Thursday, May 9, 2019

Characteristics of effective teams Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Characteristics of effective teams - Essay Exampletime limit needs to be considered, the root word temper needs to be known, and finally the group scene needs to be known that is which type of setting the group is working on (Johnson and Johnson, 2010).Decision by Minority It is effective when not possible for new(prenominal) members to meet and it is ineffective when group resources are not utilized. Group resources can include the skills and talents possessed by group members.Since various skills are required at the time of decision making, I apply me function specialist skills and my group members apply the skills of tackling with customers easily. Voting decisions are taken when many options seem suitable for implementing it in the customer services plan.Managing time is very important while making decisions in groups. Once an agile decision was required in sending the customer request to the top management, the majority of the members decided that it should be dealt at the lower level instead of passing it to the top. Immediate actions and decisions were taken to resolve the matter successfully. ordinarily I being the senior service specialist have more experience in relations with insurance related matters of customers and can answer their queries without much difficulty. It usually happens that in such cases I am referred to deal with the customer without any issues by the other group members.After the voting and the consensus methods that are utilize related to the implementation of the policies for customer services, it becomes important for all three members of my group to be well knowledgeable with the decision taken so that while communicating ahead to customers the process becomes easier.Gathering the views of the entire group allows different angles and perspectives to be understood and allows in selecting the best decision possible. For customer services, it is important that the best decisions be taken so as to retain them for the futur e.Since my group is involved with customer issues and services of

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