Monday, November 18, 2019

Community College Visit Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Community College Visit - Assignment Example The Campus offers career training in more than 50 fields. The campus admits students of all ages as well as from all walks of life who are eager to utilize various programs that are offered there. The campus was the first of the DCCCD that offered nursing programs. The campus has recently established associations with various top-notch hospitals in the region. Moreover, it is the only campus within DCCCD that offers food and hospital programs. The campus is a Hispanic-serving institution as well as a member of the Hispanic institutions of universities and colleges. HIS university or college is a campus where the total Hispanic enrolment comprises a minimum of 25% of the entire enrolment. The campus has grown from just being a campus and it now has two sub-branches of the main campus. The sub-branches include El Centro down town campus, west Dallas campus, and Bill J. campus. The two sub branches are also located in the downtown region of Texas. The west Dallas campus is a one-stop location in down town Texas where students can meet with the college advisors, register for their course of choice, as well as speak to the financial aid advisors. This campus is the only college present in west Dallas. The college academic programs are stepping-stones for learners who want to transfer to four-year institutions, for education students who are looking for courses associated with personal development, high school students seeking to get a dual credit, that is for high school completion and college credit. Furthermore, the college offers programs for students seeking associate degrees or certificates to take on entry-level positions at the place of work. Whatever the need of the students, the college has programs that are designed to achieve it. For student seeking degree programs, the campus offers a variety of degrees, which include, associate in arts, associate in science, as well as associates in applied sciences. Moreover, the campus

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