Friday, July 26, 2019

Self harm problem in prisons. What initiatives have been implemented Essay

Self harm problem in prisons. What initiatives have been implemented by the Prison Service to reduce the likelihood of self harm - Essay Example The staff also provides advice and assistance on the support available to prisoners. The staff also provides the company of a safe person as a cell mate or a person who can listen to the woes of the disturbed person or a staff member extents assistance to find a solution. In extreme cases, the prison staff observes the prisons and engages in conversation during specific intervals of time and the reason for being in prison is explained to the prisoner. Prison Service employs a well planned system known as ACCT to recognize and assist prisoners who are like to commit suicide or self harm. ACCT (Assessment, Care in Custody and Teamwork) is practices in all prisons from April 2007. This method is in replacement to the old F2052SH system with flexibility and the support of multi disciplinary action to evade prisoners from self harm. The method gives confidence to staff to extent their assistance and personalized care to distressed inmates, to assist neutralize a probable suicide attempt and to assist prisoners with long term requirement (when the person has repetitive history of self harm) to decrease their distress. The ACCT method makes sure that all prisoners participate in the process. Prisoners are required to undergo an interview with an expert Assessor who will then chart out personalized care plan. Prisoners are also encouraged to participate in timely Cases Reviews for the support and care provided to them. In addition to Prison Services there are several assistance mechanisms and agencies that work for prisoners in crisis. Peer assistance schemes are operated in most of the prisons. The Listeners schemes is one such systems where inmates are given training by Samaritans and learn to hear to the problems of other prisoners by maintaining confidentiality in case emotional assistance is required for some reason. Other assistance available to prisoners in the prison premises are assistance for substance misuse,

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