Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Rhetorical Analysis - Essay Example Through the use of good argument construction her position on the energy and environmental needs in America is made clear and consistent with her formal platform stance. Warren’s campaign position where energy and the environment are concerned is based on five different perspectives. Those five perspectives are to improve the economy, to keep families healthy, to protect national security, to address climate change, and to protect and preserve the environment for our children. These arguments are first based upon the emotional aspects of how they relate to the issues of environment and energy. She uses imagery of family, children, and the future to support her beliefs in an attempt to sway her readers about her commitment to family and safety. The ethos that she addresses is the concept of family values in American society as it relates to the issues. Warren has a specific stance on the working class and in her capacity as an advocate for the working class she uses the concept of family values to support her positions on various topics. ... n is for the seat of the Senate that is designated for the state of Massachusetts, it is important to not only address American citizens, but to address the people of the state in which she is running for Senate. Each of her argument points are not only to the American people but also to those in Massachusetts in order to ensure that their specific needs are connected to the greater landscape of the American public. Her role as a Senator will be two-fold as it will be to represent the concerns of the whole nation as well as those of her direct constituency. Creating this connection and speaking to her beliefs as they relate to both entities provides for a convincing argument as to why her beliefs will be beneficial within the context of her role as Senator. The logos that is used in order to create a logic of the discussion is through using examples to prove the claim. Each of the aspects of the reasoning that is used is developed through examples of how her position supports a bette r future in regard to problems that are currently being faced. As an example, she lists under her position of finding clean renewable energy and protecting the environment for the purpose of improving the economy as a means to efficiency, to create jobs, and to protect resources so that they will be sustainable. In addition, she mentions those natural resources that are related to Massachusetts and how her stance supports those resources for the people of the state. A position that supports both the ethos and the logos of her argument in relationship to current expectations in regard to theme, she relates her position on oil production and the need for clean energy to terrorism. Although she does not directly address terrorism, she discusses the issues in relationship to the war in Iraq and

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