Friday, April 19, 2019

Why the Enlargement of EU is Beneficial for the Economy of the Member Essay

Why the Enlargement of EU is Beneficial for the Economy of the Member States and EU as a whole - Essay ExampleThis essay highlights the last dickens members to join were Bulgaria and Romania. These two are the shortsightedest members of EU. They comprise less than 1% off its GDP while contributing 6% of the EUs population. But these economies are growing fast, at about 5-7% per year. (BBC News) Croatia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia realize received candidate status as a precursor of membership. Turkey also started membership negotiation in October, 2005. Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia are also expected to start discussions for membership. But these countries will have to face change magnitude opposition to enlargement of EU from some member states. The major opposition comes from five member states Austrian, France, Germany, capital of Luxembourg and United Kingdom. As the report declares there was serious opposition when the idea of a European c entre was first broached. The main arguments offered against enlargement were it would lead to mass immigration from poorer countries to the richer nations, with the result that poor countries would take external jobs from the richer ones and companies also would relocate to countries which offer lower labour costs and lower social protection the poor countries would require huge subsidies from the richer member states. The main economic argument in favour of enlargement is that irritate to more countries would stimulate and boost long term dynamic economic growth in the comparatively poor economies.

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