Sunday, February 24, 2019

Belonging: Indigenous Australians and White Society Essay

A sense of belonging can issue from the connections made with people, places, groups, communities and the large world. The quote is clearly maintained in the run away Rainbows repeal by Jane Harrison and the musical _____________________________________. Belonging is subjective and so in that location is no correct way of what it means but what I weigh belonging means is to feel apart or connected with the relaxation of the group.In my first text Rainbows End by Jane Harrison it supports and reveals connections made with people, places, groups, communities and the larger world. This will become evident throughout the language, and symbols used in the play. Rainbows End is fiction but Harrison tried to capture the indigenous experience that was delimit in the 1950s. Harrison also draws historical events in the play such as the world-beaters visit, the Rumbalara housing development and the Assimilation Policy.The play is focused on three indigenous Australians Nan Dear who i s against whites and uses this to form her identity as an Aboriginal. Refuses to say that the Queen is not her Queen as Nan thinks that it is a part of the white society. Gladys is an enthusiastic and idealistic person who urgently wants to be in the white society She believes that she will meet the Queen. Dolly is the youngest and she is proud to be Aboriginal but is ashamed of the attitude that comes with it. She is also dutiful and hard working serious about her prep.Gladys and Dolly constantly listen to the radio receiver this is a symbol for the charr connecting to the rest of society. The radio gets the woman to listen and become more twisty in society even though they are perceived outcasts. The radio keeps them connected to society and in turns gives them a sense of belonging. The encyclopedias that Gladys brought from Errol are other symbol used in the play. Gladys brought these encyclopedias for Dolly as Gladys believes that it may represent an opportunity for Dolly t o be a part of the white society.

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