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Management Function Essay

All organizations see on group efforts. Team land and group action suffer become needful in every day of life, and it impart lead to the winner in group efforts. The counseling pass oning be very important to the groups because it poop helps to acquire group goals, deliver the goodss maximum resources to his or her team, minimizes the cost, establishes sound organization, and generates much welfare to his or her team. Management functions, theater directors skills, care control and strategic management process leave be analyzed to define how an delicate conductor should be.Four Management FunctionsThe four management functions comprise the immemorial functions to the jitneys. These four functions which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling can be utilize in all fields of management, be it at a factory, a super market, a restaurant or even at home. supplyingManagers need to perform the planning function to define goals, establish strategies to hit thes e goals and develop sub plans to coordinate activities for his or her team members. For example, as a marketing private instructor in the supermarket chain vexation, the director needs to define what the target customers like Western quite a microscopic, South East Asia people or East Asians the supermarkets want to attract. After define the goals are attract more(prenominal) than and more Asian-Canadian families, the manager need to establish strategies like bringing Asian-Canadian families uncontaminating foods and introducing the variation of Asian food culture at stores that offer colossal convenience, service, and comfort to those Asian customers. Then, lots of sub plans like which kind of merchandises should be import and the merchandises price setting strategies will be developed by the manager and pass to different buyers to fol first base up.OrganizingManagers need to arrange employment duties to his or her team members to achieve the organizations goal. The ma nagers will get back what tasks should be d maven, who will responsible for the task and how the tasks are to be grouped. For example, as the selling manager in the supermarket chain business, the manager needs to engineer his or her team to different group and individually group will in charge of different merchandises by categories like drink, snack, rice crude oil and noodles. After different teams have been organized, each teams supervisory program will be selected by the merchandising manager. The buyers will report to their supervisors and the supervisors will report to the merchandising manager.LeadingManagers need to lead their team members to achieve the organizations goals. The leading function will require the managers to countenance good parley skills and lead ship skills to re infrastand the behavior issues. As the merchandising manager in the supermarket chain business, some conflicts will be appeared with different buyers. Buyers will provide some products tha t buyers want to promote to be the promotion products in each weeks flyer, due to the hold space of the flyer, non all the products will be selected to be the promotion products by merchandising manager. The manager will use the communication skills and lead ship skills to permit the buyers contend why their products cannot be selected and what they should meliorate next time.ControllingThe stomach management function is controlling. Managers need to tax and monitor employees performance and manufacture sure every step is correct to achieve the goals. As the merchandising manager, the merchandises sales are the key performance index to evaluate buyers performance. Usually, merchandising manager will use category sales to evaluate each teams performance and total stores sales growth per centum to evaluate the whole incisions performance.Skills Required by Managers adept skills, human skills and conceptual skills are three most important skills postulate by managers. Thoug h these three skills, managers can know more nearly the specified filed they are working, have better interpersonal relationship with people and have more ideas when go about the complex situations.Technical skillsManagers need have salubrious technical skills in the specified filed because the managers need to deal with his or her employees when the employees face some difficulties during the working. The managers will give help and lead the employees to solve technical problems to achieve the organizations goals. For example, as a merchandising manager in the supermarket chain business, he or she must have strong buy skills, budgeting skills, know salubrious with different merchandises that are sold in stores and catalogue management skills.Human skillsManagers must have ability to work hale with different employees. Managers with perfect human skills, they can receive more and more trust from their employees and the employees can make full effort to achieve the organizatio ns goals. As the supermarket chains merchandising manager, he or she should get well not only with different buyers, but also with store levels employees. If the manager can work well with store levels employees, the products that they imported can be displayed very well and follow merchandising departments set strategies, as a result, the companys goal can be achieved easily.Conceptual skillsManagers must have ability to analyze and provide solutions when facing difficulties or complex situations. In the business world, top-level management positions usually postulate to have this skill. For example, as the merchandising manager in the supermarket chain business, when the tender store will be opened, the manager will use conceptual skills to analyze what the best location is, what the best merchandises will be on shelf and what the target sales will be generated and so on. Also, if one of categories sales was chronic decreasing in the past several weeks, the manager need provide insight and solutions to the category team to help them shoot down the difficulties.Two Views of Management ControlOmnipotent put on of managementThe traditional mountain of managers is that they are directly responsible for organizations success and failures. When the organizations performance is poor, the managers should provide reasons and solutions when the organizations performance is good, the managers should get the credit even if they only do little things to achieve the goals.Symbolic view of managementManagers only have limited effects on organizational outcomes and performances because of the large number of factors like customers, competitors, disposal policies and economy outside the control of managers.Both omnipotent view of management and symbolical view of management purpose are to achieve organizations goals and provide the excellent performance to the organizations. As well, either omnipotent view of management or symbolic view of management, managers needs t o make decisions within organizations when something happened. worry the merchandising manager in the supermarket chain business, if stores sales are go along decreasing, whatever the reason is merchandises price are not attractive or the outside economy is in downtrend, the manager need provide insights and solutions to improve sales for the company. However, there are big differences between omnipotent view of management and symbolic view of management.The managers will in charge of everything for organizations success and failures under omnipotent view of management but under the symbolic view of management, lots of external factors will affect organizations performance, so the managers do not have big effects on organizational outcomes and performances. As the merchandising manager in the supermarket chain business, when stores sales are continuing decreasing, the manager will think if customers do not like the merchandises that they imported or the merchandises price is too h igh for the customers under omnipotent view of management, then the manager will provide solutions to improve the sales however, under the symbolic view of management, the manager will think about if stores sales were effected by strong competitions in the market or the downtrend of economy. strategical Management ProcessStep1 identify the organizations current mission, goals and strategies beg off The mission, goals and strategies of an organization are very important to employees, especially for managers. Managers need to shape scope work by step to achieve organizations goals, missions and strategies. voice A supermarket Inc. mission is that attract more and more Asian-Canadian families, bringing Asian-Canadian families fresh foods and introducing the diversity of Asian food culture at stores that offer exceptional convenience, service, and value to those Asian customers. The merchandising manager need bring in more Asian products to the stores to attract customers.Step2 do an cozy analysisExplain An inborn analysis about the organizations resources and capabilities will be through to indentify the organizations cleverness and weakness Example The merchandising manager will do an internal analysis to indentify the companys strength which is have different kinds of Asian foods cross grocery, produce, seafood and bakery and weakness which is neglect of experience about what kind of western foods is suitable for Asian customers.Step3 do an external analysisExplain An external analysis about the business environment, government policies, and competitions will be done to help managers know opportunities and threats for organizations. Example The merchandising manager will do an external analysis to know the opportunities and threats for the company. Opportunities are more and more Asian families pass to Toronto and lots of churn supply in the market. Threats are the strong competitions exist in Torontos Asian supermarkets field.Step4 formulate strategie sExplain After identify organizations missions and finished internal and external analysis, managers need formulate strategies to achieve organizations mission base on SWOT. Example The merchandising manager formulates the strategy which is open more peeled stores to achieve the companys mission. More and more Asian families move to Toronto and lots of labor supply in the market, bleak stores will be easy opened and can attract more Asian customers. Meanwhile, strong competitions exist in the market, the company need to increase the number of stores to low the products cost.Step5 implement strategiesExplain After managers formulate the strategies, lots of members will be involved to implement the strategies to achieve organizations goals. Example The merchandising manager will request his or her buyers to import more Asian merchandises for new stores, work with the store operation department to decide the layout of stores and work with finance department about new stores budget.St ep6 evaluate resultsExplain After the strategies were implemented, managers need to evaluate the results to see if achieve the organizations goals and make any adjustments if necessary. Example After new store was opened, the managers need to calculate if stores sales had been achieved the target. If not, the manager will provide solutions to improve store sales immediately.

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