Thursday, December 13, 2018

'Argumentative Essay Essay\r'

' Ever since the war on panic our political sympathies detains the abuse of human rights by, always trailing individuals and labeling them, practicing lock downs of cities for when they really need it, and always adding to the attend of freedoms there taking external from us. Most batch don’t see it as that galore(postnominal) hatful see it still as a war against people that terrorized America. Soon after 9-11 the unite States best computers where hard at work start-off a process to find and label terrorist in America and by doing so they invaded everyone’s hiding by constantly s chamberpotning emails and texts, voice cognition software system on all our phones, Facebook is primarily utilize to profile people and find more slightly their personal mind sets and likes. Our cell phones can trip out words that start voice recording software so anyone can listen in on our calls. Right after the Boston bombing the government exercised martial law by having eve ryone clear the streets and alter house by house, no one could be outside without world considered a threat, that’s pose people on lockdown and testing out how occur up it works on big American urban center’s or towns and to see how well the people listened.\r\nOne by one our freedoms are being taken away and no one can finish up it, it’s part of the unfermented engine room and life we go away have to grow and operate into and our children. Ever since the terrorist act most of our freedoms where taken away right there, and as time goes on and we continue to let our government control us handsome soon we will have no freedoms what so ever and will be under effective control as a people. Everyday new and better technology comes out that can encourage control America one way at a time. The war on terror has contributed to the outgrowth abuse of human rights and no one will do anything to stop it. If we don’t come together as a hole to stop it people will soon be robots breathing under the control of one ruler or a group of people that decide everything nigh us.\r\n'

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