Monday, April 22, 2019

Action plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Action plan - sample ExampleAccording to the text, the relative advantage of this type of technology solution is that attention-getting displays, immediate feedback, and fundamental interaction combine to create motivating practice (Roblyer, 2005, pg. 54).For variant 1 of the checklist, the aim is to determine relative advantage. In addition to what was noted above regarding the relative advantage, the teacher has noted that she has difficulty teaching these basic math skills to her students as they become bored and their minds drift elsewhere. This is certainly a good area for technology-based software to suspensor out. The relative advantage of this software choice justifies any effort and expense that may be twisty in acquiring basic drill-and-practice mathematics software (Roblyer, 2005).For Phase 2 of the checklist, the goal is to decide on objectives and assessments. The teacher expects for her students to quickly be able to make basic multiplication and division calculati ons in their full stop quickly after the new technology has been implemented. The best way to assess student learning would be through two angles the feedback that is provided instantly by the technology and through traditional paper tests that contain the resembling kinds of problems. No additional testing instruments leave need to be developed in this case (Roblyer, 2005).For Phase 3 of the checklist, the goal is to design integration strategies. The instruction in this case will be single-subject. Students will work individually with the software, and activities should be directed. In order to encourage females and minority children to participate, they will be shown the benefits and kindle features of the game. The games should alternate between multiplication and division drills. Students will have plenty of time to learn the actual via this method before it is graded, but the school will need to

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