Saturday, May 4, 2019

Compare the function of IGOS and INGOS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Compare the function of IGOS and INGOS - Essay ExampleHowever, in the modern culture, these organizations are acting an important role in the world politics by influencing the global security and peace through with(predicate) their global collaborative function and working for the social and economical development of the member states. These organizations perform their functions fit to the rules and regulations of intergovernmentalism, which means that a complete harmony is required. Whereas, Non-Government Organizations (NGO) are developed by some private force for the welfare of the society, which can also be world(prenominal) in their scope. These organizations do not posses any phase of government accreditation and established merely on the basis of mutual agreements among different personnel to raise bullion through donations and grants from different philanthropists and international humanitarian organizations. However, they are recognized by the UN and many other intern ational organizations as important political and welfare institutions. These organizations are termed as international organizations due to the scope of their functionality, whereas in the real sense these organizations are not purely international organizations because they are not developed to get up the functions and efforts of the members for their mutual gains. The following table shows a compression between the objectives and functions of these two organizations. We will also judge that which organization better serves the humanity and promote the human rights in the world.

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