Monday, August 12, 2019

ADVENTURE TOURIM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

ADVENTURE TOURIM - Essay Example Due to the element of surprise and risk, the challenges and the testing of the limits of the participants it involves, it has been gaining popularity, as the unusualness of the holidays rather than the typical vacations has been appealing. Adventure tourism is rapidly growing in popularity as tourists seek unusual holidays, different from the typical beach vacation. Adventure tourism may be a combination of travelling into generally involves travelling into remote, inaccessible and possibly hostile areas. It may require a certain minimal level of physical fitness and courage and determination to go through with the tour. (Source from website Adventure Travel may be â€Å"hard† with high levels of risk, requiring intense physical fitness and greater skills, like climbing Mt. Everest or white water rafting in rapids. It can be â€Å"softâ€Å" with a perceived risk but actually â€Å"doctored† levels of real risk requiring minimal commitment and low skill level often insulated by supervision from experienced guides like hot air ballooning or hang gliding. There are different types of these tours with subtle differences. Eco tours are often undertaken in small groups and try to be conducted with minimal impact to the environment and the local community. They may be soft or hard adventures often accompanied by a tour guide well versed in native geographies. Some of them aim to be educational. Nature-tourism involves interaction with nature for observation and recreation. More holidays, more disposable income and more transportation options have encouraged people to get out more. Vacations have become a necessity to get away from the fast paced life. Added to this health consciousness has risen among today’s societies and the incentive to be healthy and fit has encouraged the love of the

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