickshaw Port of capital of the United Kingdom Authority, ex parte Kynoch Ltd 1919 1 KB 176 or where power is exercised by someone who does not meet the qualifications situated down in the granting of power, the act must be considered illegal, Entick v Carrington (1765) 19 ST Tr 1030 and Allingham v The Minister of horticulture and Fisheries 1948 1 All ER 780.In Vine v The National Dock Labour Board 1957 AC 488 Lord Somervell of Harrow said that in deciding whether there is such power, two factors have to be considered the nature of power and the character of the personIrrationality, the decision of public body is irrational if it is so wild that no reasonable body could have come to the decision Associated Provincial Picture Houses Ltd v Wednesbury Corp 1948 1 KB 223 or so outrageous in its defiance of logic or received moral standards that no sensible person who applied his mind to the question could have arrived at the decision Lord Diplock GCHQ case, Unreasonableness includes acting for improper motives, failing to take account of relevant considerations, failing to respect the requirements of inhering justice and fettering discretion by adopting rigid policy.With irrationality the courts have moved on from reviewing the procedures by which dec ision has been made and testing its legality to substituting the courts own view on the merits of the decisionThe standard of reasonableness enforce by the courts is high. If the standard were too low it would mean that judicial discretion was being substituted for administrative discretion (Merrill, 2001). However, the protection of human rights has allowed the courts to use jurisdiction to employ stricter test than in other Wednesbury cases, R v Lord Saville of Newdigate ex parte Brind (no 2) 1991 1 All ER 720 (Merrill, 2001).

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Relationship between Headteacher and Teachers

Relationship surrounded by Head instructor and TeachersTeachers and brainpowerspring instructors cheer an imperative role in upholding and up education standards in looking institutions. Head instructors be charged with the responsibility of overseeing the day-to- day operations of a school. Teachers on the other(a) hand atomic number 18 very instrumental when it comes to imparting knowledge, discipline, beliefs and values to students. Over the years, a number of research studies shake imparted a connection amid high education writ of execution among students and fair kindred betwixt chief teachers and teachers. Thus it is evident that a safe(p) blood amongst engineer teachers and teachers promotes a contributing(prenominal) learning environs that shadower run for to good surgery amongst students. Basic everyy, a healthy relationship between teachers and offer teachers is one that is characterized by mutual respect, quislingism, trust and a harsh goal. I n revise for this to be actualized, it is heavy for betoken teachers to image a platform whereby teachers tooshie learn new skills, expire ab let on issue that affect them and eventually get indigence to perform their duties unreservedly (Harris, Day Hadfield p 67).The purpose of this guinea pig is to investigate how good relationships between pointedness teachers and teachers can bunk to success and better functioning amongst students. Several relevant literatures result be reviewed to establish the unlike instruments revolving slightly good relationships between breaker point teachers and teachers. Further much, the reviewed literature will establish how good relationships between divisionland teachers and teachers can fail to success and better performance amongst students particularly in basal schools. This study will seek various conceptual frame wreaks with regards to good relationships between enquiry teachers and teachers. In order to gather data on the relationships between strait teachers and teachers, several examinationnaires were distributed to motion teachers and four teachers in cardinal first-string schools in Saudi-Arabian Arabia. The results of these questionnaires will be conveyed in this study, thereafter this study will provide a discussion establish on the findings of these questionnaires.Literature ReviewAccording to Mulkeen (2010, p108), subject teachers argon the senior farters and managers of schools and thus they play an imperative role in the functioning of schools. Head teachers argon expected to declare responsibility in the overall management of the school this includes, managing teachers. Mulkeen notes that, too often head teachers slope to focus on out-of-door matters such as the schools chats with the education ministry instead of managing the operations of the school. This in turn causes them to be omiting from school and as result certain issues affecting teachers are left unaddressed. Rec ent studies show that the direct of absentness amongst head teachers is relatively high as compared to that of teachers. The utile leadership of a headmaster compulsively influences the performance of both(prenominal) the teachers and students. On the other hand, ineffective leadership on the part of a head teacher can bring about disarray in educational goals and poor performance for both teachers and students (Mulkeen 108). so leadership is fundamental aspect in the vocation of head teachers. The form of leadership style that they model in their daily running of schools directly determines whether they will energize good or bad relationships with teachers. In the book Primary teachers stress, the authors of this books, Troman and Wood (2001, p 61) explain that the phenomenon of teacher bullying is widespread in schools. A website study investigating issues with regards to bullying in the study indicated that 20% of the reported bullying cases in the take shapeplace elusi ve teachers. A third of the number of teachers complicated in these surveys revealed that they were victimized by head teachers. both(prenominal) head teachers are known to utiliseing bullying and other form of tyrannical leadership styles with the aim of forcing teachers to turf out their duties accordingly. However, studies show that teachers who are mistreated or bullied in their lapplaces tend to lack motivation to do their work and as a result their aim of productiveness is wanting, this in turn affects the performance of students in their academic work (Troman Wood 62). Troman and Wood (2001, p 63) further demonstrate that in cases of bullying teachers and head teachers are involved in a strong emotional relationship and the thus the quality of relationship between the head teachers and teachers influences the article of belief practice (Troman Wood 63).In reference to the sen datents of Green (2004, p 235), the leadership styles utilise in the headship of a school d etermines the kind of relationship that head teachers take aim with teachers and the performance outcomes of teachers and students. Basically, there are six master(prenominal) options of leadership styles that can yield varied results that either influence the performance of teachers and students positively or negatively. These styles of leadership include, authoritative, affiliative, coaching, pace setting and democratic. ground on this hypothesis it is evident that the leadership styles use by head teachers determines the sought of relationship that they will have with teachers and other subordinates. It is therefore worth unbelieving what kind of leadership should head teachers use to ensure that they have good relationships with teachers? (Green 235).A study accredited by the National Association of Head teachers (NAHT) sought to establish the perspectives of both teachers and head teachers on effective school leadership. The findings of this study depicted that effective s chool leadership in the perspective of teachers entails the head teachers great power to form good relationships with teachers. Head teachers should be aware of the needs of teachers and they should take part in addressing the various issues that affect teachers. According to Harris, Day Hadfield (2003, p 67) teachers accentuate that they value their professional and personal relationship with the head teachers. Most teachers prefer a relationship with head teachers that will modify them to freely communicate with the head teachers concerning any issue revolving around their work. Harris, Day Hadfield observe that a good relationship between the head teachers and teachers is characterized by mutual respect, understanding and trust. Despite the fact that the head teachers are professionally superior to teachers, they should not use their billet to undermine or disrespect teachers. Instead they should foster a conducive work environment whereby teachers can be able to express thems elves freely and grow professionally. On the other hand, teachers should overly model ways in which they can work and work mutual respect and trust with their superiors, in this case head teachers (Harris, Day Hadfield 67).Harris, Day Hadfield (2003, p 67) further recommend that in order to establish a good relationship between head teachers and teachers, head teachers should embrace the contributions of teachers and show that their efforts and contributions are extremely valued. In return teachers should be willing to be confirmative towards the efforts of the head teachers. Moreover, a healthy work relationship between teachers and head teachers is one that enables and promotes the development of the teachers career. The development of the teachers career may sometimes qualify the type of relationship between head teachers and the teachers. As teachers gain more attend and skill in their career they become more confident in the articulation of their duties. According to the findings of a study fit out by the National Association of Head teachers (NAHT), during the offset years of their profession, a good number of teachers are often afraid of the head teachers thus their relationship with the head teachers is characterized by apprehension. In these instances teachers avoid seeking for help from the head teachers when they encounter difficulties (Harris, Day Hadfield 67). However, as they gain more experience, skills and knowledge more or less teachers tend to have friendly associations with the head teachers and hence they can seek for guidance and support from the head teachers. Based on the findings of this study, it is evident the development of teachers career can promote good relationship between them and the head teachers. Therefore head teachers should provide learning opportunities that will allow teachers to advance in their careers. Head teachers should address and find ways of addressing the arising demands. Head teachers should priorit ize on forming good relationships with teachers as this will inevitable work success and better performance amongst students (Avi-Itzhak Ben-Peretz 231).Recent research studies have shown that good relationship between teachers and head teachers is an imperative aspect when it comes to determining the effectiveness and success of schools. Researchers have identified that in thriving school, teachers have a positive professional and personal relationship with head teachers. Moreover, in high performing and successful schools head teachers provide teachers with a platform to communicate on issues that affect them and opportunities to develop their careers as teachers (Thoms 196).conceptual FrameworkThe conceptual framework of this study is base on the assumption that the kind of leadership and motivation schema prosecuteed by school head teachers determines whether or not they have good relationships with teachers. Consequently, the relationship between head teachers and teacher s influences the performance of students in schools. Thus good relationships between head teachers and teachers can lead to success and improved academic performance amongst students. Klug (1989) observes that school leaders can determine the motivation amongst teachers by modifying the instructional climate at school. This will in turn determine the attitude of both teachers and students towards education. By efficiently prioritizing on their relationship with teachers head teachers can increase the motivation of students and teachers and directly impact the performance of students (Klug 19).Fredrick Herzbergs theory of motivation further draws a solid conceptual framework for this study. According to Herzberg, there are particular factors in the work environment that lead to quality performance and melodic line satisfaction. At the aforesaid(prenominal) time there are certain factors that can bring about poor performance and job dissatisfaction. With reference to the sentiments of Hezerberg, when individuals in a work place are not satisfied with the working conditions they are bound to be less dod and thus their productivity at work will be affected. Most employees are in search for gratification in terms of recognition, respect, appreciation, responsibility, the nature of their work and advancement. When these conditions are dully met in a work environment employee will feel promptd to give their high hat in their jobs and as a result pleasant results will be actualized (Oshagbemi 354).Herzberg recommends a two factor model of motivation based on aspects such as the certain characteristics that contribute to the satisfaction of employees at work and other characteristics that contribute to employee dissatisfaction at work. Therefore according to Herzberg both satisfying and dissatisfying characteristics are not in a scale with one increasing as the other diminishes rather these characteristics are free phenomenas. Herzbergs theory suggests in order f or productivity to be enhanced in workplaces, administrators should recognize and address both the satisfying and dissatisfying characteristics. Administrators should not presume that the increase in satisfying factors will inevitably decrease the visionary factors (King 18).The kind of leadership style work upd by schools head teachers determines whether or not they will have good relationships with teachers. Leadership styles can be regarded as the manner in which a person in authority leads. The kind of leadership exercised by school head teachers is reflected on how they communicate with teachers, how they exercise their authority and power, this in turn affects teachers and students. Moreover, the leadership styles articulated by school head teachers influences they way in which they command and prompt teachers to realize the set academic goals. The manner in which school head teachers lead determines if they can in effect motivate teachers and maintain positive relationship s with them. The main indicator of effective leadership is the level of motivation that teachers have to diligently have to carry out their duties. In order for teachers to feel cause to carry out their duties head teachers have to maintain good relationships with teachers. Thus head teachers should not exactly give precession to realizing high educational accomplishments but they should also give priority to maintain good interpersonal relationships with teachers. groom head teachers should shun from using autocratic forms of leadership rather they should employ leaderships that will promote good relations between them and teachers , they should also exercise leadership styles that will motivate teachers to perform their duties with zealousness (Seashore Taber 346).On the other hand, the reaction of teachers to the leadership of their head teachers depends on the characteristics and values of the teachers. Given the fact tat relationships are two way , teachers also have the ob ligation of maintaining good relationships with head teachers. According to Seashore and Taber (1975, p 346), the productivity in a work environment is determined by the state of the internal organizational environment characterized by personnel relationship and leadership styles. Teachers are often satisfied with head teachers who are supportive and considerate. A study conducted by Keashly et al (1994, p341) revealed that negative relationship between leaders and employees giantly contributes increase absenteeism and reduced productivity (Keashly 341). Basically, the conceptual frame work of this study accentuates that the kind of leadership and motivation strategy employed by school head teachers determines whether or not they have good relationships with teachers. Consequently, the relationship between head teachers and teachers influences the performance of students in schools. Based on this theoretical framework, it is apparent that when head teachers maintain positive relati onships with teachers schools are bound to be successful (Klug 19).MethodologyIn this study questionnaires were used as the primary source of collecting data. Questionnaires were preferred due to their suitability for this study, questionnaires enabled the detective to collect information from a large sample within a short time. The use of questionnaire in this study incurred less costs and time as compared to other methods of data collection. Furthermore, the use of questionnaires in this study ensured confidentiality and as a result respondents were at ease to give honest, candid and objective responses.For this study questionnaires were prepared and distributed to two head teachers and four teachers in two primary schools in Dharan City, Saudi Arabia. The questionnaires largely incorporated unlikeable stop and few subject ended questions. The closed ended questions mandatory either the teachers or the head teachers in these schools to reply by marking the relevant multiple ch oices provided as always, sometimes, never. On the other hand the open ended questions required the respondents to briefly state their opinion regarding the matter in question. Prior to issuing the questionnaires to the various respondents, the researchers explained to the respondents the purpose and aims of the study. Respondents were back up to give honest, candid and objective responses.The questionnaires distributed to the four teachers in the various primary schools had five main divisions. The commencement section consisted of one open ended question and three closed ended questions accommodate towards evaluating whether the head teachers of the maintain schools helped teachers to develop their careers by providing opportunities that will enable teachers to learn new skills and have new experiences. The mo section of the questionnaires distributed to teachers comprised of five closed ended questions and one open ended question geared towards evaluating whether the head t eachers of the alleged schools encouraged collaboration amongst themselves and teachers with regards to decision do , educational coveres and displinary matters. The third section of the questionnaires comprised of four closed ended questions and one open ended question geared towards evaluating whether the head teachers of the alleged schools build communication processes characterized by trust. The fourth section of the questionnaires comprised of four closed ended questions and one open ended question geared towards evaluating whether the head teachers employed strategies to motivate the teaching staff. The fifth section of the questionnaire comprised of one open ended question assessing the effectiveness of the head teachers leadership.The questionnaires distributed to the two head teachers in the various primary schools had five main sections. The first section assessed whether the head teachers helped teachers to develop in their careers. The second section assessed whether the head teachers encouraged collaboration between them and teachers with regards to educational processes and decision making. The third section assessed whether the head teachers build trustful communication processes that enable teachers to share their ideas and convey their grievances. The fourth section of the questionnaire section assessed whether the head teachers employ strategies geared towards do the teaching staff. The final section of the questionnaire sought to find out the challenges that head teachers encounter in their relationships with teachers and how they address these challenges. however the benefits of using questionnaires, the use of questionnaire in this study had certain limitations. For instance the format of the distributed questionnaires made it difficult for the researcher to examine complex opinions and issues. Even in cases whereby open ended questions were used, the respondents were limited such that they could not synopsis certain issues in a holis tic manner. This in turn made it difficult for the researchers collect in-depth details.ResultsThe first section of the questionnaire issued to teachers evaluated whether the head teachers of the alleged schools helped teachers to develop their careers by providing opportunities that will enable teachers to learn new skills and have new experiences. With regards to the question on whether the head teachers helped teachers to take advantage of opportunities to learn new skills all the four teachers issued with the questionnaire, responded that sometimes the head teachers helped then to take advantage of the opportunities to learn new skills. With regards to the question on whether the head teachers help teachers to take advantage of opportunities for new experiences all the four teachers issued with the questionnaire, responded that sometimes the head teachers helped then to take advantage of the opportunities for new experiences. With regards to the question on whether the head teac her looked for ways to help teachers become more successful, two teachers responded by saying always whereas the remaining two responded using sometimes. The last question in this section sought to find out the areas that the teachers thought are the most measurable areas that the head teacher should improve in developing teachers. Most of the teachers responded that attend instructional courses is one of the most important areas that head teachers should address in order to develop teachers.The second section of the questionnaire issued to teachers sought to evaluate whether the head teachers of the alleged schools encouraged collaboration between them and teachers. With regards to the questions on whether the head teachers met teachers every month, listened to the opinions and suggestions of the teachers on educational process and build cooperation with teachers all the four respondents answered that sometimes this happened. With regards to the question on whether the head teache rs involved teachers in decision making two out of four teachers responded that sometimes they are involved whereas the remaining respondents answered that they are never involved in decision making. With regards to the question that sought to find out what head teachers should do in order to encourage collaboration, most teachers recommended that head teachers should involve the teaching staff in decision making.The third section of the questionnaire issued to teachers sought to assess whether head teachers build trustful communication process that enable teachers to communicate what is on their mind. Three out of four teachers confirmed that their head teachers never build trustful communication processes. It is only one out of four of the examined teachers who confirmed that their head teachers always build trustful communication processes. any the four examined teachers responded that the head teachers always believed that trust is the foundation for successful collaboration. A ll the four examined teachers also responded the head teachers in their alleged schools never walk the talk. With regards to the final questing in this section that sought to determine the most important steps that the head teachers should take in order to improve trust. Most teachers recommended that the head teachers should mandatary teachers with tasks that will help building trust.The fourth section of the questionnaire issued to teachers sought to assess whether head teachers employ strategies geared towards motivating their teaching staff. The findings of this questionnaire found that all of the examined teachers, felt that sometimes the head teacher employed strategies to motivate them. With regards to the question on the most important areas that the teachers thought that the head teachers should motivate teachers, most teachers responded that the head teacher must estimate innovators works for teachers. The fifth section of the questionnaires issued to teachers sought to establish whether teachers though that the leadership exercised by head teachers was successful. Most teachers said yes because the head teachers in their alleged schools build cooperation and trust between them and teachers. In summation, the head teachers showed the teachers respect.The findings of the questionnaires issued to head teachers indicated that the head teachers sometimes took advantage of opportunities to develop the careers of teachers. The two examined head teachers identified instructional courses as the most important area that required improvement when it comes to developing teachers. The findings of the questionnaires issued to head teachers also indicated that sometimes the head teachers encouraged collaboration amongst themselves and teachers with regards to matters such as decision-making, displinary matters and educational processes. In the questionnaires, the head teachers indicated that the most important areas for improvement with regards to collaboration revolved around decision-making. The finding of these questionnaires also depicted that sometimes the head teachers build trustful communication processes that enable teachers to say what is on their mind. According to the responses of the two head teachers, the most important area that requires improvement when it comes to building trustful communication processes is decision making. The head teachers recommended that teachers should be committed and involved in decision- making. Moreover, the findings of the questionnaires issued to the two head teachers established that sometimes the head teachers employed motivational strategies geared towards motivating the teaching staff. The head teachers recommended that they should create social activity between the teaching staff so as to improve the motivation of teachers at work. One of the bring out challenges that the head teachers encounter in their relationship with the teachers is the lack of enough teaching staff and as a result, they face challenges when it comes to equally distributing work.DiscussionGood relationship between head teachers and teachers is imperative since it determines whether a school system experiences success on its educational goals. Among the key elements that contribute to good relationships between head teachers and teachers include the leadership style that a head teacher uses in the school environment or the motivational strategies that the head teacher employs so as to motivate the teaching staff. According to (Seashore Taber 346), the kind of leadership exercised by school head teachers is reflected on how they communicate with teachers, how they exercise their authority and power, this in turn affects teachers and students. Moreover, the leadership styles articulated by school head teachers influences they way in which they command and motivate teachers to realize the set academic goals. The manner in which school head teachers lead determines if they can effectively motivate teachers and maintain positive relationships with them. The main indicator of effective leadership is the level of motivation that teachers have to diligently have to carry out their duties. In order for teachers to feel motivated to carry out their duties head teachers have to maintain good relationships with teachers.The findings of the issued questionnaires depict that in the two schools whereby the study was conducted the relationship between the head teachers and teachers is relatively good. This is mainly because based on these findings, it is evident that the head teachers employ leadership styles that to some extent enable teachers to develop in the careers and also take part in the decision making process. Moreover, these finds depict that to some extent the head teachers employ motivational strategies that aim at motivating the teaching staff. For instance, With regards to the question on whether the head teachers helped teachers to take advantage of opportunities to learn new skills all the four teachers issued with the questionnaire, responded that sometimes the head teachers helped then to take advantage of the opportunities to learn new skills. With regards to the questions on whether the head teachers met teachers every month, listened to the opinions and suggestions of the teachers on educational process and build cooperation with teachers all the four respondents answered that sometimes this happened. In addition the finding of this study established that the head teachers in these schools to a certain extent used motivational strategies in order to motivate its staff. This shows that the head teachers in these schools employ certain strategies that promote good relationships between them and teachers.Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement. The case examples of the two primary schools in Dharan City, Saudi Arabia provide a good example of the nature of relationships between head teachers and teachers and how these relationships can be improved. For instance based on the finding of this study , in order for good relationships to be fostered between head teachers and teachers it essential for head teachers to help teachers take advantage of opportunities for new experiences and opportunities to learn new skills. Harris, Day Hadfield (2003, p 67) observe that a healthy work relationship between teachers and head teachers is one that enables and promotes the development of the teachers career. The development of the teachers career may sometimes change the type of relationship between head teachers and the teachers. As teachers gain more experience and skill in their career they become more confident in the articulation of their duties (Harris, Day Hadfield p 67).Moreover, in order for head teachers to establish good relationships with teachers, it is essential for head teachers to create a conducive work environment that will allow teachers to be involved in the decision making process and also a work environment that enable teachers to communicate freely about their opinions and ideas. Additionally, head teachers should employ motivational strategies such as creating social activities for the teaching staff, with the aim of motivating the teaching so that they can enhance their performance.ConclusionThe purpose of this study was to establish how good relationships between head teachers and teachers can lead to success and better performance amongst students. Through a review of several relevant literatures, this study established that the form of leadership style that head teachers exercise in their daily running of schools directly determines whether they will have good or bad relationships with teachers. Furthermore, most of the reviewed literatures recommended that head teachers should prioritize on forming good relationships with teachers as this will inevitable contribute success and better performance amongst students. The conceptual framework of this study was based on the assumptio n that the kind of leadership and motivation strategy employed by school head teachers determines whether or not they have good relationships with teachers. Consequently, the relationship between head teachers and teachers influences the performance of students in schools.In this study, questionnaires were used as the main methods of collecting data. These questionnaires were distributed to two head teachers and four teachers in two primary schools in Dharan City, Saudi Arabia. The findings of these questionnaires depicted that in the two schools whereby the study was conducted the relationship between the head teachers and teachers is relatively good. However, there is still room for improvement for instance in order to establish better relationships with teachers, the head teachers in these schools should a conducive work environment that will enable teachers to be involved in the decision making process, develop in their careers and also a work environment that enable teachers to communicate freely about their opinions and ideas.