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C - Block 3 - 10 - 12 ingest Home Test 1.) The wild S automobilee was the deportation of hundreds of immigrants during 1919-1920 that had ascendent views. This was because the g everywherenment wanted to switch over people to communism. 2.) 3. ) in that location was a large number of fight strikes in these cardinal years due to the fact of worker pay and workings conditions, 4.) 5.) A consumer economy is an economy that is drive by consumer spending. 6.) An installment plan is a credit remains in which payments for a merchandise are paid in smaller payments over a period of time. 7.) The impact of electric power in the Statesns homes changed drastically in the 1920s. It opened a full-page new luck of work to the American people. This included avenue lights, telephones, and all other products that depone on electricity. Also, it created a complete new set of jobs for American people. It also contributed to our consumer economy by the amount of electricity that Americans were buying. 8.) The increase of the car had a extensive impact on Americas economy in the 1920s.
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New industries emerged because of the emergence of the car such(prenominal) as road construction, street lights, and businesses to build all component of the car. Old industries such as the assembly draw arose while creating the car, creating many jobs for Americans. crosswalk allowed people to buy cars by making them less dear(predicate) which contributed to the consumer economy. 9.) 1.) Henry Fords goal was to chip in his car cheap enough so that anyone would have the op portunity to purchase a car. 2.) Henry Fo! rd used a method of mass producing cars so that the charge would be a lot cheaper. He also controlled every process of the car industry so that he could make the cars cheaper. 10.)If you want to tug a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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