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M.A. English

Each naturally British Poetry British Drama British Novel Aspects of Language will integrate one designation of 100 marks. This appointment be tutor marked. Aims The TMAs be conceffred rrainly with assessing your occupation and intelligence of the c areer material. You are non required to disgorge chunks of information from the course material but to use the skills of censorious appreciation that you whitethorn have acquired during the course of battleground. These appellations airn to teach as well as to assess your performance.Please ensure that you ingest the texts and the ccompanying study guides that we have prepared for you. Let rne parallel you must read all the texts prescribed. Do profess points as you go along. It in that respect is anything you do non understand, cheer accept your Counsellor at the deal summation for clarification. Once you are able to do the identifications satisfactorily, you will be ready to come the exam Nith confidence. Instru ctions Before attclnpting the date please read the following instructions guardedly. 2 3 Read the flesh out instructicns about the assignments attached in the computer program Guide Elective pedigrees.Write your roll 1 ro. aflle, all-embracing address and date on the take in right corner of the basic page of your response aeroplane(s). Write the Course Title, Assignment Number and the Narne of the Study oculus you are attached to in the subject matter ofthe first page ofyour response sheet(s). The top of the first page of your response sheet should look like this Use muchover foolscap size newsprint for your response and commemorate all the pages caref-ully. Write the relevant interview nuinber with each answer.You should write in your have got handwriting Submission The completed assignment should be sent to the Coordinator of the Study revolve around allotted to you ty 3tr March, 2aL4 gar Juty 2013 Session) and 30h Sept 201 i (for January 2014 Session). Please react the instructions tending(p) in the Programme Now read the following guidelines carefully before reply the questions. GUIDELINES FOR TMA You will find it useful to musical accompaniment the following points in mind 1. training Read the assignment carefully. Make more or less points regarding each question and then rearrange these in a luculent order.And please write the answers n your own lyric song Do not not reproduce passages from the units. 2. 0rganisation Be a little more requireive and analytic before drawing off up a rough line of your answer. In an strain-type question, give adequate assistance to your introduction and conclusion. The introduction must notch your brief interpretation of the question and how you calculate to develop it. The conclusion must retell your response to the question. In the course of your answer, you may like to make references to other texts or critics as this will add near depth to your analysis.Make sure that your answer ) i s logical and coherent b) has clear connections between sentences and paragraphs c) is written correctly giving adequate reflexion to your expression, style and presentation d) does not croak the number of words indicated in your question. 3. debut Once you are satisfied with your answers. you potty write down the final interpreting for submission, writing each answer neatly arid underlining the points you wish to emphasize. You may be aware that you need to submit your assignment hefore you can appear for the Term set aside Exams.Please remember to keep a likeness of your completed ssignment, Just in display case the one you submitted is lost in transit. equitable luck with your work Note mean the submission of ussignment is precondition of permission of be in examination. If you have not submitted the assignment in time you will not be allowed to appear in examination. MEG-OI British POETRY Programme MEG Max. mark 1 Ast code MEG-OI ,TMA12013-1 4 In a conventional clas s your instructor would have discussed your assignment with you, pointed out what make a good es severalize and what a bad one. We have done precisely the same thing in whole 52 of the British Poetry (MEG-OI) course.Read it carefully and discuss it with your counselor and class-fellows at the Study Centre. Thereafter decide upon a topic, i. e. a period or literary class in the score of British poetry. you may, if you wish, select a topic from the list given in sz. z. t (p. 70) in occluded front X. Alternatively, you could write on a British poet of your choice. you may write on a poet discussed in the units, i. e. on the syllabus, or scour a poet we have not discussed in detail such as Robert Burns, G. M. Hopkins, R. S. Thomas, Ted Hughes or Seamus Heaney. You may have heard nigh of our lectures on The Movement, Philip Larkin nd Ted Hughes on the EduSat.It may now be available on e-gyankosh on wmw. ignou. ac. in You have hitherto another choice. Write an essay on a famous po em in position literature. Having decide upon your topic, do your research and then read section 36. 5 in Unit 36 in Block VIII for a stupefy essay and a format for presentation. you may learn how to present your term paper/sessional essay from 36. 5. You must not quotation from unacknowledged sou rces. To sum up, write an essay on a period or a literarv group in British poetry or a British poet or a British poem in about ccc0 words on the model provided in 36. (in unit 36).The full marks for the essay is 100. We look foregoing to adaptation your sessional essay. Sincerely yours Teacher MEG-02 British DRAMA (Based on Blocks 1-9) Programme rule MEG Assignment code NEG-02 120 1 3-201 4 maximum Marks Answer the fbllowing questions in 300 words each. discuss 2. the plot ot Dr. Faustus. low would you rate A Mid,cummer Nights Dream 3. Clomment on the indecisive bent of mind of Hamlet. (10) 4. What features make Alchemisl an allegory? 5. How is Playboy relevant as a comedy? today? 6. mark on Pygmalion as a Shavian play. 7. What fbatures make Murder in the Catherlral a poetic drama? 8.Conrnrent on the denomination of 9. Waiting. tttr Discuss the theme of Look punt in Anger. 10. Irrorn among the plays you have read select any one that you have want giving reasons lor your choice.Trace the development of modern English fiction with specific referenc6 to the major shifts in literary perspective during the nineteenth century. 20 2. Would it be correct to say that in Tom Jones, Fielding considers mariage to be a ere socio- economic arrangement under which women get continuously suppressed?Discuss. 3. Discuss the illustration of the web in the context of events and pack relating to Bulstrode in Middlemarch. 4 Suggest the semipolitical and artistic implications ot placing the Orientalist paradigm. 5. How does Realism ftnd expression in ofl Passage to British fiction of the sixties? Base your answer on your understanding of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. ME G. 04 ASPECTS OF speech communication course code All questions are compulsory Write short notes on any two of the following. Competence and performanceLangue and unloosen Conversion as a morphologic device Falling tone and go tone the conclusion India within stage. brietly the history ot language planning snowing clearly the tocus at each Give your own definiti* of language. What are the characteristics of human communication and how is it different from wolf communication? 20 What is foregrounding? Discuss this in terms of deviant examples from your reading of literature. Pick out your own examples say how they are deviant, and what is the impact on the reader. What is the variation between pure vowels and diphthongs? How do you tell apart both?

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