Monday, October 7, 2019

Security Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Security - Case Study Example As technology grows, it has become much easier to work. You can store a lot of information and retrieve it very fast at the touch of a button. Well, this has brought to end the carrying of books and pens to meetings. This trend has also been picked up by hotels. They are introduced touch pad registers to manage their work efficiently and easily. A fast food franchise introduced touch pad registers. They issued each register with a password and a user ID to log into the system. It allowed them to input their passwords four times before the system locked. With time the system became harder to operate. The touch pads became greasy and some of the of the workers forgot the passwords. The system was a good idea, but it had several flaws in its design. The fact that this system needed a password and a user ID to log in, it became a problem when the workers forgot their passwords. When a worker entered the password there times unsuccessfully the system locked itself and needed the managers card to reboot the system. In cases where the manager is not present it would be impossible for the workers to use the system. It took some time for the system to reboot. This lost time could translate to looses. If a worker for the password and asked another worker to log in so that they could use the system, it will take it hard for the employers to track the activities in the fast food franchise. This was the main aim of introducing the touch pad register. The issue with the workers forgetting passwords was because of the keyboard layout. The managers complained about the time that it took to reboot the system. If the shift of a worker ended and they did not log out the system, it needed the manager to reboot the system that took a long time to do. The accumulation of grease on the touch pad made it harder for the workers to input their details. This is because the touch pad did not have any protection against the grease. With all these

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