Saturday, May 11, 2019

Global Businese - Payless Shoe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Global Businese - Payless Shoe - Essay ExampleAccording to the report findings there have been noteworthy changes currently being witnessed in the world(prenominal) economy that has seen the world stock markets slumping and other changes taking nursing home in the banking sector and the industry as a whole. All these changes have effects on the trading operations of especially worldwide businesses and this study would focus on Payless Shoe with reference to the changes taking place in the world-wide economy.As the research stresses basically global businesses operate in different regions as closely as nations and these are in most cases well established business entities that often dominate the global markets. These global businesses often compete in a global market where different economies are brought in close contact. Given this scenario, it can be noted that all global businesses are operating within the same sphere hence any change that takes place in the global economy basically affects all of them. Payless specializes in retailing designer footwear and somehow, this particular industry is also affected in one way or the other by the global changes in the world economy. The fact that the global economy is going down translates into mean that business also is negatively affected and Payless shoe cannot be spared the burden as well. Obviously sales would also decline in response to the tightening global economy. Consumers would have little to spend hence little revenue generated by business.

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