Saturday, May 18, 2019

Napoleon Dynamite: High School Movie Painted on a Canvas Essay

Ahh yes, here we argon again other high school movie fill up with lots of loud hip music, partying, nudity, drugs, incompetent social interaction, and teens rebelling against all authority and normalcy. Thats what these movies atomic number 18 about right? Wrong. Napoleon Dynamite go short of all stereotypical preconceived notions I had going into this movie. No everyday character act to fit in, no parties, no sporting events that need to be won, and no drugs or drinking.The picture is rattling very refreshing, the fact that it doesnt realize any of these rapidly changing scenes or dialogue filled with horny teens discussing their experiences and sexual destinies with each other. The introduction sets a long, slow pace for the movie, and truly sets the artsy, low work out tone. Opening credits start with names written on items such as, school food, rulers, pencils, notebooks, and so on. The settings are dull, the music is strange and mellow, the wardrobe looks like it is fr om an early 90s thrift store, and it is set in a petite town in Idaho which explains the movie so well.The primary(prenominal) character is in fact Napoleon Dynamite, a nerd without much to brag about. He dawns coke bottle glasses, parachute pants, t-shirts with horses and dolphins on them, a fanny pack, and moon boots. He is everything a nerd would be from this era, but without the typical genius that normally comes with creation a nerd. He isnt a computer whiz and doesnt engage in apprehension or math club. In fact, he is actually part of the FFA which makes sense because he does help conjure a llama at his grandmas house, and also works for a day at a chicken coop.Dont let any of this fool you, these are mere indicates for there is no part of Napoleons life that really dominates the movie. The movie consists of Napoleon, his brother Kipp, Pedro, and his Uncle Rico getting into maim situations and activities in a lame town. I spurious as far as the major events legitimat e with teen movies, there is a dance and there is a school president election which becomes the main focus of the movie about ? of the way through the flick. Napoleon and Pedro run a campaign which amounts to maybe 4 scenes in the movie.They also have to ask out girls to the dance which maybe takes up 2 or 3 scenes, so its not centered on teen competition or romance. It really isnt center around much, except the small adventures of the above mentioned characters. A worthy mention about this movie is that it is dry not just the mentality but every aspect. It is dryer than a saltine cracker on a napkin, on a paper plate, in the middle of the Sahara desert. I mean dry. Every character involved is, not just Napoleon. The music, the scenery, the plot, the scenes, the interaction, and activities all fit together beautifully in this movie masterpiece.I can say this is definitely a work of art, this film is not a slap stick comedy by any means, but I found myself very cheerful with the a mount of laughter it brought into my life. There is no doubt this film will be a cultus classic for years to come. This is a quote worthy movie, for the little dialogue that it does have. How or when to use those quotes in your daily life is probably a task however, mainly it would be while discussing Napoleon with another viewer. Short mention also, the camera work is simple and fabulous they nailed the mood of the movie with the cameraSo what does happen in this movie you may be asking yourself? I have not really painted much of a selling review up to this point. It is a must see If you have that eye for art, if you sleep together independent films, if you dont mind an amateur cast, and you get dry humor than you need this movie in your life. I dont want to spoil all of it for those who harbourt been graced with this movie. Napoleon calls his brother Kipp at home because he needs Chap Stick to cure his dry lips. Pedro has a sweet bicycle called the Sledgehammer and it is custo mized with pegs, shocks, and a Mexican flag on the gumption of the seat.Napoleon takes Kipp to a free trial at Rex-Kwan Do, a questionable martial arts teacher they saw on television everyone knows that Kipp is training to be a cage fighter. Uncle Rico films himself throwing a football to nobody in a field alone with a van. Pedro shaves his head because his hair is making him hot. If that isnt enough to make you want to watch this film than Im not sure you would enjoy it. Mainstream movie goers would probably be better off with the likes of American Pie or Super Bad. Also a mention in closing, there is no crude humor, no nudity, nor foul language, so this movie is allow for for all ages.

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