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Mackenzie George10085404Religions 131Michelle WagnerIntroductionThe author of this oblige is a professor and the chair of the story of medicine Association of the promote University. The author is experienced in philosophy, medicine, law and history. The author also headed the tie beam of the history of medicine in Canada. The author of the bear also wrote umteen research articles in various fields of study in the society. This arrest gives an overview of the origin, function and the meaning of the aspects of veneration of the twin Saints Damian and Cosmas especially in atomic number 63 and North America. The aspects of the case studies in the Italian immigrant market-gardening and the devotions were also inclined emphasis by the author. The book also gives an exploration of the nature and history of unearthly aspects in healing as well as the medical exam views concerning such religious healings.This book, thus, tries to separate the religious aspects of healing from the medical operator of treating people. The modern culture takes into consideration the differences between the two aspects of healing. The miracles are therefore separated from the medical healings and treatment of the people in the society. The histories of medicine and miracles imbibe a close relation as shown by the author of this book. The saints in the Roman Catholic Church are recognized based on proximity or closeness to God. This was shown by the fact that the miracles recorded in history were closely associated to a combination of some medical economic aid or physician testimonies. Most of the miracles were recorded between the periods of 1588 to 1999.These records in the book contained intimate analysis of prayer, illness and treatment in relation to the lives of the peasants an... ...ealing was give much emphasis in this book.In conclusion, the author explored the themes on heathen diversities and Christianity religious views. This, therefore, helped bring out the ho w the society accepts the change in religious views due to improvements in the medical field. The book also played an grievous role in showing how the healing activities are facilitated. The book, therefore, tried to run acrossably separate the aspects of Christianity from the medical views of healing. This also challenged the human reasoning due to the predicament of the history presented by the victims of the miracles healing in the society. The author of the book presented education in a manner that the reader can easily understand the cultural and religious views in the society. The relation between the Italian culture and Christianity were also given focus and emphasis by the author.

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