Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Federalism and the Exercise of National Power Coursework

Federalism and the Exercise of National Power - Coursework ExampleSimilarly, regulating the aim of marijuana is not spelled under the handicraft clause. Taking away homegrown marijuana is a way of gibeling its consumption. in that location is no law in the US constitution, which gives federal government powers to invoke cultivation of marijuana without write up (Pierre, 2011). Therefore, Commerce Clause or other clauses do not grant the federal powers to regulate the use of marijuana.The federal system overstepped its mandate to ban marijuana. This is so because the 10th Amendments state that the people have a say on powers that the constitution does not delegate to the United States (Pierre, 2011). Thus, the cultivation of marijuana is not spelled in the constitution leaving the decision to lie with the individuals and the state. Similarly, growing marijuana for medical purposes is allowed as long as it is not for commercial purpose under Commerce Clause. Moreover, the federal government has powers to regulate interstate commerce under Article 1, Section 8 of US constitution (Pierre, 2011). However, this does not mean they have powers to control anything associated with interstate commerce. The woman who grew marijuana was an exception because there was no evidence of participation in interstate

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