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Revision of Responding to Pop Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Revision of Responding to knock off Culture - Essay ExamplePerhaps this twist in Chuck made the TV serial a standout from the other series of similar genre because it reached Season 5 which is quite unusual for a make out genre. There is nothing heavy in its dialogue which an average Joe will not reckon which explains why the Chuck undulate became a hit with the general audience. Agent Walker, Chucks bed interest also kept the audience glued to their screen as their romance unfolds in the skinny world of espionage.Just do not delve too much on how logical the destiny of the Chuck series are because you will secure be disappointed. The main entertainment factor of this flick is not the soundness of its logic just like CSI series. Chuck only intends to amuse its audience so it did put much emphasis on the logical sequencing of the contain. Given this, do not wonder how could confine it been possible to build a CIA headquarter beneath Nerd Herd without being notice because it is one of the givens that the film does not intend to explain. This disconnect however does not seem to be an issue with the audience unvarnished with its high ratings and subsequent episodes.The flick only intends to entertain by bringing down the spy nuance to the understanding of the masses. It appeals to our subliminal desires of living an action packed and adventurous life such that of a spy by removing the idea that this job is unattainable given the requirements imposed by other spy genre. In Chucks world, as long as you are in the right place and in the right time, you could be the Intersect who is the most valuable asset in the espionage world with a tribute of having girl that is way out of your league.If this TV series will be translated into a game just like other spy films, Chuck will prove to be interesting as those secrets imbedded in his brain can provide a wide assortment of possibilities of what the character can do in a lot of

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