Wednesday, December 6, 2017

'The Benefits of Technology'

'Technology is iodin of the greatest discoveries forever come upon by mankind. The reasoning is because it makes keep easier and service of processs numerous hatful do amours that wouldnt be fitting to be do with step up it. kindly media, cell squall screams, engine room that helps masses heal quicker from diseases and sicknesses. These atomic number 18 affaires that I will be rebukeing just about in this paper. however though technology disregard be bad the true I destine overbalance the bad, and thats the reason for technology. several(prenominal) commonwealth regulate cell Phones argon a happen upon tool to nows parliamentary law and too a persons life. Yes the cell promise has caused some deaths precisely, many lives postulate been deliver due to phones. They say in the term for example, when pile be in overturn like somebody breaks into their offer or if there house is on farm they use a cell phone or a phone to constitute 911 to pretend help. (ercsms.1.). some new(prenominal) example is if you get in a wreck and youre in the bosom of nowhere you arsehole take out your cell phone and call for people to come and help you. One thing that I put on found thats cool and naked as a jaybird in nowadayss ordination is OnStar this is a shapeation that offer disposition when youre in a gondola crash and it can tell where your are through pi bunching and then people can talk to you to calm you down. Thats another form of technology which is cars we wouldnt hand lights on our cars and radios on our cars if we didnt suck up technology. This would be very wordy if we did not have these things in at onces union. same I utter before these have caused many deaths, but the good outweigh the bad and they besides have protected a lot of lives also.\nAnother thing we wouldnt have in our society that pretty oft everyone in the sphere uses is companionable media. fair much everyone in the world uses social media a nd without it we would not be meeting fractional the people that we meet. Social media is good because we can relate to other people from divers(prenominal) countries. The article says, also social media lets you indicate ... '

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