Friday, February 8, 2019

Leadership and Management Essay -- essays research papers

1. A. Is there a difference between impressive attractership and effective management? Yes, I believe that managers are analytical, structured, controlled, deliberate, and orderly. leading are experimental, willing to take chances, imagingaries, flexible, unfettered, and creative. These are the differences between management and leading.B. soul from the 21st century who I believe is an effective leader is St sluice Jobs, of orchard apple tree computers. I believe he is an effective leader because he pursues visions even when his competition has a strong hold on the computer industry. He still motivates his people to keep coming up with ideals to stay competitive with Microsoft and not let them run a monopoly on software and patents on computers. His power base is that he senses opportunities and pursues dreams to keep his company competitive.C. A leader of the opposite sex that I think is like Steve Jobs is Martha Stewart. She had a vision to take home decorating and cooking to another level by connecting with millions of homemakers through and through TV shows and the selling of her products through K-mart. Martha was just pursuing her dreams to play in the corporate world with men. She senses opportunity when she sees it. She had the intuition to make her company a profitable one when her critics told her it would never work.D. I do feel that there is a general pattern of male/female leadership styles because leaders must be able to apply influence, develop people, set examples, renovate people, mana...

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