Sunday, March 17, 2019

Lost Sounds :: Free Descriptive Essay About A Place

Lost Sounds At first, it was a shrimpy awkward, but after I got accustomed to keeping my eyes close in front of the whole class, I could relax and just listen. The umteen times I had previously visited the Everglades, it had never occurred to me that one very of the essence(predicate) aspect of the Everglades is the calming sounds it produces. I then remembered that many great deal obtain to the Everglades non to learn about it or enjoy its views, but to take away away from the chaos of the city. With my eyes closed and my classmates quiet, I felt I was by myself. Nothing could come between me and the nature surrounding me. I hear a little bird in the distance, its chirp muffled by the leaves fiercely rustling in the wind it reminded me of one of those CDs that people buy to relax or fall asleep. This CD, though, would never be comprehend again in my mind I had captured the unique music make by nature at that precise moment. When I got home, I locked myself in the bathroo m, turned the light off, and closed my eyes once more. I cute to see if I could remember those sounds I knew they would make me eager to recollect to class in two weeks. My experiment was a success. I terminate only imagine the feelings of the first explorers of the Everglades when they got to these majestic lands. Native Americans had already been vitality there for millennia when the Everglades was discovered, and had grown accustomed to the music it made. Yet, the new explorers probably had not seen or heard anything similar in their lives. When they closed their eyes, they would have heard nature yet untouched by the hands of humankind hundreds, by chance even thousands, of birds calling each other, alligators bellowing under a change shade, frogs imitating crickets and pigs, and, of course, the soft wind making waves on the sawgrass and then softly change their faces. It must have been glorious Most of these things can still be heard today, but less frequently. As peo ple hunted deck animals, drained the Everglades, and developed cities, they took away many key elements of this ecosystem. Some, like the birds, ar still struggling to achieve stable numbers of population that would take on the survival of future generations of their species.

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