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Compare and contrast Essay Example for Free

Compare and contrast Essay Often adults feel the need to say â€Å"When I was your age† or â€Å"Things were different back then when I was a young, how things have changed since then.† But what exactly has changed? Although, there are some very obvious differences, there are still some similarities between generations that remain the same. Change, a small word, yet so powerful, frightening yet so embracing Change is inevitable. Frightening feelings can arise when one hears the word change because something that is so accustomed to them from a daily routine or even to new fashion styles, are being changed, resulting in bitter feelings towards the new product, or in this case the newer generation. If really thought about the people of the past bring out the people of the future. The gap between generations is huge, two very different types of people, yet both seem to be so alike. Much like today, racism flooded the streets in the 1960’s. Racism in the 1960’s was a decade of war, between white and colored people, that still today has not been put to an end. Propaganda played a huge role in the influence of white people not liking the colored people back in the 1960’s, but has there really been any difference in today’s society? 50 years later, the people of America still continue to feed off of these allegations from the 60’s that trying to change this issue has almost become impossible, and permanent. President Bush, in the summer of 2003, made a five day trip to Senegal, Africa, where many Africans once passed before being herded onto slave ships. He made comment and it said the following: â€Å"My nation’s journey has not been easy and it is not over. The racial bigotry fed by slavery did not end with slavery or with segregation. And many of the issues that still troubles America have roots in the bitter experience of other passed times.† He clearly states that the problem is acknowledge yet â€Å"undermining any effort to deal with the problem.†(Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor) One similarity between today’s generation and the past generation(s) is racism still exists. Of course in today’s world, money truly does make the world go round. In this generation and in past generations, everyone was money hungry and still continue to be. But it’s imperative to be money hungry, because without that desire, we would not have what we have today. During the 1960’s the United  States practiced its longest continual period of economic development in history. America’s overseas investments increased to $49.2 billion dollars by 1965. After World War II the US economy improved even more and more leaving less to worry. Americans were out getting jobs because inflation at that current time was stable and corporate profits were also at a high. Unemployment rate was at 1.4 percent, during the winter of 1966 the economy was great, it the actual growth was 9 percent to be exact. This gave President Johnson an annual dividend of $4-5 billion in extra to spend. Just like back in the â€Å"baby boomers and generation x† period, today’s are also money hungry. Teenagers are starting to work harder and harder for their money leaving them the opportunity for a vast area of expertise in the work field at a young age. Parents encourage their kids to get jobs so they know what responsibility is and that you have to earn what you want by working for it, resulting in a money hungry society. Yet, today’s economy is not doing as well as the economy in the 1960’s, leaving that as one of the differences between now and then. Generation Z (1995-2007), contain individuals who more self-expressive, whereas, generation X (1960-1985) are to themselves (Isacosta’site.) Many would argue that one of the reasons why this current generation is â€Å"wild† but what is failed to realize is that people in the generation x era raised us to be this way. Children who were born from 1995-2007 are not responsibly for the way they act because they were raised to be that way. It is thought from a young age to talk about our feelings and express what exactly is going on because we are trying to stay away from being depressed, conservative and uptight like generation x. This comes around full circle, to blame the children of today’s generation for the way they were raised it pathetic. Back then girls had to wear turtle necks, and skirts below the ankle, there were no such thing as showing your shoulders, and now girls where crop tops and short shorts. Women weren’t allowed to question anything, whatever was said by your spouse it what had to be followed. The people of this generation found their voice in society and won’t settle for anything they do not deserve. As much as people want to think things are completely different from these  two generations, they fail to see that some things remain the same. Change happens more than the regular human can realize. There is change all around this world, from the moment one wake up to the moment one falls asleep. Change cannot be stopped, paused or regretted. Moving forward and embracing it is the only way to feel at ease with it. Yet, the general populations fail to realize that there are some similarities, racism and money hungry individuals still ponder the streets of our nation and will continue until change occurs. Although both differentiate in self-expressiveness and conservative aspects, together, unknowingly make change happen. Works Cited Adams, Katie. Generation Gap. 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