Monday, August 12, 2019

Business integration Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business integration - Research Paper Example Additionally, they support the integration of the processes and rules that allow the web service and systems interoperability and smoothen the capability metrics that are operational to the Department of Defense Management plan. The IT and business integration main aim is providing standard framework of the end to end processes to all the necessary stakeholders that include the military department, the defense business council, the principal staff assistants, functional process owners and including non-military departments. The development of a common framework is in order to improve processes of business that are supported by IT. The other goal pertains to describing and classifying end to end business processes and investigating how they can decompose to provide support for unique operational activities. The end to end framework is used to assist in filling the gap between the enterprise solutions and the enterprise resource planning, recording the systems’ primary contributions and aiding with boosting business integration defense, business systems and business processes. The end to end framework also provides a framework that helps with updating and organizing the content in the DoD while also acting as a mechanism for evaluating the alignment of business systems for evaluation. The framework provides a methodology for management that aids the DoD to align its individual defense business systems in a strategic manner in order to correct redundancies in the system and obtain standardization in the department. Additionally, the framework is useful in simplifying business rules in the entire department and streamlining the business processes in order to meet the needs of the business and support the capabilities of the business. The military departments and the DoD agencies arrange their standard capabilities in the manner described above in accordance with the end to end capabilities of a business for the

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