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Analysis on Deodorant Market of India

K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research food marketing Management deodourant Market of India An Overview ( of import Brand Studied peacenik) Submitted to Professor Kiran Sharma Submitted by Sneha M Zawar PGDM (Communications) Roll no 60 05 August 2012 Contents Overview of Market2 Market Statistics3 Case Study Dove5 History5 downslope5 Segmentation5 Target6 Positioning 6 Unique Sellng Proposition 6 Milestones6 Advertisemnt, Distribution and Selling 6 Price Postioning 7 maturation Prospects7 Competitor Analysis 7Trends of Indian market8 Fall gaps and hope9 Sources and References9 Overview of Market In tropical country wish well India, Deodorants ar considered to be inwrought personal carry off product from grooming perspective, to prevent body odour and make you feel saucy. Assochams recent report shows that Deodorant market of India is poise at 1800 Crore and is expected to grow at 55%, of this roll on market has share of 400 crore Major companies in this segment of personal care are * Unilever with brands like Dove, Axe, Sure, Lux Cavinkare with brand like Spinz * Mc-N-Roe with brands like Wild Stone and undercover Temptation * Paras Pharma (now owned by Reckitt Beckinser) with brand find out Wet Zatak * Coty which has Adidas * Nike * Garnier * J. K. Helene Curtis (Raymond) which has Park Avenue * Godrej has deo with brand name Cinthol * Vini Healthcare with brand Fogg * Beirsdorf with brand Nivea These are all major brands in the mass category. There are many premium brands of Deodorant catering to urban elite but go a minimum percent of market share in India. Market Statistics The Market share in terms of percentage for premium v/s mass deodorant is 2 and 98percent respectively which can be shown in the chart below * The emergence in sales of deodorant sprays from 2006 to 2011 is shown in figure below Premium v/s Mass deodorants Source Euromonitor 2012 division Breakdown of Market Shares of Various Brands Case Study Dov e History * This brand was established in United States in 1959, Dove was souseed in India in 1995 as a brand which catered to urban women with its soap and then in 2004 on roads of brand extension entered deodorant category on the like line of 1/4th moisturising cream. It is the brand which is committed to widening the beauty because they believe that beauty comes in all ages, shapes and size and promotes the brand with non-modelscommercial Tagline legal Protection Better Result Origin * It is a personal care brand by Unilever, It came in India in 1995 and imported and marketed by Hindustan Unilever. * Unilever won scoop out Marketer Award in the year 2004 for its brand Dove Segmentation * Demographic Segmentation Gender Females High Income and middle class women Pyschographic Segmentation It tries to deviate the mind set of average women that she can look beautiful and Its deodorants target the segments on various lines of Soothing and moisturising, prohibitionist silk anti perspirant, Freshness and skin lightning for caliginous beneatharms and beautifying under arms and claims long lasting overboldness. Target It targets females in the age group of 15-40, urban, metropolitian and women of tier 2 cities. Positioning * It is positioned as a brand which nourishes, care and has fantastic market fussyization. It has introduced new varients time to time in order to comply with the changing need of women and comply with market standards, Dry silk which was launched as antiperspirant, then fresh with specialized lemon n cucumber extracts which was positioned as deo which renders long lasting freshness and moisturise whereas skin whitening which was launched recently to compete against nivea which claims to whiten dark underarms Unique Sellng Proposition * It assures 24 hour protection from sweat, It has propagated and penetrated in the personal care market with the promotion campaign Real Woman.This is very unusual to a brand as even its media campaig ning strictly focus on the mantra of making every common woman make feel special and beautiful and includes no models in its advertisement Milestones * Unilever has highest market stake in Deodorant category in India with its brands Axe, Sure, Dove and Lux. * Dove is one of the major brands in female category and is can emerge as a market leader with its unique varients, competitive rates and exquisite fragrance and active ingredients (lemon rotter, silk powder, 1/4th moisturiser, pearl actives, cucumber) Advertisemnt, Distribution and Selling Dove released a marketing campaign in 2008 playing less on super models and emphasising more on real women i. e real people posing camera * Dove regularly uses magazines like cosmopolitian, Femina, Marie claire for advertisemnts * Online advertisemnt has been excessively seen in past 3 years with launch of new varients of Deodorants * Distribution channels for Dove is same as like any other Unilever brand. It is avilable as OTC product in re tail outlets malls in metro and tier-2 cities. Deodorants are also available on online shopping sites where there are special offers and added discounts. Dove deo are sold in 150-175ml containers and special former offers as free dove soap and free face wash were introduced to make its category more price efficient and benevolent to consumers. Price Postioning * Dove deodorants are priced at competitive rates 150ml pack of deo is priced at 160-175Rs * Dove products are priced premiumly as consumer associate price with efficacy but deodorants fall exceptions as the deodorant market of mass category is predominant and to sustain a good market share, Dove has priced its product at competitve range Growth Prospects Deodorant market of India is male dominated, 60% share is of male deodorants and 40% of Women of which Dove has a stake of 8. 5-10% . * Women Deodorant market has grown at approximate growth rate of 40% in last 2 years, with this growth, there is immense potential for bra nd to penetrate in the market Competitor Analysis * Main brands in the female deodorant category are Spinz, Nivea, Eva, Sure, Adidas, Nike and few Secret Temptation and Fogg. * Dove has launched different varients of deodorants to compete with different brands on various lines. Adidas, Nike has antiperspirants and targets high and higher middle class consumer, since the product has high brand value it has got a brand conscious and set customer which is challenge for Dove, to compete with these brands it has got antiperspirants like Dry Silk * Spinz and Eva positions its product for youth on the lines of Freshness and Flamboyance, Dove has very different positioning altogether but it has introduced varients called DOVE FRESH with lemon grass and cucumber extracts which may target females choosing deodorant for fragrance and freshness. Secret Temptation falls in a different category all together and have different target audience mostly college girls as it associates Mischief with the product, DOVES positioning is such that it cannot cater on those lines. * Nivea is chief competitor as both brands target same segment of customer and varients of deodorants of both the brands are positioned on the similar lines, however packaging and advertising of Nivea is more attractive and appealing to women. Trends of Indian marketAn introspect of Indian market and research of product category makes us classify different varients of deodorant on following trends which can be broadly stated as * New Freshness Which caters on the ground of freshness from basic natural to purifying e. g Dove Go fresh, Nivea Fresh Natural, Eva Fresh * Technology Technology supports Efficacy Special active ingredients incorporated to serve specific purpose. e. g Sure Cotton dry, Adidas 3-action, Dove Silk dry, Nivea Dry comfort * Sensitive Specialised deodorants for subtle skin or which claims to be irritation free. e. All Eva deodorants, Adidas Sensitive, Dove sensitive, Nivea Sensitive Bal m. * Skincare Products catered to beautify , care and nourish your underarms. e. g Dove with 1/4th mositurising cream and skin lightning, Nivea Double Effect and smash * All about Senses Deodorant which cater on the line of invigorating some senses and moods on application or usage. e. g Spinz Jazz, Samba, etc, Secret Temptation and Yardley of london. * Age groups Special products catering to specific age groups. e. g Spinz, Eva, Secret Temptation have there product positioned such that it appeals young girls.Fall gaps and Forecast Indian markets tend to follow globally established trends as most of the companies and brands are multinationals. This category has enough scope of penetration and expansion as deodorant have become one of the important personal care product of daily usage. Since deodorants are aerosol products and even anti perspirant ingredients incorporated have shown some side effects on long term usage, there is enough scope for Research and Development of New Prod ucts on the ground of being eco-friendly and clinically safe.Sources and References * www. portal. euromonitor. com, * www. epsearch. net * www. search. proquest. com * www. unilevers. com/personalcare/Dove * www. wikipedia. com * http//www. thedailygreen. com/environmental-news/latest/best-natural-deodorants-47062903 * https//www. google. co. in/search? num=10&hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1241&bih=584&q=deodorant+logos&oq=deodorant+logo&gs_l=img. 1. 0. 0j0i5l9. 9569. 17121. 0. 19464. 19. 17. 1. 1. 1. 0. 313. 2551. 5j4j5j2. 17. 0 0. 0 1ac. FI_n6QTjW3U

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