Sunday, September 8, 2019

Project Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Project Management - Case Study Example In addition, the acquisition of the best and most competent people to manage projects ensures that the stakeholders of the organization stay up to date with the current knowledge about it as well as ensuring that they take advantage of all offers that the organization has to give, hence giving the organization a competitive edge over other’s. The hiring of competent staff ensures that an organization is able to make adjustments quickly, according to the changes in the marketing scene in the world and it does this for the purpose of assisting its stakeholders keep up to speed of things so that they do not lose any opportunities if there are any unexpected changes. Having competent people managing an organization’s projects provides a swift means through which individuals can easily be able to make connections with people and resources which they have need of in order receive the services they want from the organization. It has been stated that the acquisition of competen t managers for projects is one of the reasons why many organizations in the world today have become successful and are able to retain this success. One only has to log onto the internet to see the scale of success that many companies have been able to acquire and all of this due to competent project management that has been prevalent within them (Mauro, Plinio, Gilmar and Mamerto, 2012). It has been found that competent management is a means through which an organization can be able to ensure that it does not face any damaging scandals because of mismanagement (Baird and Riggins, 2012). While previously it was a subject which was not taken based on merit, the selection of project managers has now developed into a massive undertaking which has created the need to have competence in working on projects, because to not do so would be to doom the project or the organization to failure, like the case of Gary Allison in the Orion Shield project. As the years have progressed, project manag ement is moving from being a profession where individuals can survive without a lack of skills to one where there is plenty of opportunity for those who take a direct hand and are dedicated to it (Cruceru, 2012). When managing a project, managers have to be able to ensure that they have complete control of the project, otherwise, there is likely to be failures due to incompetence. In addition, project managers should adopt a strategy that is so well done it touches the emotions of those who witness it and as long as more people continue to the activities being done within the project, then the influence of this project is likely to be immense. It has become common knowledge that effective project management is essential and this belief has developed to such an extent that many organizations have actually come to believe that it is the solution to the diverse problems that they have been experiencing with their own projects. More organizations than ever today are making a bid to ensu re that they not only have competent managers, but also that their projects are done in the most professional way possible. The lack of professionalism has created a situation where organizations

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