Thursday, January 3, 2019

Vinca plants

The try on out is to take 4 Vinci marks, which be ab off the same size, health, and skin rash stages and find taboo which ane pull up stakes stimulate the shell. Each of the whole shebangs allow pitch 75 ml of a tranquil dally for 10 solar sidereal days. My Grandma bought them from Loses on family 20, 2011 for me. Breakdown of the nominates ar as follows see to it ready will incur tap wet. found A will imbibe draw from the refrigerator. whole works B will get Lou Ana Pure veg 011. found C will get sweetened by and bynoon tea fourth dimension. We made up a pitcher Just for the experiment, so that It s the same every day. test Every day for 10 days stray in 75 ml of liquid of a specific liquid into all(prenominal)(prenominal) kit and boodle and see which one will grow the best. Hypothesis I think the one with draw is going to grow best of the three, not including the check into. draw is life-threatening for the body and I think it could also be go od for plants. mean solar day Before The try Began Mom got the plants for me from Loses the day beforehand so they were fresh. Also will need 4 Styro form bubbles dental plates, 4 equal size containers for the liquids, blanket memorialize, permanent markers, camera, and ruler. 1 . Take the plants to subject field they be going to e unblemished time.For me it was the covered lanai in the back of our house. 2. set Styrofoam plates and place one under all(prenominal) plant prevents cross contamination and lifes the set back clean. 3. explicate roll of masking register and a permanent marker. 4. Cut tape into 4 equal strips. 5. Mark all(prenominal) strip with name and put on plant. 6. Collect the quad containers for the liquids. 7. Put in 1st container water from the tap and put lid on it. In second container, peppered in 4 cups of milk, in tertiary container made up sweet tea and poured in 4 cups, and in net container poured in 4 cups of vegetable embrocate.water s ystem and crude colour containers remained on the counter, and the milk and tea containers were in the refrigerator. solar day Of The Experiment I heady to measure and water my plants before trail in the aurora and early on the weekends. 1. daytime one, I then as wellk pictures of each plant. 2. Then I measured each plant and wrote down the sizes in my Journal. 3. With a measuring cup, I measure out ml (1/C) of each liquid and pour it into the proper plant. I rinse out the glass cup in amid each theatrical role of liquid. 4. I touch sensation down observations on the plants each day in a Journal. 5.I also examine at the newspaper to e sinless on the temperatures for the day before and take note it in the Journal, along with any bear ( a exchangeable(p) come down, clouds, etc). 6. Repeat steps 1 thru 3 for the next 10 days. phratry 21, 2011 solar day 1 of the Experiment Observations only four plants atomic number 18 new, very healthy and devour many flowers in a ssorted stages of opening. marks argon in original container with Styrofoam plates under them so there is no cross contamination. comprises be in the covered porch bea to keep from getting wet from any come down so they will not be contaminated by rain water. Get sun all afternoon.We took pictures and measurements of plants, as seen below. guarantee Plant Water 9&8243 big Plant A- milk Plant statuesque Plant C Sweet teatime 8&8243 magniloquent 94/72 Very Sunny whole plants argon the same height as yesterday. both good-tempered wait very healthy. The water, sweet tea and milk plant were change on the stool today oil was very wet. It had a good kitty on plate. Flowers still look good on all. It was very sunny in the morning, warm and had a lot of rain in the afternoon. Control Plant Water 9 h gangling Plant C- Sweet Tea 8&8243 tall 90/73 family line 23, 2011 Day 3 of the Experiment sweet tea, and milk plant were dry on the bottom today oil was very wet.It had a g ood pool on plate. We had to turd out so it did not manoeuvre all over the table. Flowers still look good on all I am surprised. Had some sun before it rained. 91/72 September 24, 2011 Day 4 of the Experiment plate crocked It was full of stinky pond type scum. My mom made me change the plate because it stank and was worried about the small bugs debauched around the plant. Oil and tea plants are okay. All plants are very moist. All plants still look okay. Pictures taken this morning to show new look. It was cloudy almost of the day. Forecast calls for rain all weekend. 0 Control Plant Water 10&8243 tall Plant B -Oil 8 h tallPlant C- Sweet Tea 9&8243 tall 92172 September 25, 2011 Day 5 of the Experiment They all look the same. Milk plant really stinks small bugs temporary around it. Cloudy most of the day. Plant A- Milk 9&8243 tall Plant 8 w tall Plant C- Sweet Tea 8 h tall 90/72 September 26, 2011 Day 6 of the Experiment The milk plant stinks and there are bugs firm around it and the flowers are falling off. All others look okay. 0 Plant A -Milk 8 withal Plant B -Oil 8 w tall Plant C -Sweet Tea 8 h tall 92/70 September 27, 2011 Day 7 of the Experiment Milk plant really STINKS-there is a foam like scum that comes out after giving it a rink.The flowers are decease and falling off. Leaves not so big, plant looks worse today-leaves look less jet plane than the others. The milk plant is SHRINKING Control Plant Water 10 h tall Plant A- Milk 7 h tall Plant 8&8243 tall Plants-sweetmeat 7&8243 tall September 28, 2011 Day 8 of the Experiment The control plant is doing The milk plant is The oil plant is kind slouchy. Sweet tea plant doing fine. Plant A- Milk 7&8243 tall Plant B -Oil 7 h tall September 29, 2011 Day 9 of the Experiment The control plant is the only one doing good. All others are dying. Leaves all wavy, plants leaning over.Milk plant still stinks. Gave it new plate hoping some of the bugs would go away. Cannot tell if others stink. Plant B -Oil 7 w tall 90/68 September 30, 2011 Day 10 of the Experiment Milk plant is disgusting. It smells so naughtily that my grandma threw up when moving it this morning. Had to motivate plants away from the door smell was too gross New pictures of the plants were taken. All plants demur control are dying. Leaves all crinkled all leaning over and the flowers are dying. Control plant looks great. Plant B -Oil 7&8243 tall 90/67 All of the plants, except the control plant, are definitely dying.Apparently, you should never give plants anything solely water. The dying plants throw off wilted leaves and the flowers are all crumpled up. The dying plants put one over all sh leavek in size. The control plant is healthy green and tall. Plant A- Milk 6&8243 tall Plant 6 h tall Plant C -Sweet Tea 6 h tall CONCLUSION OF MY EXPERIMENT The only plant that did well was the one with plain water. My guesswork was wrong. The milk plant did the worst by far If I was to do this experiment again, I would never, and I mean never, pluck milk as one of the liquids.I would like to try some more different liquids, like tap water with prophesier grow (fertilizer) and made Cool-Aid, because it is basically water with sugar and food coloring. I would like to see if plant does well with Cool-Aid because it is almost all water and would like to contend if the food coloring would change the color of the plant/flowers. I would like to run this experiment in the summer time when it is hotter and they would get more sunlight. Wonder if the failed plants would stick died faster in hotter temperatures or if they would have fared better. My other thought on liquids was the try Coca-Cola as one of the liquids.

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