Sunday, June 9, 2019

Sexual Harassment in the Hospitality Industry Research Paper

Sexual Harassment in the Hospitality Industry - Research Paper Examplecated that sexual harassment occurred when in that respect is opportunist exposure of genitals inappropriate touching whenever the object is in a close contact excessive talks on sexual matters for erotic pleasure and that troublesome spontaneous erections happen. Schneider et al. (2007) pointed that these be at times difficult to interpret specially if ambiguously illustrated as a behavior intimating sexual advances within the setting of contrapower harassment. Oxford Economics (2010) defined cordial reception industry from the perspective of macro-micro economy as the provision of accommodation, meals and drinks in venues where the consumption happened outside homes and as such, as business, offered services that are contributory to national or world economy. Most of the services here hotel accommodation and related services food and catering event management (Oxford Economics, 2010). The fit out of the Eur opean Union states pointed sexual harassment destroy the working environment and impose deteriorating effect on health, confidence, morale and performance of those affected by it (Advocates for kind-hearted Rights, 2007). It hinders the right integration of women at the market (AHR, 2007). It can cause anxiety and trauma which is often affecting victims behavior and work qualification until it could seek work elsewhere (AHR, 2007). The effects are maybe prolonged or not depending on the severity of emotional, psychological, and physical damages incurred (AHR, 2007). Thus, it can fork over adverse seismic disturbance on the profitability of the company as it would diminish the reputation of the company (AHR, 2007). Studies further showed that those who have undergone sexual harassment has severe impact to their very private lives by having psychosomatic symptoms and diminished...Such is evident in leisure-based business such as in cruise lines, airlines, hotels, restaurants, bars , resorts, and the like (Ispas, 2010). As an industry intentional to cope with desired level of competitiveness, human resources ought to rediscover genuine concept of competitiveness as capitalized by managers of hospitality industry for improved and strategic hospitality services (uclea & Pdurean, 2008 Ispas, 2010).Experts posit that managers should also focus on performance and policy control to maintain quality service as decisive factors in protecting the employees from harassing customers (uclea & Pdurean, 2008). Strategic orientation and raising competitiveness must be undertaken to protect employees from all types of sexual exploitation and harassments that could be employed by any customer to the workers (uclea & Pdurean, 2008 Emilian, Tuclea, Tala & Brndusoiu, 2009).Its sad to note that this industry which is contributory for national development is riddled with sad experiences that are foul to victim-workers and to the image of the company (Oxford Economics, 2010). If a ll of these industries are saddled with cases, it would certainly have some severe impact to the economy as well. In UK economy for instance, there is about an estimate of 90 billion in 2010 for hospitality industry and the same has offered 46 billion to the UK economy in GVA (Oxford Economics, 2010).

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