Thursday, October 17, 2019

Benefits For Company Of Upgrading To Microsoft Office 2010 Essay

Benefits For Company Of Upgrading To Microsoft Office 2010 - Essay Example In the details, it talks about the essential features of the MS Office 2010. And the last part of the report tells about the summary and the action that will be made. The purpose of this report is to change the software package the Encoder Power Plus Company (EPPC) is using and introduce the newest software package to help the workers work more productive and more effective. Encoder Power Plus Company is one of the famous encoder companies that accepts encoding and grammar checking jobs of different paper works. Most of their customers are students and workers. One of the major technologies the workers are using is the computer and one of the major software packages they are using is the Microsoft Office 2007. Recently, orders were rapidly increasing. Despite the fact that 200 workers are in the company, some orders are still not completed in time. It has been discovered from the personal interviews done and from the general discussion between the workers and the employers that due to the incomplete features of the MS Office 2007, these lead the workers to do some orders manually. The reason behind this is that some important features that are very useful and important to the encoding jobs aren’t included and are limited in the software package MS Office 2007. Due to these problems that have been discovered, it is essential to change the current MS Office 2007 to the newest one that will have the answers to the problems encountered, the MS Office 2010. The MS Office 2010 has the following features that will best help the workers: Basing from the information gathered, in order to change the currently used MS office, we need to upgrade the supported operating system. I used the internet and the Microsoft Corporation to gather the information about the cost of the product and the other essential features of the recommended package. The estimation of the cost of the product and the upgrading of the OS is about $50,000.

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