Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Psychogenesis of a Case of Homosexuality in a Woman by Sigmund Freu

In The Psychogenesis of a Case of Homosexuality in a Woman, Freud discusses a guinea pig of a young woman brought to him by her parents for treatment as a homosexual. Although he states that Psychoanalysis is not truly a tool for solidifying homosexuality, but champion to help those with inner conflict in unrivaled particular area or another, he attempts to study the lady friend to search if Psychoanalysis could be of any help to her. Once he complete that the girl had a deep rooted bitterness towards men, he called discharge his study of her and told her parents that if they were to seek to a greater extent psychoanalysis for her it should be sought from a woman. Prior to this discovery he found a few things of pertain that may create attributed to her choice of sexual physical object. One of the first things Freud view about was whether the patient was a homosexual from conduct or whether she changed her object choice later in life. At the cartridge holder it was tho ught that homosexuals had characteristics (physical a psychical) of the opposite sex. Though there were a few of these found in the girl, they were not strong enough to count for much. She was tall like her receive and her features were sharper rather than soft and feminine, but she was still a pulchritudinous and well developed girl. As far as psychical characteristics that were more masculine, he listed sharp comprehension, and objectivity in that her passion did not have complete control over her. Still there were women at the time who had traits such as these and were not homosexual. The characteristic the girl displayed that was the most manly, however, was the modal value she acted and thought in regards to the Lady she was in love with. The girl pet to think of herself as the lover, not the beloved. Simply being allowed to... ... had been there for the birth of one of her brothers and it had not effected her. Yet when her second brother was born(p) she completely switched her object choice. This could have been a coincidence, but I am of the school that says there are no coincidences. All things have reason behind them, somewhere. Though Freud had issues with women which shaped his views on cases such as this one somewhat differently, he remained rather objective throughout. His reasoning behind the events that brought the girl to him made sound, logical sense. Even his reason for dumping this case and suggesting they run into it up with a different psychoanalysist made a lot of sense. It is decidedly more logical than pushing ahead against and almost un-budge-able brick wall ready up of bitterness and resentment of men. All in all I was pretty impressed by a man who many dismal mouth today.

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