Monday, May 13, 2019

The Issues of Left-Wing or Right-Wing Politics Essay

The Issues of Left-Wing or Right-Wing Politics - essay ExampleFurther, history has observed a considerable number of conceptual overlaps and cross-laps resulting in an abstract indistinctness regarding the exact semipolitical and implications these terms bear (Foldvary, 1998). According to Giddens (2001), left over(p) refers to radical or progressive political groups while the term right is use to imply more conservative groups. The left favours intentional political, stinting and social change, while the right stands against it (Tansey, 2000). The purpose of this paper is to explore into whether fathomable differences exist within the left and right wings in terms of differential significance placed upon the individual and the group which requires create a comparative understanding of the central themes these two concepts bear.The practice of using the left-right demarcation to imply fact distinct political inclinations originated in 18th century France during the revolutionar y era when Left and Right were used to refer to the way seating was arranged in legislative bodies of France. Representatives of the third estate, a term collectively used to denote the working class, sat to the left of the presidents chair in the Estates General of 1789 while the meetatives of the nobility, cognize as the Second Estate, sat to the right. Again in the French Legislative Assembly of 1791, the Feuillants who were moderate royalists, took seating at the right side of the chamber, while the more radical Montagnards sat on the left (Goodsell, 1988). In subsequent periods the right wing assumed meaning based on tradition and was taken to represent and upheld traditional moral values and traditional institutions and power relationships. Through the course of history in europium and America, power had come to be based on not only the institutions of church and state, but withal on the race, gender, and ownership of property, particularly land. Left-wing ideology, whic h arose to counter the right-wing ascendancy, was based on reason, and the liberal philosophers pointed erupt at the lack of natural reason for the existence of relations centred around any form of dominance and concluded that all human beings have the same moral worth and thus should have enough rights and all religious practices should be equally treated by law.

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