Thursday, January 31, 2019

Slain :: English Literature Essays

SlainThe monster roared, its petulance sparked a thousand tongues of fire from its hide. With one almighty sweep it move Ryannas father flying over the top of the volcano, the wind ceased, the fascination failed, and the monster drew itself to its full one hundred feet once again.NOOOOOOOORyannas mother screamed in agony and despair, and with a snarl that sounded more comparable a wolf than a char, she dashed forwards, a shower of electrical energy falling around her. With a thrust of her arm and a word, she hurled a massive bolt of thunder at the monster. It was knocked off its feet and landed with an earthly concern shattering crash.Ryannas mother, however, had performed a spell that was beyond her power and endurance. She skin and landed on her back, blood flowing from her nose, ears, eye and mouth at the same time.She remained there motionlessly until little sixyear antiquated Ryanna toddled over. To her, it was just all a magic show that her parents put on for her, as the y always did. Her mother looked at her through her bloody look while she smiled delightedly and clapped the tiny little hands. Her mother smiled back weakly, and with marvellous effort, she pulled out a diminutive, silver, beautifully decorated pendant. Ryannas big, emerald, green eyeball opened wide as she slipped it around her neck.Guard this well, my child, she said, and they were the last language she ever spoke.Ryanna waited patiently for her mother to speak again. When she didnt, Ryanna bent over and softly stroke her stone cold, once beautiful face. Still there was no response, and Ryanna began to panic. She squeezed her mothers arm as hard as her small hands could, and pulled on her hair. Ryanna began to scream.MOTHER she cried in between sobs.The dead woman did not answer, but there was a loud, deep grunt. Ryanna turned to jibe the monster rise, now so angry that its eyes turned exsanguinous red. With a stamp of its feet, the monster split the mountainside and Ryann a had just nice time to dodge as her mothers lifeless system disappeared into a bubbling lake of lava.The monster turned on her, red eyes flashing, and with an earsplitting roar, it shot a huge jet of flames at the child. As the hot, burning mass came at her, something clicked inside Ryanna, it was a amazing rage, and a thirst for vengeance.

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