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Business Enivronemnts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Business Enivronemnts - Essay Example ount of slack or  float  time Fi  available is given by Fi  = Li  - Ei  which is the amount by which we can increase the time taken to complete activity i without changing (increasing) the overall project completion time. Hence, we can form the table below: Activity Li Ei Float Fi A 0 0 0 B 8 4 4 C 9 4 5 D 5 4 1 E 7 4 3 F 4 4 0 G 13 13 0 H 26 26 0 I 34 34 0 J 35 34 1 K 41 41 0 L 49 49 0 M 62 62 0 N 71 71 0 O 75 75 0 P 79 79 0 Q 88 88 0 R 93 93 0 Total Float = 14 (Beasley n.d.). 3) Critical Path and Project Duration: Any activity with a float of zero is critical. Note here that, as a check, all float values should be >= 0. (Beasley n.d.). Hence, the critical path is A-F-G-H-I-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q Total project duration is = 93 days 4) If the project starts on 16/January/2012 with 5 working days in a week and assume that there is no holidays, Total duration of project is 93 days, So we need to calculate the date after 93 working days Assume that 5 working days in a week and there are no holidays. 21/May/2012 will be the date for completion of the project. 5) a) Activity B is delayed 2 days. The delay will have no impact on scheduled path. Activity  has  float  of  4  days  and  can  be delayed for as much as 4 days before any impact can be made on the completion date for the project. b) Activity P is delayed 2 days. Activity is on the critical path with zero float.  A late start of 2 days resulting in an increase in overall project from 93 days to95 days a) Activity 0 is delayed 1 day Delays  succeeding activities by 1 day; overall project extended by 1 day as a result 6) Limitations of Network Diagram: â€Å"Cannot handle all specific problems that arise in each step of the project. Different graphical representations can be made easier in other types of control processes. The... It is evidently clear from the discussion that it is the duty of the project manger to set up the various activities of the development process to deal with the team in an appropriate way. Here Jimaga Ltd is a SME company specializing in the design and supply of promotional brochures. As part of its expansion, Jimaga Ltd has employed me as a consultant to supervise one of their special projects. â€Å"This project is concerned with the opening of a building which they recently acquired (35,000 square metres). This new building will permit the company to target and respond to large global organizations† demands for service. Primarily, the staffing arrangement at the new building will reflect the existing structure at the existing site. The project will become a success only if it meets every condition and terms which are laid out in the prescribed form. This report includes the various activities required to successfully organize the opening up of a new building with the time a nd budget limit. For every organization, there will be a set of team responsible for particular project activities within the organization. A project manager is an expert in the area of project management. The responsibility of the project managers includes the planning, carrying out and finishing of any project, normally relating to telecommunications, manufacture business, computer networking, architecture, Aerospace and Defence or software development.

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