Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Short Story evaluation template

A good short tale includes the following Interesting & appropriate epithet plot Theme / message Narrative style telling a story Structure Introduction, development, conflict, climax, resolution / closing curtain Strong Introduction & conclusion Introduction hooks the find outer, conclusion leaves a lasting Impression on the reader. Conflict/ Issue / business Introduced & resolved. Suspense The story must watch the readers Interest.The problem presented early In the story Is developed steadily so that the readers curiously Is stimulated the reader then becomes more and more confused In the story. Suspense reaches the highest point at the climax this is the point where the problem Is resolved In some way. This then leads to the resolutions of the story. Tense clear and consonant Distinctive tone formal, informal, chatty, lively, exciting etc.. Strong, interesting and varied characters Narrator who tells the story?Clear point of view first / third person Paragraphs impregnable punctuation, spelling & grammar Setting time & place Varied range of side adjectives, verbs, similes, metaphors, sensual images language, color, varied sentence length (short & long allows description and creates stress & suspense) Dialogue gives a good insight into characters, life styles, personalities, relationships Proof read have you answered who, what, when, where, why & how questions Resolution open or closed ending.

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