Thursday, June 20, 2019

HSA 530 week 11 DB1 & DB2 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

HSA 530 week 11 DB1 & DB2 - Coursework ExampleThe knowledge I fool gained through reading several literatures has in like manner been key towards molding me to be a future dependable human mental imagery manager.This way entails a lot relevant to the issue of human resource management. The course entails employee relations management, customer relations management, communication management, as well as conflict resolution among other things. Employee relations management is important in achieving the maximum productivity of the employees. A customer relations management is geared towards maintaining the increased levels of consumption of the goods by the customers, thereby influencing the profit maximizations b the organizations. Communication management is important in ensuring effective shipway of communicating to different levels of staff, as well as aide in conflict resolution.It is true that initially, we did not have any clue on what the course was all about. However, with time, learning advanced into several stages. This made us gain knowledge on several things that the course entails. As Jasmyne asserts, it is true that our skills have really matured relevant to the readings and knowledge gained from this course. This course has also imparted into us the ability to face challenges with optimism as Jasmyne puts it. This involves broadening our ways of viewing things. This has also prepared us for new endeavors that may come our way as Jasmyne has asserted.I totally agree with Sheilas post on the speech concerning the contents of this course. Sheila as noted that human resourced was developed to modify the employee relations. This is true since one of the contents of the course entails employee relations management. Moreover, she has also mentioned something concerning the issue of organisational conflict that is also covered in the course. As such, it is within my consideration that Sheila has been right on her opinions concerning some of the conten ts of the

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