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Compare and contrast Essay Example for Free

Compare and contrast Essay Often adults feel the need to say â€Å"When I was your age† or â€Å"Things were different back then when I was a young, how things have changed since then.† But what exactly has changed? Although, there are some very obvious differences, there are still some similarities between generations that remain the same. Change, a small word, yet so powerful, frightening yet so embracing Change is inevitable. Frightening feelings can arise when one hears the word change because something that is so accustomed to them from a daily routine or even to new fashion styles, are being changed, resulting in bitter feelings towards the new product, or in this case the newer generation. If really thought about the people of the past bring out the people of the future. The gap between generations is huge, two very different types of people, yet both seem to be so alike. Much like today, racism flooded the streets in the 1960’s. Racism in the 1960’s was a decade of war, between white and colored people, that still today has not been put to an end. Propaganda played a huge role in the influence of white people not liking the colored people back in the 1960’s, but has there really been any difference in today’s society? 50 years later, the people of America still continue to feed off of these allegations from the 60’s that trying to change this issue has almost become impossible, and permanent. President Bush, in the summer of 2003, made a five day trip to Senegal, Africa, where many Africans once passed before being herded onto slave ships. He made comment and it said the following: â€Å"My nation’s journey has not been easy and it is not over. The racial bigotry fed by slavery did not end with slavery or with segregation. And many of the issues that still troubles America have roots in the bitter experience of other passed times.† He clearly states that the problem is acknowledge yet â€Å"undermining any effort to deal with the problem.†(Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor) One similarity between today’s generation and the past generation(s) is racism still exists. Of course in today’s world, money truly does make the world go round. In this generation and in past generations, everyone was money hungry and still continue to be. But it’s imperative to be money hungry, because without that desire, we would not have what we have today. During the 1960’s the United  States practiced its longest continual period of economic development in history. America’s overseas investments increased to $49.2 billion dollars by 1965. After World War II the US economy improved even more and more leaving less to worry. Americans were out getting jobs because inflation at that current time was stable and corporate profits were also at a high. Unemployment rate was at 1.4 percent, during the winter of 1966 the economy was great, it the actual growth was 9 percent to be exact. This gave President Johnson an annual dividend of $4-5 billion in extra to spend. Just like back in the â€Å"baby boomers and generation x† period, today’s are also money hungry. Teenagers are starting to work harder and harder for their money leaving them the opportunity for a vast area of expertise in the work field at a young age. Parents encourage their kids to get jobs so they know what responsibility is and that you have to earn what you want by working for it, resulting in a money hungry society. Yet, today’s economy is not doing as well as the economy in the 1960’s, leaving that as one of the differences between now and then. Generation Z (1995-2007), contain individuals who more self-expressive, whereas, generation X (1960-1985) are to themselves (Isacosta’site.) Many would argue that one of the reasons why this current generation is â€Å"wild† but what is failed to realize is that people in the generation x era raised us to be this way. Children who were born from 1995-2007 are not responsibly for the way they act because they were raised to be that way. It is thought from a young age to talk about our feelings and express what exactly is going on because we are trying to stay away from being depressed, conservative and uptight like generation x. This comes around full circle, to blame the children of today’s generation for the way they were raised it pathetic. Back then girls had to wear turtle necks, and skirts below the ankle, there were no such thing as showing your shoulders, and now girls where crop tops and short shorts. Women weren’t allowed to question anything, whatever was said by your spouse it what had to be followed. The people of this generation found their voice in society and won’t settle for anything they do not deserve. As much as people want to think things are completely different from these  two generations, they fail to see that some things remain the same. Change happens more than the regular human can realize. There is change all around this world, from the moment one wake up to the moment one falls asleep. Change cannot be stopped, paused or regretted. Moving forward and embracing it is the only way to feel at ease with it. Yet, the general populations fail to realize that there are some similarities, racism and money hungry individuals still ponder the streets of our nation and will continue until change occurs. Although both differentiate in self-expressiveness and conservative aspects, together, unknowingly make change happen. Works Cited Adams, Katie. Generation Gap. Investopedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Oct. 2013. International Socialist Review. International Socialist Review. KEEANGA-YAMAHTTA TAYLOR, n.d. Web. 01 Oct. 2013. US History: Economics of the 1960s. US History: Economics of the 1960s. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Sept. 2013.

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Sleep Deprivation And Business :: essays research papers

In this age of increased technology and globalization enormous stress is being placed upon the business traveler. In order to stay competitive, business executives must commit to brutal schedules and frequent travels. Increasingly, business travelers are relying upon air travel as their primary form of transportation. This constant movement through different time zones is exhausting and can lead to jet lag. 'Technically called circadian dysrythmia, jet lag is a disruption of the body's intricate biological inner-sleep cycle caused by crossing multiple time zones quickly.'; The mental and physical ramifications of jet lag can be detrimental and potentially dangerous to the individual's health. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, 'Fatigue is the No.1 factor that detrimentally impacts the ability of pilots.'; Footy ' According to a PBS television documentary 'Sleep Alert,'; a Boeing 747 captain noted:'; It is not unusual for me to fall asleep in the cockpit, wake up t wenty minutes later and find the other two crew members totally asleep.';footy In another report, 'A Boeing 757 captain told how his forehead hit the control column on his approach to New York's Kennedy Airport as the need for sleep became overwhelming.';footy Of course, the consequences of sleep deprivation in most cases will not be as severe as the in previous examples, but it does illustrate the importance sleep plays in job performance. The lodging facility of the traveler is in the best position to reduce and alleviate the negative affects of jet lag. In order to provide the best possible service to the guest, hotels will be forced to recognize this problem and create solutions for it. As it stands right now, the best solution to this problem is education. Recognizing the symptoms of jet lag is the first step in the education process. In his book, Power Sleep, Dr. James Maas of Cornell University describes the symptoms of jet lag as follows. Daytime Sleepiness. Ninety percent of travelers report experiencing daytime fatigue and sleepiness. If you give in to the urge to sleep during the day at your destination, you may not be tired enough to sleep at bedtime. Insomnia. The next most common symptom of jet lag is insomnia. You experience difficulty falling asleep at night. Once you do get to sleep you'll have less deep sleep and less REM sleep. The nights sleep is often fragmented by frequent awakenings. Poor Concentration. More than two thirds of air travelers report having poor concentration, or in severe cases of jet lag, temporary amnesia.

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Brand Life cycle- Nescafe

Nescafà © is a brand of instant coffee made by Nestlà ©. It comes in many different product forms. The name is a portmanteau of the words â€Å"Nestlà ©Ã¢â‚¬  and â€Å"cafà ©Ã¢â‚¬ . Nestlà ©'s flagship powdered coffee product was introduced in Switzerland on April 1, 1938. a brand introduced by the Nestlà © company, can be traced back to the 1930s.FIRST STAGE – LAUNCH OF THE BRAND.Nescafe launched under the umbrella brand of Nestle. It offers its buyers premium roasted coffee. The strategy that Nescafe took was to offer a different and better taste of coffee at an affordable price. It was first launched in India in Delhi. Initially it targeted the housewives and office goers. Therefore they first studied he most effective places to promote it in. Then came the various mediums through which they will promote it. Nescafe right from the launch has come up with various TVCs. Television advertising is the most effective way to maintain the brand awareness and reaching a mass audience at one time. By creating advertisements it was able to reach its potential and target audience. Whether housewives or working professionals – all have access to a television. It had been portrayed as a drink to start your day with and getting rid of tiredness, fatigue, sleepiness and providing a superior and different taste.The brand had a niche look and feel to it, yet priced reasonably. Nescafe also targeted Offices and big enterprises; where they exclusively put vending machines. This not only increased the consumption of coffee but also helped in the promotion of their brand. And people were so impressed by the taste that they would also purchase it for home so in turn their sales increased. We have also seen such vending machines in Malls and cafeterias. This way more and more people were able to taste the brand and in turn it created brand awareness. It also spread brand awareness through print media, lot of newspaper and magazine advertisements. A very im portant aspect for the growth of the brand was its parent brand- Nestle. By the time Nescafe launched in India Nestle has a strong brand image amongst the audience and  shared a relationship of trust and heritage.Therefore more and more people opted for the brand. As a product strategy they always promoted the fact that they are giving its customers the best selection of coffee and 100% pure; that in turn became its USP. They also launched various types to cater to the different coffee lovers- mild, rich, and espresso, instant and so on. This way they had captured the market. As for the pricing of the brand they kept it reasonable- not very low or very high. They knew that Indians are very economical and look for the best deals. Therefore providing superior taste at an affordable price will attract many. Nescafe also created small campaigns that would intrigue its customers- these campaigns were seen on television and even through print media.These campaigns worked towards creatin g a stronger brand image. As though to make Nescafe synonymous to coffee. One of their most popular campaigns being the Nescafe â€Å"Red Mug†. Even today we all can associate Nescafe with its signature red mug. What more they even gave out these mugs as freebies with coffee bottles.Similarly they provided â€Å"shakers† for making cold coffee and etc. For the new flavours of coffee, sample sachets were distributed. In the beginning any company needs to spend a substantial amount of money and time in strengthening their brand image amongst the masses and creating maximum brand awareness whether it’s through pricing or promotion. Nescafe has used all possible mediums in doing so and today it has emerged as the Market leader.SECOND STAGE- MATURITYFor a brand maturity is that stage when the people are fully aware of the existence of the brand. With this comes in its competitor brands. For Nescafe thankfully there hasn’t been much competition in the Indian ma rket except for Bru. Bru is under HUL and entered the market shortly after Nescafe. It also claimed to offer high quality coffee. Bru’s USP was that was India’s largest coffee brand. Bru targeted almost all sectors of audience, even the younger generation. It’s ads and promotion was more customer centric. It talked more about bonds and emotions therefore captured a lot of attention. At such a stage Nescafe had to remind its customers of its presence. Nescafe as a brand has already created awareness therefore what they did was tried to connect with it’s audience.There was no need o  promote the product anymore as people were already aware of it and liked it. So what they did was got create campaigns where people could relate with the brand. Nescafe indulged into below the line promotion like celebrity endorsements and sponsorships. In their recent ads they have got popular actors endorsing the brand and promoting the fact that they too drink a cup of Nes cafe everyday whether in between work or over a conversation. One of their lastest campaigns being â€Å"to know your neighbours†.This campaign doesn’t really talk about the goodness of Nescafe or coffee. It concentrates more on bonding, relationships and how coffee can be a conversation starter. They had actors like Deepika Padukone endorse it therefore this also fulfilled their aim at targeting the younger generation as well. They have also entered into social marketing with such campaigns- through facebook, twitter and of course it’s own website. Nescafe as also opened cafeterias and coffee lounges therefore giving its customers a complete coffee experience. They have also cleverly targeted the places in which these cafes will be opened. Places which are in close proximity to colleges, offices and malls will attract maximum number of customers. Strategies like these were used just to keep the brand alive and sustainable in the minds of its customers.THIRD STA GE- DECLINING STAGENescafe has still not reached a declining. It is still the market leader and has a strong presence in the minds of its customers. If at all it ever reaches a declining stage it must recover by the following methods- When a brand reaches a declining stage it means that it has lost out to other competitor brand on the basis of quality ,taste, variety, promotion etc. So first stage is to identify the cause and then work upon it. If its quality or taste they must improve upon it and relaunch it to let its customers know that the new product is better,tastier,richer and so on. It can launch a variety of new products- this will excite the customers and they will have something new to look for to.Tying up with other brands- Maybe Nescafe can tie up with other brands under Nestle and promote itself with it. Maybe by giving it’s customers attractive offers. Bundling the two products and selling it. Buyers are always economical and looking for the  best deals. So m aybe the company can give discounts and other sttractive offers like buy one get one, 20% more†¦.etc. Make fresh TVCs and emphasise on brand heritage since its an old brand.

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Essay on George W. Bush/Barack Obama - 1746 Words

Tena Vaughn Eng. 11103.09 Comp 1 November 12, 2010 Comparison/Contrast Essay George W. Bush / Barack Obama Many would argue that former president George W. Bush and current president Barack Obama are very different. While this is true some would be surprised at the similarities between these presidents. The differences between the two presidents go beyond style, of course. However, if one looked at the major economic and defense policies the differences, when any, are fairly minor. George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946, in New Haven, Connecticut. Bush was the oldest of six children of George Bush, who served as the forty-first president of the United States (1989-93), and†¦show more content†¦A less Manichean approach would, therefore, allow Washington to exploit this overlap in interests. Consequently, Obama has drawn a much narrower definition of the threat. He has declared was on al-Qaeda and related movements. Obama’s perspective is based on the consensus of the foreign policy establishment. In December 2006 this consensus was codified in a athorative document, â€Å"The Iraq Study Group Report.† The report called for five new major policies: withdrawal from Iraq; renewed focus on Afghanistan; diplomatic engagement of Iran and Syria, and a revitalized Arab-Israeli Peace Process. Although the report is all but forgotten today, it is of great historical interest, because it captured the bipartisan critique of the Bush foreign policy, which served, in effect, as the operational playbook of the Obama administration when it first took office. The wide and narrow definitions of the strategic threat are reflections of two irreconcilable sets of beliefs about the nature of the international system. The wide definition assumes that the vital interests of the United States are threatened today by the convergence of a series of factors: hostile rogue states, nuclear proliferation, terrorist networks with global reach, indifferent allies, unhelpful international institutions, and competition from Russia and China, among others. Taken individually, each of these problems isShow MoreRelatedPresidential Powers: A Comparsion of Predencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama1042 Words   |  5 Pagesdefined in numerous ways. Political scientists Richard Neustadt and William Howell give different views on what is presidential power. These polarized views of presidential powers can be used to compare and contrast the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Richard Neustadt stated in his book Presidential Power that â€Å"Presidential power is the power to persuade.†(Neustadt, pg.11) Persuasion and bargaining are techniques that presidents can use to influence policy. Neustadt explains howRead MoreEssay about The War on Terror1239 Words   |  5 Pagescitizens. On September 14,2001 President George W. Bush visited the rubble of what once were the Twin Towers in New York and delivered his famous bull horn speech. In his speech to the American public George W. Bush said: â€Å"I can hear you! I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you! And the people -- and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. (Bush) The â€Å"War on Terror† was declared by President George Bush during the September 20,2001, State of theRead MoreEssay on Change in America550 Words   |  3 Pagespresidential hopeful will be Barack Obama. He will provide citizens with affordable healthcare insurance. Obama will give tax breaks to the working class and improve the education systems. Education systems all across America deal with major issues. George W. Bush created the law, No Child Left Behind. The law didn’t go well when it was created. The were no proper funding and not enough teachers to make this law effective. NCLB did not have sustainable resources. Obama will give tax breaks to AmericansRead MoreThe First Amendment Violates Our Freedom Of Speech814 Words   |  4 Pageschildhoods of former President George W. Bush and current President Barack Obama. Liberalism and conservatism are American Ideological values demonstrated between both candidates. Although I agree with many things stated in the articles, it is clear the reports are biased. The author of the article concerning President Bush portrays a small amount of positive feedback; whereas, the article describing President Obama offers little negative feedback. President Barack Obama s parents met in an elementaryRead MoreBarack Obama Rhetorical Analysis Essay1535 Words   |  7 PagesThe beg inning of the video advertisement of Barack Obama for the 2008 presidential election was quite attractive and convincing enough to motivate the targeted audience. The advertisement targets the general and common Americans who longed to have a change after two consecutive terms of George W. Bush. Tired of hearing about events of war, Americans could find the message of Barack Obama to be appropriate and striking. It is quite blatant that the presidential ad was meticulously crafted to fulfillRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book How Obama Won 1424 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"theory† and fear of racism from the police force. The fact that we had elected an African American president is outstanding and such step forward towards a society of acceptance like we had been in. In the book ‘How Barack Obama Won’ Chuck Todd and Sheldon Gawiser give us a guide on how Obama achieved his victory in each state, as well as teaching us in the process the fundamentals of the 2008 electi on. This election was a huge stepping stone for society, this was the final step in the process of equalityRead MoreLife Of George W. Bush1397 Words   |  6 PagesLife of George W. Bush George W. Bush was born in July 6, 1946, in New Haven, Connecticut; George W. Bush was the 43rd president of the United States. He won the Electoral College vote in 2000, in one of the closest and most controversial elections in American history. Bush also led the United States response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and initiated the Iraq War. Before his presidency, Bush was a businessman and served as governor of Texas. George Walker Bush was born on July 6, 1946, inRead MorePresident Obama s Foreign Policy758 Words   |  4 PagesPresident Barack Obama and President George W. Bush took different approaches to foreign policy. Lindsay (2011) suggests that the attacks on September 11th caused President Bush to take an ideological approach to foreign policy. Obama rejected Bush’s outlook and took a more pragmatic approach. Despite the differences between these two approaches, both Presidents were ultimately unable to meet their international goals. In this essay, I will summarize Lindsay’s main argument. First, I will reviewRead MoreU.s. Bush And The United States1272 Words   |  6 Pagesof America. These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve† (George W. Bush). Bush was referring to Tuesday September 11, 2001. This day is what woke up the sleeping giant that was America and forced America to form into a great country again. Events in the 2000†™s such as the signing of Bush Doctrine, creation of homeland security, Google, the successful mapping of genome, Obama becoming the first non-white president, Wikipedia was launched, all helped improve our countryRead MoreWhat Makes A President A Good President?1173 Words   |  5 Pagesmakes a president a good president? Skowronek looks at all the presidents over the course of American history and puts them into one of four classifications. Skowronek looks, in detail, that the presidency of both Clinton and W.Bush. President Barack Obama does not have a classification in this book, so we will attempt to assign him a category based on his work. The American Presidency entails more than meets the eye, and Skowronek is trying to categorize presidents based on more than just what the