Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Globalization's impact on the spread of infectious diseases Annotated Bibliography

Globalizations intrusion on the spread of infectious diseases - Annotated Bibliography Exampleue of racism in Toronto as the people from East Asia where the computer virus had initiated from started being isolated and discriminated against as a result of the virus and them being different. The Asians were single out from the Canadians and the increase in racialization spread even more and the effects are still being felt to date.The conclusion from this name is that world(prenominal)ization has increased the spread of infectious diseases thousands of miles away from the area of origination and this is leading to other angry and unwanted effects such as racism. The race that the infectious disease originates from is discriminated against and segregated as healthy as blamed for the spread of the disease or infection just like the Chinese were segregated by the Canadians in Toronto even though the disease spread as a result of fundamental interaction and connectedness but leads to inequality.Brown, T. (2011). Vulnerability is universal Considering the place of security and vulnerability within contemporary global health discourse. Social Sciences & Medicine, 72 319-326.The global health standards have been and continue to be affected by the increase in the multiple threats of the infectious diseases all over the world. With global connectedness and interactions increasing, there traditionalistic border defenses and securities are weakening and therefrom allowing people the movement all over the world hence continuing to spread the infectious diseases everywhere. What this does is to increase the vulnerability of the people and exposing them to more diseases, spreads the panic over the diseases and at long last becoming an epidemiological threat to the health of the people.Fighting of these diseases has become even harder for the world because of the increase in environmental degradation, intensive farming practices, rapid urbanization as well as misusing of antimicrobials. All these offer to the humanity becoming more vulnerable to the diseases and dying in

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