Friday, October 11, 2019

Ethnicity and the Police Newspaper Article Essay

Ethnicity and the Police Newspaper Article Assignment Part II: Final This newspaper article will begin from week two individual public opinion of police by different ethnic groups outline. Public opinion of police by different ethnic groups there are different types of ethnic groups African American, Hispanic’s and Latino’s American. Ranging from the White House to all over this nation sometime or another there can arise many problems with different ethnic groups all the way through the criminal justice system, in our communities, and as well as in the public figure. Each group has formed their own public opinion of police African American have more encounters with police because of their skin color than any other race. The percentage rate for arrest is much higher than any other ethnic group. Have more abuse, brutality, and harassment in African American communities than other communities. Back in slavery time the brutal abuse even lead to Blacks being hung by a tree until death. Hispanic’s and Latino’s have more traffic stops than other ethnic groups, because of drug smuggling. Some cannot understand English, and have language barrier issues. Immigration and deportation poses threats in Arizona. Some groups in the past as well as today effects the opinion of the police International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD). International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) has worked consistently with community groups, television, friends, family, social media, newspaper, magazines, and many others to help stop police abuse and brutality. One of the greatest men of all time who fought hard for Black’s (Negro American, African American) rights and freedom in America, however, this race carries many names, when others are recognized as one ethnic group to another. Below are photos of many great leaders, actresses, and singers, all have and some to this present day are still fighting for Black’s rights in this nation. Although Black’s have come a long way from slavery, but remains in a struggle today simply for being born the wrong skin color. While forming an opinion of one the most recent top stories in the nation, the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard as they study more about the actions of gunman Aaron Alexis that day. Federal experts are mending together a new timeline of Monday’s mass shooting, and the reason for Alexi’s actions. In one Black woman opinion was this action of hate, revenge, mental issues, at the time of this catastrophic shooting rampage. Concerns of many are trying to figure out what was Alex’s thinking about, and why take this chance of killing 12 people, before his own life was taken. Below are some photos of the shooting. ‘One person felt him breathe’: Escape from the Navy Yard’ I Felt Him Breathe’: Escape From the Navy Yard. They say the first call for help came at 8:21 a.m. that morning, and it took officers another 30 minutes to find Alexis. Investigators believe that Alexis was concealing a shotgun with a sawed-off barrel and stock when he entered the building, though they still don’t know if that gun was in the bag he was carrying or concealed in his clothing. And they know that the people he shot and killed were mostly on the third and fourth floors. In a tragic twist, one of Alexis’ victims was standing outside Building 197, in an alley, when he was shot by a bullet that passed through a door, the FBI told NBC News’ Pete Williams Thursday. The gunman was shot by a team comprising U.S. Park Police and D.C.’s Metropolitan Police who found him in an area filled with cubicles, U.S. Park Police said. The team had to clear each cubicle, one by one, until Alexis engaged them and they shot him. In all, 12 victims were killed, eight were injured and Alexis was shot and killed in the shooting Monday morning, the deadliest single event in Washington in decades.

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