Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Ethnicity :: Personal Narrative Racial Papers

EthnicityWhile I was first contemplating this project, I was sitting on my older-than-the-hills cook couch in my apartment. My roommate, Michelle, plopped on the couch opposite me and asked, What do you trust to do for lunch? I dunno, I responded while channel surfboard through the five channels we receive. permits go let on and try something new, she said daringly.I thought to myself, hmm, I could do a project and eat out at the same time? Ok, where should we go? Suddenly, as if it was a sign from above, a commercial for Santa Lucias, the Greek eating place in town, appeared on the television. Instantly, we knew it was the place to go. Good Better Best, Never Let it Rest, Until the Good Becomes Better and the Better Becomes the Best, the commercial kept echoing in my head on the way there-wait, no that was my roommate who would not retire from repeating Santa Lucias motto. On the way there we looked at all(prenominal) other and said simultaneously, Should we have dressed up f or it? Well, I said, on the commercial it doesnt look like too classy of a place. I think we are fine.Good, I hope so, said Michelle as she looked down at our jeans and t-shirts. Our hopes were confirmed as we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, which is shut in away in the corner behind West Park cable car Plaza. There were beer signs littering the windows. It could not be that classy of a place. Right? What do they serve here, Heather? Am I going to like it? asked Michelle, who by the way is the pickiest eater in the world.I hope so, I responded as we entered the building. Uh-oh. Maybe we should have dressed up, I thought to myself out forte for a moment while taking in the view. When you enter from the route into the building its like you are entering a totally different world. The lighting is dim. Tables for two, four, six and eight are scattered end-to-end the room in the usual non-smoking and smoking sections. The tables themselves are unique looking. The woo dy tables and chairs are set on the plush carpet. The black tablecloths are stand out with a shiny glass cover. The tables are set with silverware and wine specs with a napkin creatively set inside. The one thing that caught my spunk was the statue and the fountain.

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