Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Business Correspondence Portfolio Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business Correspondence Portfolio - Essay ExampleI have observed from your order brochure related to the product that the desired software program package implicates 4 different components, amid which Grammar Buster is one. In this regard, in order to finalize a purchase decision related to the stated software package, I would be requiring a quotation exemplifying the cost that would incurred for the 10 software packages. In addition, I would to a fault equivalent to gain sealed amount of idea about your technical sustenance services which you put forward after the gross sales. I would be expecting information related to the timing of helperability related to the technical support services and any other special features that need to be noted. Thus, it would be great if you can include an additional attachment regarding your technical support services with the quotation. An early reply from your end is highly solicited. thank you. Sincerely, Emma Chaney PERSUASIVE LETTER Gomk e software package Company Sales Personnel 340 Main Indianapolis, IN 46200 July 7, 2013 Emma Chaney Director of purchasing for Clay Corporation 1340 Miller Street Jackson, MI 12345 Dear Emma Chaney In response to your earlier letter, I would like to convey that Mr. Daniel Harrison, head of the Accounting Department has responded to your requirement for quotation which stands as follows The final sales contribute for software 10 software packages = $4,000 12 software packages = $4,800 In this regard, I would like to tip out that there is an exclusive offer made to you along with this quotation, which signifies that there will be a 20 percent discount if you make purchase of 12 software packages from us. Thus, the revised cost of 12 software packages would be $3,840. I believe that this can be a great opportunity for to avail such discounts if you desire to purchase more packages of this highly sought-after software package. I would deeply like to regard your concerns regarding th e technical support of our follow and want to state that the technical assistance provided by our company is 100% genuine and you can get any kind of assistance at any grade of time as we provide 24/7 technical assistance. Thus, I would be expecting your reply in relation to this letter and would like to state that the best date for closing this deal would be onwards 10/7/2013. And, on the behalf of my company, we are looking forward to maintaining a long-term mutually advantageous business association with you. I am not attaching any enclosure form with this letter. Sincerely, ABC Salesperson, Gomke Software Company BAD NEWS LETTER Date 14/July/2013 Dear Miss. Chaney I would like to first acknowledge that we are extremely pleased to receive your voice message stating that you have agreed to our offer of increasing your order to 12 software packages. However, in this context, I would like to regretfully inform you that a grave mistake has been committed from our part for which I deeply apologize. The earlier quotation that was sent to you had certain misrepresentations due to oversight on behalf of our company with regard to the current sales processes of the company. The company no prolonged sells a 4-pack of software. Instead, the Mark III Grammar Buster is now available only with the purchase of 5-pack, which I personally was not aware of. As per the revised calculations, the total cost on making the purchase of the 5-pack software package would be $4,406. And, unfortunately, the cost of the purchase order

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