Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Bringing a Global Perspective on Business Studies to IGCSE Essay

Bringing a Global Perspective on Business Studies to IGCSE Underprivileged Youths - Essay Example ‘Organizational structure’ refers to the people conducting and carrying out the processes within the Organization. It also describes the different functional areas within a corporation and how well they work together to complete their task in the most effective and efficient manner. It is well understood that organizational structure directly impacts the alignment between business units. This emphasizes the need for a fluent structure in order to streamline the business operations in a more complete manner that will allow for more efficient and effective operations. Having a good and complete organizational structure will lead to better a decision-making process in order to achieve long-term goals. The following parts will explain the hierarchical order of the organizational chart for this project, as well as a detailed elaboration of each of the main organizational roles.Simply defined, an organization chart is a graphical representation of the people in a project team and the relationships and linkages between them. The organizational chart here shows the duties and responsibilities of each individual involved in this project from a hierarchical perspective. This chart also gives an idea of what the flow of operations are and how it was throughout the term of the project. These positions in the organizational chart were the main ones held by the people implementing the whole project, and it would be important to note that there was a heavy interaction between these positions.

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