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LAW FOR BUSINESS Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

LAW FOR BUSINESS Assignment - Essay vitrineIn general, compensation for economic loss resulting from damage to property can be recovered. As such, it is serious to clearly distinguish between pure and consequential economic loss. This was demonstrated in Spartum Steel and Alloys Ltd v Martin &Co, wherein, the defendant had by inadvertence caused damage to an electronic cable in the plaintiffs factory. The burden of this act was a reduction in profits, and a general delay in the functioning of the factory. The judgeship while awarding change for the pure economic loss caused, rejected the vociferation for general damages (Speaight, 2009, p. 23). The compensation was with regard to the economic loss that was the direct outcome of the damage to property. The floodgates public debate has several(prenominal) features. ace of these contends that allowing recovery for pure economic loss in some instances would result in a embarrassment of lawsuits, which would effectively diminish the functioning of the courts. Furthermore, the imposition of widespread liability would unfairly and disproportionately burden a defendant. In addition, the defendant would be hard pressed to assess his potential liability on create damage to the effects of a primary victim (von Bar, Drobnig, & Alpat, 2004, p. 124). The number of secondary loss sufferers becomes indeterminate and depends on all those who have an economic interest in the primary victims property. ... 19). On several occasions, the floodgates argument has been employed, in order to restrict liability. Thus, the House of Lords admitted this argument in Majrowski v Guys and St. Thomass NHS Trust. In this chance, it was held that an employer could be deemed to be vicariously liable for an employees breach of the Protection from Harassment represent 1997. Moreover, in Conn v City Council of the City of Sunderland, the Appellate Court ruled that classifying an act as harassment would depend upon the place and context in which it had taken place. Consequently, it dismissed the plaintiffs claim of injury as the language employed by the supervisor had been what was commonplace in that industry. In the case of Weller v Foot and Mouth Disease Research Institute, the inadvertent release of a virus from the defendants institute, resulted in a near epidemic of foot and mouth disease among the cattle of that area. As a result, the farmers in that area had to slaughter their cattle, and auctions could not be conducted. The auctioneers made a claim for damages. In its ruling, the court held that the auctioneers had merely undergone an indirect financial loss, and were therefore not eligible to claim damages (Harpwood, 2008, p. 87). Thus, the floodgates argument has been successfully contained by the judiciary. This is evident from the ruling in the above cited cases. Question Two Extent of controls Liability to Non Clients An accountants liability, with regard to clients and non-clients was determined thr ough the judgement of the courts in the sideline cases. A negligent misrepresentation, despite being honest, can result in a claim for damages. This holds good, make up if there had been no contract

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