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Effects of Computers and Technology on Society Essay

The development of office computers in late 70s has made a major breakthrough in our present society. Although the earlier computers were used solely for the purpose of processing and transmitting military data, the realization on the use of computers bear out the office computers we have today. Office tasks have never been easier since the computers have been dedicated to complete such enormous and taxing jobs in data processing. Since then the work loads particularly in the office have become minimal and less stressful for the employees. Suddenly because of our innovativeness we began to explore more and come up with more sophisticated computers we use today. The earlier versions of computers were unpopular because they are bulky and with heavy features which makes them inappropriate for small offices. Thus most of them are installed on laboratories and engineering rooms. As computers continued to be innovated, their sizes have been greatly reduced but they are now faster and more reliable. They can now be used for word processing which is a very essential in processing documents. In the mid-80s the dimension of the computers continued to be lesser into portable desktops and can now be placed on top of office tables. Indeed they now evolved to be more compact, lighter, faster and more powerful. They can now run multiple programs and software at the same time. Then in the 90s the age of the Internet has arrived. From the introduction of powerful computers now comes the most usable means of transferring data and messages all over the world. Here is the now the world of the World Wide Web or the Internet. The Internet has developed into one of the most powerful medium for universal communication, mode of information provider, highway for electronic transactions and most convenient source for entertainment. The Internet link computers by phone lines and high speed digital lines which networked all computers that are spread out around the world. Technology which brought up the invention of the computer and the Internet has made everything possible. We have improved a lot by leaps and bounds. The Internet as today’s most ingenious form of technology has greatly influenced our lives. We can now find jobs just by browsing the Net, watch movies from different websites, search for anything and everything that is beyond our imagination, source out information on any subjects and conduct transactions with other people around the globe. It is now so easy to send messages just by typing our texts using our email address and with a click of a button can send the message to other emails. Transferring the message may just take few seconds. Another example to prove the efficiency of the Internet are the chat rooms that can transfer bulk of messages and pictures in seconds at the same time. These are only few but most usable contributions of the â€Å"technology† we use today. Since the Internet has become the highway for the largest and widest medium of communication and information exchange, business transactions and on-line commerce have developed into the most popular method in business operation. The largest online deals in the world such as the Stocks Exchange and the Foreign Exchange currency trading rely on the Internet to conduct business. In line with this technology, the computers, however, also became sophisticated and powerful to carry on the task of processing data and information hundred times better than what ordinary computers can do three decades ago. To frank and honest this is what people want – to invent and invest on technology to make things lot easier for us. Even ordinary house chores are now performed with the aid of the machines. We have invented washing machine, the dishwasher, the floor polisher, the air-conditioning system and the television for our entertainment. How wonderful it is to live in a world full of magic brought about by the gadgets, machines and equipment we make. But after all of these amazing things have been invented did it benefit the society in general? It is true that the inventions of machines have made things lot easier, faster and more precise. But do you know that since technology has greatly improved, millions of jobs have already been lost because they have become obsolete? As we advance in our future and develop more technology there is also displacement of man with their profession. We use to power everything by hand then by the machines and now by the computers. Why would manufacturing companies hire production people if they can mechanize and computerize every process in their factories? Why would car makers hire people for car assemblies where they can buy machines that are programmed and automated? Machines does not take their break, do not complain about abuse and no need for any insurance? Obviously because of our â€Å"technology†, people are getting phased out of their circulation and depriving them to earn their living. The computers, the Internet, the game gadgets, cell phones and accessories have also loosen our touch with the reality thus our bond with our families are also affected. The realization of the technology which has widened man’s contact into the outside world has in a way confined him to smaller virtual world that rely on technology alone and not on physical attributes (Ghimire 2006). On the side of the economy, however, the negative impacts are obviously caused by the advancing technology. It is true that many people preferred engaging on technology-based education have benefited with the continuing trend in science. But what happened to those who did not earned degrees or does not have knowledge with the trend? How can they cope up with the world that is being run by this technology? Would they remain to be at the bottom of the ladder because the skilled people take all the best opportunities? Since the early 70s, computerization started to liberalize workforce, American workers with non-degrees begin to feel the squeeze. This is because the technology has started to manage the world in a more synchronized and automated manner. The most favored jobs have turned the table in favor of the educated and the skilled. To cope up with the development, courses in relation to technical skills, computer and software engineering and programming were offered. Today, the people who dominate the highest income brackets come from among those who specialize in this field. The jobs for the unskilled have become leaner and the demand for their services was greatly reduced making them poorer, ignorant and unfit for employment. According to L. Mishel, Director for Research on Welfare Reform Network, the hazard on the development of information age is that while the technology can replace workers with cheaper cost, this trend might become self-destructive with the economy because there will not be enough purchasing power to push the economy onward while we lead our lives into the future. To ease the effect of technology on people, Mishel suggested that there must be political action to make societal evolution beneficial to everybody (Smith 2007). But although the technology has affected those who are untrained, the computers and the Internet have produced a digital world of information and accessibility. Almost everybody can now reach out to the Internet. You only have to go online to order goods, books, clothes or even groceries and it will be delivered directly to you. The Internet also benefits the older people because they can now email people they want to get in touch with. If you happen to feel sick and want to check for yourself about the symptoms you have you can check from the Internet to avoid health hazards. Moreover, the computers and the Internet have created a world full of opportunities. Jobs are being created and obtained everyday because there are always new jobs entering the Internet sphere. This is especially beneficial for those who have skills with regards to Information Technology. Based from the 2005 – 2006 National Association of Colleges and Employers, the regular computer engineer can earn more than USD53, 000 a year for their first year of employment while the entry level management can make up to USD 38,000 as well. Even small businesses have greatly benefits from this technology. Business owners can now advertise their product through many websites and can organize employee schedules with programs like Microsoft Excel. There are also online educations today that many universities offer and the opportunities are getting larger. It is projected that by the year 2009, one in every ten students will be enrolled in an online degree program. However, there are always disadvantages from the advantages. Now the backlash from this advantage does involve risk with every person registered on the Internet. Identity theft has always been the number one crime in the United States. Although programs are constantly created to protect users from Internet hackers and scammers, there are also lots of experts who use their knowledge to commit fraud in their favor. Billions of dollars are being stolen because of identity theft, scams and online fraud. Unfortunately only few of them are getting caught and usually the discovery was too late before the harm has been done. Even the movies and TV series which are supposed to be legally shown only on cinemas and televisions are also being shown on the Internet without proper license and agreement with the producers. Recently the Writer Guild of America demanded payments from the owner of the domains. In effect, the rights of producers, TV stations, actors and actresses are violated and the chances to earn from these shows are lost. Sadly as the worlds of computers are here to stay there are always dangers in getting scammed in every step of the way (Weidenfeld 2008). And so as the technology changes in its fast paced environment we, as users also changes as well. Let’s just hope that we could always cope up with any changes that the age of information and technology can bring us. There would be transformation and modification, of course but with less time to prepare we may probably make the wrong choices and our technology even it was intended to develop can destroy us (Graves 1990). Summary Computers and the Internet are two of the most brilliant discoveries of man. Life has never been easier with their aid. Computers are the most used and essential equipment in the office or even at home. Everybody almost have it because of its functionality and usage. The Internet on the other hand has succeeded in building gaps between people, races and cultures and provides us the opportunities to explore all things that exist here and beyond our world. But while we are joyful of the benefits of these forms of technologies not everybody is at their advantage. From the very first introduction of computerization, the untrained and the unskilled began to feel the hardships of being uncompetitive. The technology has created jobs according to its own trend. If you are unskilled and wants to earn a decent living you have to sweat it out to and can be able to earn minimum wage while the new generation of computer experts enjoy their chances in their virtual world. This is the general belief of some observers. Analysis According to the points presented, there are always advantage and disadvantage at any prevailing discoveries of man. Man is a very adaptable creature and he makes discoveries according to his needs. The Internet and the computers have naturally eased up our burdens with our jobs, communication and commerce. But with this technology there is the theory that lots of people still blame technology as the culprit in decimating their chances to be competitive. Accordingly, people living on rural societies as well as the older people and the unskilled feel that they are always left out with the technology making them helpless and useless. But my personal opinion relies not how quantitative the advantaged of technology to most people but how the technology could benefit all people in any society. Technology does shape our future but our future depends on every fiber in our society which means that the people alone are shaping the future not the technology. Technology is merely the product of our modernization and innovation that is continuously taking us higher to new realities and development. But we lest not forget that technology can also be erased, altered or reprogrammed because the society is making the technology themselves. However, the complexities of the issues discussed here is that has the introduction of the computers and the Internet really affected our society in general? True enough the untrained and the uneducated can find it hard to participate with the virtual world. But does technology was created to rationalize people according to their capabilities? I think not. Whether we like it or not our technology with computers and the Internet will continue to advance and so there are no chances in going back to pick those that have been left out. There are always two sides of the coin here. It is up for the people to choose. If we are people with strong mind and interest to cope up then we can be able to discover how wonderful the technology can bring. Computers and the Internet are not complicated, adaptable, beneficial and educating people continuously. Whatever jobs and opportunities you wanted can be found in the Internet regardless of what you can do. Just look around and observe. Even children, the elderly and disabled people can benefit from the technology. Education, jobs, opportunities and communication is now empowered by our technology. The old days of manual labor is almost over. We invent things to make things easier and there is nothing wrong with doing the job the easy way. If there are people who are against of this technology it maybe because they are closing their mind with it. The Internet offers all kinds of prospects in learning, opportunities and information. It is only right that we have to take advantage everything that it offers because for sure we would definitely grow with it References: Ghimire, Shakti. 2006. â€Å"Effects of Computers and the Internet on Society. † in Student Operated Press. Vero Beach, Florida: SOP. org. Graves, James. 1990. â€Å"Technology and It’s Effect on Society†. Smith, Hakeem. 2007. â€Å"How Emerging Technology Affects Modern Society. † Weidenfeld, Kelly. 2008. â€Å"Effects of computers and the Internet on society † Helium.

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