Sunday, April 14, 2019

Firestick Farming Essay Example for Free

antiaircraft set Farming studyWhat is Fire stick farming? Fire stick farming is the traditional way Aboriginal muckle looked after the convey and created fire breaks to ensure large destructive summer fires were not a threat. converse Fire was a form of communication. When water supplies were running low one of the men would travel to where they knew the conterminous source of water would be. On his way there he would take a fire stick and burn small patches of grass as he went. If the waterhole had sufficient water, he would build up a stockpile grass, wood, a few green leaves and branches. When he lit it the thick smoke would signal the family that it was condemnation to shift camp to this new location. They could easily follow the freshly burnt out pathway to the waterhole. hunt club Fire was an important with hunting but was rarely used to actually kill animals directly. Instead, areas were set on fire in such a way as to direct animals to where they could be easily kil led.Fire was also be used to smoke animals out of caves and tree trunks.After the fire would attract animals mainstay to the area, once again providing easy hunting. In different parts of Australia different fire regimes were used and capable to local needsLand Management Aboriginal pack burn the land in the modify months when there are dark clouds. Fire was, and in some placed still is, used to clean house up the country. The men organized burnt patches giving the landscape an arrangement pattern of different older grasses.Patch burning created good habitat for small game mammals such as Bilbies and Mala. They sheltered in the old grasses and fed of the new grasses.Fire stick farming is the traditional way Aboriginal people looked after the land and created fire breaks to ensure large destructive summer fires were not a threat.With the land burnt, new growth was promoted and soon became plenty, food could be gathered for several months after a fire.

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