Friday, June 14, 2019

The Easiest Teacher-Researcher Data Collection Strategies Essay

The Easiest Teacher-Researcher Data Collection Strategies - Essay ExampleThe focus groups are another schema that will I would incorporate into my teaching as it an effective way of enhancing peers to learn from each other while assessing themselves. This increases the awareness of the different areas the students have difficulties in thereby prompting them to help each other better.The hardest teacher-researcher data collection strategies to incorporate into my teaching would be digital pictures, weblogs, and videos. As much as these book of instructions strategies are very effective in breaking the monotony of the classroom thereby rejuvenating the students concentration, they also have an equal effect of diverting the attention of the students from the mean purpose. For instance, when a teacher uses a video or the digital pictures teach something, there is a high tendency of more than 60% of the students to remain paste on the video or the pictures long after the teacher has f inished using them. This shows that they did not concentrate on the concept taught but rather they were concentrating on the bar picture or the video.I would be comfortable with my colleague taking notes for me while teaching as this is a very important work on of feedback that can help me improve my teaching. The notes will also give me a personal reflection of how to prepare my action plan in the future. However, I would instruct some if some ground rules are followed for this practice in order to avoid conflict. My colleague should not take this opportunity as a accident for her/him to teach me how to teach my lessons or how to improve my practice. The notes alone will give me the feedback I need to improve my practice and teach better.The principle or the university executive program can support my efforts to collect data by creating an environment that is conducive for learning and the children and their parents can put educational activities before any other exertion arou nd the school. This forms healthy school environment where the learning activities produce a lot of data needed to make effective learning decisions.

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