Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Humour and Conflict in the scene in which Rita and Barbara Clash from Billy Liar :: Billy Liar Keith Waterhouse Plays Essays

Humour and Conflict in the scene in which Rita and Barbara hit from wand LiarTask Explain how both humour and participation are created in the scenein which Rita and Barbara clashBilly prevaricator is set in 1959, at the time of the teenage rebellion andthe starting of the swinging sixties. This is reflected in the animatebecause there are still roughly old Fashioned People around i.e.Barbara, which tells me that the new age hasnt affected some mintyet. And there are also people deal Liz who are really taking to thenew style of living.Where the play is set and where the family live tells me that they are rather a ordinary, boring family, if they lived in the middle of thecountry I would perceive them as being quite adventurous, Billy wantsto move out of this normal place because he is non normal, with hisstrange imagination and random unneeded lies. The furniture in the plate is of dreadful taste and the rooms are very over make whichtells me that Billys parents are not ve ry imaginative which is acontrast of Billy.Billy likes to tell stories that sometimes he wishes were true likewhen he tells his dad Geoffrey that he had been offered a job inLondon, I think that this story is bringing up the part of hispersonality that makes him unavailing to face reality. He also makes upstories erect for the sake of it. For casing when he tells Barbarathat he had a sister but she died but thusly covered it up by sayingthat his parents never talk roughly it. I think that Billy is adesperate teenager who just engaged to Barbara and Rita so that hecould have sex with them and when he install out that Barbara wouldnthave sex till they were married he tried to make her split up with himby telling her that he had been lying to her. He starts thisconversation when he says Barbara, Im well-chosen you asked me thatquestion. About my sister. I think that when Billy is with Liz heacts more truthfully and doesnt seem to make stories when hes withher or when he does she can make him come out with the truth. I knowthis because Liz says (changing the subject) Hows everything withyou? Hows the script-writing? Hows the book coming along? thenBilly replies (enthusiastically.) Oh, Ive finished it. Its going tobe published adjacent Christmas. (She gives him a long, steady look.) Ihavent published it yet.The take a shit up to the scene where Rita and Barbara clash starts ever

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