Friday, March 13, 2020

The Turn of the Screw essays

The Turn of the Screw essays Some people may see the character of Mrs. Grose in The Turn of the Screw as somewhat inconsequential because it seems as though she doesnt do anything to help the book along. But in truth she serves a bigger purpose than she appears to serve. Mrs. Grose is an essential part in developing the story. Mrs. Grose is the reason the governess thinks she is seeing ghosts because of the Peter Quint incident. The governess was walking in the fields of the estate when she saw a figure in the distance on the old tower. The figure then disappeared and this frightened the governess so she went to Mrs. Grose. Before the governess could tell Mrs. Grose what had happened she saw the strange man again, but this time at the window. The governess was in quite a state when Mrs. Grose came in the room and the governess told her what she saw and described the man. From the governess description Mrs.Grose concluded that the man the governess saw was Peter Quint. Mrs. Grose then told the governess that Mr. Quint was dead. Since Mrs. Grose told the governess that Quint was dead she thinks she saw a ghost. If the governess was never told that Peter Quint was dead then she would never have believed she was seeing ghosts. The governess thinks she is seeing ghosts because Mrs. Grose told her Quint was dead. The governess also believes the children are seeing ghosts and just not telling anyone. The governess believes that the ghosts are there for the children and their souls. Mrs. Grose never says anything on that subject. She never says if she believes the children are or arent seeing ghosts. She just asks dumb questions and when she does give answers they are very vague. An example of this is when the governess first believes that Quint is there not for her, but for someone else. Mrs. Grose says: he was looking for someone else, you say-someone who was not you? The governess replies: He was lookin...

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