Saturday, June 15, 2019

Marketing Communication Project for Abbey National Essay

Marketing Communication Project for Abbey National - Essay ExampleThe appropriate promotional product mix is chosen. The guidelines of evaluation and control of the campaign is prepared.On COST, but not on PRICE The term Customers cost is very essential. It is not the price what node pays, but the value of the product and services customer has to delineate to acquire the product / services he /she is getting. Whether the customer is getting the value for moneyOn COMMUNICATION but not on PROMOTION The emphasize is on Communication. There is no place of product or service promotion. The buying ratiocination of a customer no longer depends only on the product or services offered. It also depends on various other factors like order reputation, its standing in mankind image etc. Communication is the most essential aspect in achieving this goal. The communion process should be a twain way process involving the customer for feedback.As per the American Association of Advertising Agenc ies, the IMC can be defined as a concept of marketing conversation planning the recognizes the added value of a comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic role of a variety of communication disciplines e.g. general advertising, direct response, sales promotion and public relations - and combines those disciplines to provide clarity, consistency and maximum communication impact1.The core idea behind Integrated Marketing Communication is to combine the various communication tools that are traditionally used independently of each other in such a way that a synergetic effect is created taking share of making the effort seamless or homogeneous. It emphasizes that the communication becomes more effective and efficient due to the result of the consistency and synergetic effects of all the tools used. It should be noted that the emphasize is put on the words consistency

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