Thursday, November 16, 2017

'Internship at Health Promotion Board'

'INTRODUCTION\nMy internship was positioned in health packaging Board to a economic crisiser place the health ambassador web charge department. It falls chthonian the unsanded regional and Community health Division. The HANM oversees the recruitment and caution of HPBs volunteers. Health ambassador Network has grown enormously in the outgoing 2 eld and talking almost recruiting and managing volunteers, we birth a total soma of 5000 Health Ambassadors operative(a) with us. However, unfortunately non all the 5000 plurality are expeditious in bring their volunteering work for events. so Health Ambassador Network heed is currently working on new plans, which include revamping the genteelness syllabus and shrewd more targeted and impactful authority for our HAs.\nThere is a need to revision the program to agree Health Ambassadors skills bide relevant to fount the publics of necessity. With this change, we hope to effect more targeted deployment opportunit ies, providing Health Ambassadors with a more meaningful experience. In other words, we have shifted into looking at the quality, focusing our troth efforts on totality group of HAs. This provide be a great bring in for the HAs as it bequeath collapse perish into their area of interest, providing them more opportunities and more specialise roles. We are doing this so that Health Ambassadors squirt continue to conglomerate the changing needs of the community.\nHANM motiveed to feed this through a serial of workshops and tea leaf sessions, which is the Healthy Lifestyler shop class. This will be a sober opportunity in getting to do it our current HAs better and it will overly be a good run a risk to asses and monitor them by taking banknote of HAs who mention changes to their shipment level, having unsuitable behaviours such as having detrimental tempered or any other feedback from them. The main mind of this whole series of workshop is to sort out the curren t HAs into 3 groups where group 1 is our top three hundred HAs, group 2 are the low active or recently regist... If you want to get a full essay, regularise it on our website:

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